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  1. 1. Documents Involved in RE Part II
  2. 2. Customer Life Cycle Customer Steps i) Site Visit Site Executive/ Manager Data Required i) Give all the project details. ii)Tell about strength of project. iii)Discuss policy/budget. iv)Discuss other requirements such as rooms, size, amenities etc. v)Discuss loan eligibility. Fill customer enquiry form ii)Follow up i) Call at mentioned time by Customer form customer. follow up Trainings by Vidya ii)Look into their interest level. Bhagwat iii) Offer them schemes or benefits. Time Duration 30 to 45 mins After hours. 48 Min 3 follow ups must be done.
  3. 3. Customer Life Cycle iii)Lead closing/ i) Give all info about flat Booking Form Booking booked. ii) Clear about payment terms and conditions. iii) Make them comfortable. iv)Loan i) Co-ordinate with home loan Processing company representative. _________ ii) Give them all the documents required for preapproval. v)Registration i) Complete all formalities of Registration 1 day before. _________ ii)Take registration timings from Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat registrar office. iii)Co-ordinate for registration activities. 1 to 2 hrs 30 mins 2 to 3 hours
  4. 4. Customer Life Cycle vi)Send Demand i) Calculate the demand letter Demand Draft ______ Draft amount based on construction stage. ii)Send them in due form to customer/bank. iii)Send them reminder after a week of sending demand letter. iv)Repeat till you receive rest payment. vii)Customer i) Fill all the entries as you Customer Account ______ Accounts receive the paymentby Vidya Bhagwat File Trainings from Bank/Customer. ii)Inform the concern authority for payment received.
  5. 5. Customer Life Cycle viii)Possession i) Complete all the payment and Possession Letter NOC formality. ii) Review the flat condition before handover. iii) Handover the key and allot allocation letter. _______ ix)Society Formation i)Give form to all members. Society Form ii) Collect itTrainings by Vidya Bhagwat duly signed. ________
  6. 6. Documents involved in customer handling process There are various documents involved for handling a customer. Starting from the time when the customer enters to survey a flat till possession various documents are used. List of those documents are as follows: – Enquiry Form – Booking Form – Customer Account File – Sanction Letter – Builder’s NOC Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat – Demand Letter
  7. 7. Enquiry Form Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  8. 8. Enquiry Form This is the enquiry form which the customer fills when he comes to survey a particular flat. This is the initial form which is being filled by the customer which helps the builder to get more information about the customer. This form includes the basic information about the customer such as name, address, occupation, budget, contact number etc. which helps to do follow up with the customer. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  9. 9. Booking Form Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  10. 10. Booking Form Booking Form is filled by the customer at that time when he books a particular flat. This form contains the detail information of the purchaser and also the amount he has to pay at the time of disbursement. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  11. 11. Receipt book Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  12. 12. Receipt book This is the receipt given to the purchaser when he books for a flat. The above diagram is a receipt given to a customer when he has booked for a flat and given the booking amount. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  13. 13. Customer Account File Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  14. 14. Customer Account File Customer Account File is a document which is used to keep track of the payment schedule of the purchaser. Any time when the purchaser pays, the detail of his payment is noted and the form in which he pays i.e. by cheque or by cash is also noted. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  15. 15. Sanction Letter Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  16. 16. Sanction Letter Sanction letter is a document which is given by the bank to the customer which includes all the details of the amount of loan given to the customer and at which rate of interest. After the disbursement starts then the amount will be recorded in the customer account file. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  17. 17. Builder NOC Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  18. 18. Builder NOC Builder NOC is a document submitted by the builder in his letter head and submitted to the purchaser. And this document reaches the bank via purchaser. The purpose of this document is that the builder declares that he has a clear property and the loan could be provided to the customer by keeping the property in mortgage with him until the purchaser pays the full payment. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  19. 19. Demand Letter Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  20. 20. Demand Letter Demand Letter is a document which is given to the customer when his time of payment comes. Whenever the customer has to pay for his flat then the demand letter is provided to the purchaser. This document includes the total amount to paid, the amount that has already being paid and the due amount. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  21. 21. Architect Certificate Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  22. 22. Architect Certificate The architect certificate is also necessary. Here the architect checks the construction plan and also informs about the stage till which the construction is made. This document is submitted in the bank by the customer. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  23. 23. Summary • There are various documents involved in customer handling process. • Every document is compulsory and has its own importance. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  24. 24. Assignments 1. Make a report on all the documents involved in customer handling process. 2. Make a survey of customers who have booked flats and ask them which documents they have submitted and filled. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  25. 25. Assignments 1. How would you handle an angry customer who had an inconvenient experience with one of your agents? 2. What factors of a property would you highlight to a first time buyer with no knowledge of real estate? On the contrary how would you handle an experienced buyer who is well aware of the market? 3. Other than the five skills mentioned above, what other skills do you think you need to possess Bhagwat maximum Trainings by Vidya to ensure customer satisfaction?
  26. 26. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat