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AdventureCompass provides you various destinations accross India. Here is the glimpse of all the destinations which you can explore with us.

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AdventureCompass Destinations

  1. 1. AdventureCompass<br />Portfolio 2009<br />
  2. 2. About AdventureCompass<br />Area of Expertise<br />11 Camping Destinations<br />15 Activities<br />3 Exclusive destinations<br />20 Treks<br />5 Courses in various sports<br />Outbound Solutions<br />
  3. 3. Island Resort <br />Karwar<br />Activities: Kayaking, Coracle Rides , Watch dolphins, Water Scooter , Water Surfing, Rock climbing & Rappelling, BANANA RIDE, Tube Surfing, Power Boat Riding, Snorkeling, High Speed boat ride, Para sailing, Beach volleyball, Indoor/ Outdoor games<br />Season: September to May<br />Description: This Island is a secluded retreat with untouched natural splendor, a remote haven located 4 kms into the Arabian Sea off the coast of Karwar, Karnataka, India. A 20 minute motorboat ride takes you to this island hideaway where you can enjoy the wealth of God&apos;s bounty.<br />The Great Outdoors , a secluded retreat with untouched natural splendor, with its own exclusive beaches offers you a vacation of a lifetime. <br />
  4. 4. WildLife Safari <br />Bandhavgarh<br />Kanha<br />Panna<br />Activities: Wildlife Safars <br />Season: All round the year<br />Description: Our four luxury jungle safari lodges are situated in Central India, on the borders of well known tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh. <br />Stay at open rooftop machans and large wooden decks that overlook the shady nullah.<br />We are renowned for having some of the most highly trained, professional, passionate and knowledgeable naturalists on the subcontinent. They have a passion for people and wildlife, ensuring unbeatable interpretive jungle experiences.<br />
  5. 5. Kuflon Basic Camp<br />Kuflon<br />Activities: Camping , Hiking , Trekking <br />Season: Mid-September to early July<br />Description: Kuflon Basics (5000 ft) is only 385 kms from New Delhi.The philosophy of Kuflon Basics is simple: When you take a break from life, you discover life itself. Its all back to basics in this eco-friendly paradise!<br />Start the day with yoga, imbibe the energy, the natural vibe, the call of the Barbet or the cry of the Hill Pheasant being the only distraction. Spend the morning following the winding channel that makes its way through a silent forest to an even more silent, and magnificent, water pool. Take a stroll around our vegetable farm, recuperate around the evening bonfire; gaze at the night sky like the first Greek philosophers did; lie down with a beer on a weather-beaten rock and catch a shooting star in your palm. <br />
  6. 6. Mashobra<br />Mashobra<br />Activities: Rafting, Hiking <br />Obstacle Course , Rock Climbing and Rappelling <br />Season: All round the year<br />Description: About 12 kilometers from Shimla is a quaint little town called Mashobra. Mashobra has some amazingly beautiful spots that as yet have not been crowded out.<br />Approx 7500 feet above sea level, the Mashobra spur is dotted with orchards of fruit trees, and turn-of-the-century houses with evocative names like Fairlawn and Apple Tree House. Its numerous shady glades and flowery glens make it idyllic for camping, as well as treks and river rafting.<br />The camp is approximately 360 km from Delhi and 110 km from Chandigarh. It is an ideal 7 Hours Drive from Delhi with a half an hour of midway break included.<br />
  7. 7. Shogi Camp<br />Shogi<br />Activities: Trekking, Camping, rope activities, Outdoor games (formal, Informal) <br />Season: All round the year<br />Description: An offbeat rustic retreat amidst an emerald pine forest at 5700 feet. The undergrowth houses some rare species of herbs and exotic birds and also wild rabbits, barking deer and peacocks. <br />Accommodation is a mix of bamboo cottages, swiss deluxe tents and machaan tents built on stilt platforms. All units have proper electricity with heating, comfortable full size beds with linen and quilts, private sitouts, attached bathrooms with western style flush toilets and running hot and cold water. Electricity and a back up generator add to the comfort.<br />The camp is 335 kms from New Delhi & 18 kms before Shimla (Himachal Pradesh). It takes about 6.5 hours from Delhi via Sonepat, Karnal, Panchkula, Kalka, Parwanoo, Solan, Kandaghat.<br />
  8. 8. Tirthan Valley<br />Tirthan<br />Activities: Backpacking , Camping , Hiking , Rappelling , Rock climbing , Rope Activities , Trekking <br />Season: All round the year<br />Description: The Resort is located on the left bank of the white-water, rocky river Tirthan. The river runs right past your door. The Tirthan Valley, and its surrounding countryside, offers the birder a variety of habitats to explore, ranging from temperate vegetation up to sub alpine forests, human cultivation of apple & pear orchards and small farm plots. <br />Great Himalayan National Park is just 5 Kms from the resort.<br />The Camp is located approximately 500 kms from Delhi.<br />
  9. 9. Bangalore – Galibore Nature Camp<br />Galibore<br />Activities: Coracle ride, trekking <br />Season: All round the year<br />Description: The Galibore Nature Camp is tucked away literally far from the maddening crowd, deep in the deciduous forests about 10 km from Sangam, on the banks of the River Cauvery. The Camp is covered with trees lining both sides of the river. This is indeed a rough country. This is ideal for those who want total privacy and no crowd.<br />Galibore Fishing and Nature Camp, in association with Jungle Lodges and Resorts, is situated just 100 kms away from Bangalore!! <br />
  10. 10. Rajgarh<br />Rajgarh<br />Activities: Hiking, River Crossing, Rock Climbing and Rappelling, Bird Watching<br />Splash Swimming, Visit to the Waterfall, Recreation, The Sunrise-Sunset Trek, Visit to the Monastery <br />Season: All round the year<br />Description: This camp is set up in a fruit orchard at Haloni Pul, Rajgarh.<br />The two perennial streams around the camp are a boon to the natural beauty of the place.<br />Lush Green Valleys, Dense Forest, healthy bird life, clean and fresh mountain air and to top it all the ever-imposing serenity of the camp.<br />
  11. 11. Rishikesh<br />Rishikesh<br />Activities: Rafting , Rappelling , Rock climbing, Camping , Hiking, Mountain biking<br />Season: September to June<br />Description: About 30 kms from the Saint city of Rishikesh on river ganga is the India&apos;s most popular- stretch for white water rafting. Between Kaudiyala and Shivpuri, our camps have a river side Camps just 1 km short of Shivpuri pull out point. We have Ac, cooler, bamboo cottages and swiss tent accomodation.<br />We strictly follow the codes laid down by “Himalayan Environmental Trust”. Our Camp is Certified by Department of Tourism (Government of Uttarachal) & Registered with Indian Rafting Association<br />
  12. 12. Camp wild Delhi<br />Dhauj<br />Activities: BURMAH BRIDGE TARZAN SWING, COMMANDO NET, BEAM BALANCE, MACHAN CLIMB, MONKEY CRAWL, TYRE SQUEEZE, COMMANDO NET<br />Season: All round the year<br />Description: The Aravali valley at Dhauj, though so near to Delhi, is secretly tucked away near Mangar Village in Faridabad District, Haryana. These ancient remains of Aravalis, after centuries of erosion, are hard granite rocks perfect for rock climbing & related sports. The valley offers a unique combination of insight of the rural farm life and a wild ambience for adventure for an unforgettable experience. There are 67 species of birds spotted and listed at Dhauj.<br />For the corporate world, it could be an antidote for office stress or motivating the team to be a leader. For an overseas guest, it would be a delightful experience of farms, Indian rural culture, adventure activities, etc. We have a history of bringing new and innovative adventure related games and activities, integrating relaxation with resolve while scrapping the mundane<br />
  13. 13. Dhauanlti<br />Dhauanlti <br />Activities: Camping, Rock Climbing, rope activities, Mountain Biking, Night Hiking, Trekking, Star Gazing <br />Season: All round the year<br />Description: Whispering Pines is set in the heart of the Indian Himalayas and surrounded by dense Pine and Rhododendron forests. Located at a height of 8300 ft, Whispering Pines is a very picturesqu camping site on Chamba Mussoorie Road Ideal location for Corporate Offsites, Adventure Combined Conferences, Family Holidays & Weekend Breaks. Modern day amenities. Clean and conveniently located camp toilets/bath.<br />This campsite happens to be one of the highest permanent nature camps in India, at a height of over 8,300 ft. a.s.l. It is also the closest high altitude destination at this height, from New Delhi, and is well connected by Air, Rail and Road (nearest airport being at Dehradun; approx. 85 kms from the camp).<br />
  14. 14. Kanatal <br />Kanatal<br />Activities: Hiking , Mountain Biking , Trekking , Rappelling , Hammocking <br />Bonfire , Garhwali Folk Music & Dance etc. <br />Season: All round the year<br />Description: Old colonial style Himalayan lodge with three cottages. Low ceiling, wooden structures, old world charm, fruit orchard, basic amenities and peace.<br />Kanatal is about 280 kms from Delhi.<br />
  15. 15. Suakholi<br />Suakholi<br />Activities: Trekking, Night Hiking, Overhead crawling, Jumaring & Rappelling <br />Season: All round the year<br />Description: Located at the height of over 7000 ft, Camp is located between Mussoorie & Dhanaulti in Uttaranchal.<br />The Camp is about 250 kms from Delhi.<br />
  16. 16. Location & Sports<br /><ul><li>Camping in Tirthan Valley, Shogi, Mashobra, Kuflon, Dhanaulti, Suakholi, Kanatal in Deluxe Cottages and a cool environment
  17. 17. Rafting in Rishikesh: Camping, Rafting, Rock climbing, Rappelling etc
  18. 18. Hot air balloon expeditions from Manali to Arunachal Pradesh, Delhi-Jaipur, 2 hrs and 6 hrs of short flyings
  19. 19. Parasailing and Hot air ballooning in Rishikesh
  20. 20. Camping in Dhauj & Damdama outside Delhi
  21. 21. Camping, Learn rock climbing, Do a rope course,
  22. 22. Mountain Biking around the hills of Rishikesh and other parts of Uttarachal
  23. 23. Trekking around Kullu-Manali, Manali-Leh, Lahaul-Spiti, Zanskar Valley, Leh, Uttaranchal, Dharamshala-Mcleodganj, Sikkim, Bhutan, Eastern Himalayas, North east India
  24. 24. Jeep Safaris in Lahual-Spiti, Bhutan, Sikkim
  25. 25. Mountain biking from Manali-Leh, Across Kerela, in Bhutan, in the Sahyadris in Maharashtra, in Uttarachal
  26. 26. Rafting near Mumbai-Pune </li></li></ul><li>Wildlife Safari<br /><ul><li>Pench National Park(MP)
  27. 27. Kanha National Park(MP)
  28. 28. Bandhavgarh National Park(MP)
  29. 29. Panna National Park(MP)
  30. 30. Kaziranga(Assam)
  31. 31. Jim Corbett National Park(UK)
  32. 32. Ranthambore(RJ)
  33. 33. Sundarbans(Bengal)
  34. 34. Royal Chitwan Park (Nepal)</li></ul>Safaris with Naturalists, Sky Gazing, 5 start destinations, well stocked libraries on the Wilds. <br />
  35. 35. Courses<br /><ul><li>Skiing
  36. 36. Paragliding
  37. 37. Kayaking
  38. 38. Rafting
  39. 39. Mountaineering
  40. 40. Water sports
  41. 41. Mountain biking
  42. 42. Rock climbing
  43. 43. Sky Diving
  44. 44. Naturalists Courses to get info on wildlife</li></ul>All the Courses have the highest safety standards and are certief government courses being run by certified professionals.<br />
  45. 45. Exclusive Places<br /><ul><li>An Island Resort Near Hyderabad: A whole water Sport geataway, Private Beaches
  46. 46. Wildlife Safaris with Professional Naturalists, stays at Taj Lodges
  47. 47. CEO treks to Bhutan Nepal and Sikkim
  48. 48. Rafting Expedition in Arunachal Pradesh & Brahmaputra 
  49. 49. All Women Biking Tours in Upper Himalayas
  50. 50. Sky Diving
  51. 51. Caving in Meghalaya
  52. 52. Paragliding – Learn and fly in Indonesia</li></li></ul><li>Mission<br />Adventure Compass is a one stop shop for adventure sports.We want to create a place where a common man or a professional can get information,become aware and also learn some essential skills while in the outdoors.<br />Vision 2010<br />To become number one adventure sports website by the beginning of 2010 with highest customers visits in a month.<br />Plan your trip through Adventure Compass. Whether it is a <br /><ul><li>Long promised camping trip with your family
  53. 53. Your child’s mountain biking summer camp
  54. 54. A rafting trip with your college friends
  55. 55. A team building exercise for your team
  56. 56. An excursion with your colleagues
  57. 57. A business conference in outdoors
  58. 58. Your dream adventure vacation
  59. 59. Or seclusion for meditation and collecting your thoughts </li></ul><br /><br />Call us: 9899297904<br />
  60. 60. Why AdventureCompass?<br /><ul><li>You can choose according to your requirement and pocket
  61. 61. Beat the queue and book hassle free
  62. 62. Get best packages from best in the field at best rates
  63. 63. Your safety and satisfaction is first for us
  64. 64. Customize ever package according to your needs</li></ul>AdventureCompass Promise<br /><ul><li>Safety: We partner with carefully selected providers with excellent record of customer safety. We partner only with organizations with a zero tolerance for any lack in safety of our guests. Our partners are certified professionals and are in full compliance with health and safety regulations.
  65. 65. Satisfaction: It is our constant endeavor to improve our services and products. Please give your feedback, it is valuable to us. We suggest packages and trips which best suit your needs. We promise an experience of a lifetime and guarantee that you will come back looking for more.
  66. 66. Flexibility: Things can happen and plans can change, therefore we have negotiated flexible amendments and cancellation policies. In most cases you will get a refund on your payments after a small deduction of cancellation charges. We request you to keep us in the loop about your travel arrangements.</li></ul><br /><br />Call us: 9899297904<br />
  67. 67. About AdventureCompass<br /><br /><br />Call us: 9899297904<br />
  68. 68. &quot;Whether you&apos;re planning a simple family vacation, a commercial group trek or a challenging mountaineering expedition, we can meet your needs with professionalism and a personal touch.&quot;<br /><br /><br />Call us: 9899297904<br />