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  1. 1. Real Estate Marketing Project Life Cycle & Lead Generation By Yogesh Dhule
  2. 2. Agenda • • • • • Introduction to Project Life cycle. Lead Generation marketing. Managing Sales Process. Lead closure in Real Estate. Role and Responsibilities. • Objective: To make you understand about the method that could be used for effective lead generation. You could be aware of the current methods implemented by the builders in order to generate orTrainings by Vidya Bhagwat close a lead.
  3. 3. Real Estate Cycle Real Estate Cycle Identification of Real Estate Business/Investment Opportunity Career Real Estate Consultants /Analyst /Investment Mangers Development of Land/Property Selling/Financing of Property Career Career Sales Head/Manager ,Home loan Manager ,Marketing Consultants ,Internet marketing executives Civil Egg, Operation Mangers, Product Sales mangers ,Housing Finance manager/Architect /Lawyer Company Company CompanyFact Sheet-Global Revenue 12500 Cr 2.5 Billion USD/2010 Fact Sheet- Market Trainings by Cap 31,000 Cr Vidya Fact Sheet Bhagwat – Profit 2010-11 Rs 4528 Cr Entrepreneurs Secondary Market Transactions Career Real Estate Agent ,Property Managers, Real Estate Valuator Company Fact Sheet-Asset management more then 500 billion USD
  4. 4. Real Estate Marketing Project Life Cycle Lead Generation Process Involved Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat Lead Closure
  5. 5. Lead Generation • Lead generation is a making term used basically to describe the generation of consumer interest or inquiry in to products or services of a business. • Pre Launching Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  6. 6. Lead Generation Launching After Launching Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  7. 7. Activity for Lead Generation • Make two teams • Let one team go out of the room. Before moving out, they need to see the materials that will be hidden by one team. • After one team leaves the training room, the other team will hide the materials. Pls. Note – do not allow to hide materials in personal belongings. • Time for hiding the material can be between 1 to 2 minutes • The second team is then called, they need to search items in 2 to 5 minutes of time. • Repeat the activity for the other team Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat • Materials to be used can be any small objects such as rubber, pins, ruler, pens etc.
  8. 8. Inference From The Activity • Customers are like the materials that are hidden. Sales team needs to generate lead similar to identification of hidden materials in specified time line of the project. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  9. 9. Customer Handling/Interaction Techniques • • • • • • Proper time given to customer Effective communication with customer Patiently listening and understanding customer requirements Guiding customer with proper project information Getting customer fill up enquiry form Tracking and follow up with the customer Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  10. 10. Tips for Customer Interaction • Introduce your self to the customer, greet with smile and curtsey • Understand customers buying behavior and observe his body language • Project explanation should be given in details for every customer. Remember for you it may be 10th customer however for customer its first approach • For revisit from customer, consider giving all details once again including the clarity required on the concerned point/s • Extensive follow up required till booking confirmation from Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat customer also maintain relevant data including payments received and schedules
  11. 11. Lead Generation Process • Online Marketing via Website, blog, Free posting or by paid posting on real estate portals i.e. www.makaan.com • News paper advertisement. • Project Launching- Hoardings. • Real Estate exhibition. • Bulk SMS & mailers. • News Paper insertions. • Site visit. • Follow up & Lead Closure. • Internet marketing using social media. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat • Radio advertisements. • Leaflets/pamphlet distributions.
  12. 12. Managing The Sales Process Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  13. 13. Managing The Sales Process 1. Know when to talk and When listen. 2. Move the Process Forward. 3. Deal with Objectives. • Here are a few basic rules for dealing with objective: 1. Answer every objective. 2. Don’t argue. 3. Make sure you know the real issue. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  14. 14. Lead Closure in Real Estate • Timing. • Learn to Apply Closing Techniques. • Help Clients Realize that the Property is Right for them. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  15. 15. Roles & Responsibilities 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Sales Head : Project Manager: Employees: Human Resource: IT executive: Support Staff/Operation Team: Designing Team: Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  16. 16. Sales Head - Roles & Responsibilities • Prepare a marketing plan/strategy and communicate to all team members • He / She should visit the new project at least twice for first 15 days. • He / She should constantly monitor on the progress of all marketing, branding, targets and incentives with respective to the plan and take corrective actions when needed. It can be done even by conference call with employees who are assigned on that project. • Plan and prepare recruitment Vidya Bhagwat Trainings by plan explaining job profiles
  17. 17. Project Manager/Coordinators - Roles & Responsibilities • He should conduct meeting on daily basis with his juniors for first 15 days. • He should report to the respective Sales head on daily basis for first 15 days. • In case of any issue with Customer PM should inform to his respective Sales head for the further action. • Sales should be first Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat be well aware of it priority and PM should and should take necessary actions to increase the Sale.
  18. 18. Project Manager/Coordinators - Roles & Responsibilities • PM should inform HR regarding employees who will be on new project and from which date. • Project Coordinator should give training to the employees about the New Project. • Project Coordinator should prepare Media and Marketing Planning Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  19. 19. Employees - Roles & Responsibilities • Everyone should reach at site by 10 minutes before given time. • Associates are not allowed to take Leave/ Weekly Off for first 15 days from starting of the project except emergency. • For any booking related message they should follow the standard format. – Example • Customer Name • Project Name • Area Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat • Flat No.
  20. 20. Employees - Roles & Responsibilities • Rate • Customers Mobile No. • Source • Associates are expected to give test within 3 days from the actual start of the project about project information. • After the test and training associates are expected to handle the site as well as the customers properly. • For any escalation they should call Bhagwat Trainings by Vidya their project coordinator/project manager.
  21. 21. Human Resource - Roles & Responsibilities • He/she should keep track of the attendance of the employees for this particular project for first 15 days. • Associates are expected to give test within 3 days from the actual start of the project about project information. • To keep the track for how many days Project Manager/ Coordinator has visited new Project. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  22. 22. IT Executive - Roles & Responsibilities • Creation of blogs, listing, Internet marketing for new project. • Updating internal IT system data regarding Booking, Visit, Enquiry, etc. • Coordination with employees for filling data in internal IT/CRM system Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  23. 23. Support Staff/Operations Team – Roles & Responsibilities • All required documents such as booklets, broachers, etc should be provided onsite before actual start of the project. • Operation guy should visit the actual site for at least twice within first 15 days of start of the project. • Coordinate with Home loan team and provide them the information of those customers who wants home loan. • Launching Kit i.e. Tie, Tags, etc should be ready at the time of launching of new project. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  24. 24. Home loan Team - Roles & Responsibilities • Home loan team should be present at the time of inauguration of any new project. • Home loan team should assign an executive for this new project and he/she should visit at least thrice within first 15 days. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  25. 25. Designing Team - Roles & Responsibilities • All the designing should be ready before starting of the project i.e. Hoarding, Broachers, Advertisement, Etc. • Media Planning should be done. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  26. 26. Summary
  27. 27. Summary • Lead generation is a marketing term used basically to describe the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. • Before launching of any project one should make awareness about the project via Hoardings, pole kiosk in the area of the project so that the people living in that area can know about the project. • Main aim for the advertisement is Bhagwat the maximum Trainings by Vidya to reach people at minimum costs.
  28. 28. Summary • Enquiry form has to be filled mandatory when the customer visits on site because it includes the entire information about the customer. • Make a list of all the objections your clients and prospects are giving you that you would like to learn to effectively overcome. And also try to answer and prepare for all those questions. • Effective closing has much to do with “timing,” or one’s ability to recognize client’s buying signals and readiness to complete the transaction. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat • Roles and Responsibilities should be clear to all project team members
  29. 29. Q&A Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  30. 30. Assignment At The End of Session • Assignment Nos 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 from the list Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat
  31. 31. Assignment Post Session • Describe the methods followed for lead generation and also mention the 2 methods which you feel are effective and why? • If a customer comes to you and says that he wants a 2 BHK at a particular place but you have 3 BHK at another place then what are the factors or the key points which you could tell the customer by which he could be interested in the flat you are selling him? • Make a Report on the way a customer is behaved before booking and after booking. And comment that is the behavioral change necessary? • Write at least 8 questions thatVidya Bhagwat customer could ask Trainings by you think a at the time of lead closure. And also answer all the questions effectively.
  32. 32. Trainings by Vidya Bhagwat