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  1. 1. Understanding Brochure and Cost Sheet Study
  2. 2. Session I:Understanding Brochure
  3. 3. Objective of this chapter The objective of this chapter is informing you about the contents that are included in a real estate brochure and also to make you aware regarding the new terminologies used in it. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  4. 4. Defination of a Real Estate Brochure • Real estate brochure is a leaflet which is single sheet ,bi-fold or tri-fold. Mostly the real estate Brochure is either bi-fold or tri-fold. A real estate brochure includes almost all the features provided for a particular apartment and the real picture of that apartment. It also consists of the landmarks and the location map at the end. • A real estate brochure is basically prepared so that a customer is able to get almost all the required information about an apartment in brief. The most important thing in a real estate brochure is the layout plan of Vidya Bhagwat tells the Trainings by a house which customer about the actual carpet area design or the dimensions and structure of each and every room.
  5. 5. Method to make an Effective Brochure 1. Go through a real estate brochure 2. Choose the paper you will use for printing 3. Write an attractive headline 4. Put a lot of pictures on your flyer 5. Include photos of the inside and outside of the house 6. Make the photos extra appealing 7. Keep descriptions and explanations brief 8. Use sales-focused language 9. Include contact information 10. Leave viewers with Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat a call to action
  6. 6. Brochure terminologies • Amenities – Clubhouse – Amphitheatre – Children Play Park – Intercom Facility – Parking – Designer Entrance Lobby – Garden with Jogging track • Floor plan of flat • Specifications Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat • Location Map
  7. 7. Amenities • In real property amenities are any tangible or intangible benefits of a property, especially those that increase its attractiveness or value or that contribute to its comfort or convenience – Tangible amenities might include attractive guest rooms (lodging), Wi-Fi, dining, parks, swimming pools, golf courses, health club facilities, party rooms, theater or media rooms, bike paths, Lifts, community centers, services, or garages, for example. – Intangible amenities might include pleasant views, nearby activities, good schools (in the case of residential real estate), Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat or a low crime rate, all of which add to the desirability of a property.
  8. 8. Floor plan of flat • A floor plan is a simple line drawing showing rooms as though seen from above. Walls, balconies, duct, doorways, and windows are often drawn to scale. The floor plan is prepared for odd floors and even floors. Floor plan is essential in every brochure as it shows the actual structure of a home. • It also has the carpet area, saleable area, terrace area etc. calculated and depicted in it. A floor plan shows the direction of the apartment i.e. in which direction the apartment is facing and which view is seen Vidya Bhagwat balcony could be Trainings by from which easily analysed.
  9. 9. Specifications Specifications of an apartment include all the facilities that are provided inside the flat and for the flat for example the interior specifications are vitrified tile flooring in living and kitchen, porceleno tile flooring in bedroom, anti-skid flooring in bathroom, marble window sills etc. and the exterior specifications are earthquake resistant r.c.c. structure etc. Specifications are essential for attracting the customers in a more easy way. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  10. 10. Location Map • The location map shows the various directions from where you can reach the project. It shows all the directions and the nearby locations. The main landmarks are mentioned and the distance or the time of travelling is also jotted down. The main aim of the location map is that it tells the customer that he could easily reach their site from various directions. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  11. 11. Summary • A real estate brochure includes almost all the features provided for a particular apartment and the real picture of that apartment • A real estate brochure contains real picture of apartment, amenities provided, specifications, floor plan and location map. • All these contents are essential and mandatory for each and every brochure. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  12. 12. Assignments 1. Create a hardcopy of your own brochure and make it as presentable as you can. 2. Make another online brochure using “” Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat