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Fire : Friend and Foe


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Mr. ML Rao was my class teacher. and i made this project for him only...!!

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Fire : Friend and Foe

  1. 1. Fire : Friend AndFoePresented by – Mr. M.L RaoT.G.T
  2. 2. FIRE
  3. 3. THINGS NEEDED TO MAKE FIREWe need mainly a fuel like coal, wood, leaf orpaper like thing and oxygen to originate fire..
  4. 4. FIRE AS A FRIENDGenerally we use fire to cook our food,keeping our house warm in winter andin critical situation it is use to safeour life from the wild animals.
  5. 5. FIRE AS FOE
  6. 6. HOW TO CUT OFF FIRE ?• Take out the fuel contentout of the fire.• Cut the supply of oxygen.• Try to lower thetemperature. If thetemperature can bebrought down the flashpoint, the fuel stopsburning.
  7. 7. Some times water is sprayed on a fire to put itout, but some fires cannot be put out withwater. Like the fire caused by :ElectricityOilPetrol
  8. 8. FIRE FIGHTERSThey are highly trained person.They possess many spills.They perfectly know theways to prevent fire,surviving out of the buildingand how to help otherswhile there is a fire.At the time of fire, these firefighters are like the messiahfor us because they are theonly person to which we cantrust at that time.
  9. 9. CONCLUSIONThe discovery of fire and its uses helped theearly man to cope with the nature better andgradually adopt a settled mode of life. Fire isindeed a threat once it gets out of control.