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Social Media In Healthcare

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Social Media In Healthcare

  1. 1. Agenda Point Of View – Social Media Basics of Social Media Corporate Success Stories Cognizant’s PoV Top Payers’ Social Media initiatives Future of Social Media 1
  2. 2. Complicated Social Media Landscape2
  3. 3. Social Media : Definition and ToolsSocial network describes a group of people whereas social media are the tools people use. Social network is not newbut the technological tools people using to connect are something new which is called social media. Network Description User Base Business Applications Enables its users to send and 200 million  Market Research read text based posts of up  Posting press release-like announcements which, in some to 140 characters, known as cases, can supplement traditional news formats “tweets”  Gather public opinion/mood on topics of general interest (through hash tags) Recreational peer-to-peer 845 million  Building fan pages for specific causes, organizations or social network products  Sharing recreation oriented campaigns  Create public forum for consumers to interact with the organization and with each other  Supports deployment of external applications/plug-ins Video sharing website where  4 billion videos are  Posting educational videos and testimonials users can upload, view and viewed a day  Share videos of new product launches, advertorial share videos  800 million unique campaigns, POVs, etc users visit  Simple to use functionality and consumer reach makes this the go-to media channel for viral video campaigns Professional peer to peer 135 million  Recruiting talent networking  Announcing staff news Personal journal often 180 million blogs and Discussing happenings in an organization (e.g Product launches, themed on a single subject counting each second executive changes) 3
  4. 4. Social Media : Corporate Success Stories Organization Social Networking Activity Impact Dell In response to dissatisfied customers in the  According to Dell, negative mentions of Dell blogosphere and reports of exploding batteries, dropped from 50 percent to 23 percent in Dell Computers launched the Direct2Dell blog to the year after the launch of Direct2Dell capture customer complaints and IdeaStorm, an  IdeaStorm feeds Dell information on its online suggestion site. users’ preferences, which assists the product development process Starbucks Starbucks launched to  Site visitors submitted 80,000 ideas in 2009; connect to its loyal coffee drinkers and solicit Starbucks implement 53 of them. their ideas Independent Financial is a social network for financial  Financial advisors can reach their existing Advisors advisors that enables them to engage with customers and give on-demand advice and investors while remaining FINRA-compliant. perspectives.  is also intended to help financial advisors expand their reach and increase their customer base Small Business Owners Foursquare, a location-based social networking  Small business owners can get access to site and mobile application, allows registered customer data and analytics. users to connect with friends and update their  Businesses can reach out to and improve location. Points are awarded for "checking in" at interactivity with customers venues. Businesses recognize foursquare users with rewards such as complimentary drinks.4
  5. 5. Strategic Approach of using Social Media Observe Develop Act Customer Relations • Your customers and • Content relevant to • Answer questions, respond your potential your customers to comments about your customers brand • Insights, expertise, Reputation • Industry leaders, become a thought • Start the conversation. Be Management similar interest groups, leader transparent and add value news/media • Links to online promos, • Check replies, answer • Current and potential insider info on questions, provide info when Product customers, those upcoming sales, needed Promotion interested in similar discount codes products5
  6. 6. Recommended Implementation Plan • What is the objective? Planning & Kick Off • Environmental Assessment • Create a forum for Social Media enthusiasts to discuss possible platforms or strategies to effectively engage consumers • Identify the people and shortlist few ideas to Target Audience • Who will be interacting? What will they want start with and expect? • Know your target audience, where they are present ‘online’ and what key behaviors they engage in Risks & Policies • Listen to what they are saying and sharing • What are potential pitfalls? • What are the HIPAA related privacy concerns? • Formulate policies with regard to monitoring and to protect against security, privacy or ethics breaches by your employees or Platforms & customers Branding • What will be your brand message? • Identify people who will officially represent • Phase 1 : Twitter, Facebook your organization in social media platform • Phase 2 : Blog, Delicious, Mobile text messaging, Youtube, Podcasting Content Development • Promote services and focus on online reputation management • Create Social Media topic calendars • Implementation roadmap • Decide update frequency • Define criteria for success and identify related Measure & Review • Assign content owner for each topic measurement metrics for the same • Monitor past contents to address any issues • Prepare a dashboard assigning relevant • How much will this cost? wieghtage • Calculate Composite Effectiveness Index and compare the same with Benchmarks • Take corrective actions and realign your focus to the appropriate platform
  7. 7. Sample Metric Score Card Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Twitter # of Twitter Accounts 1 1 2 2 Followers ( running total) Account 1 277 320 356 423 Account 2 0 0 112 146 Total for all Accounts 277 320 468 569 # change from last week 43 148 101 Facebook Pages 2 3 3 4 Fans of Fan page 468 523 720 843 Visits 723 876 987 1024 # of Discussions 3 5 7 6 Comments/ Discussions 4 8 16 14 # of Likes / Discussions 4 8 4 3 YouTube Videos Uploaded 8 13 8 6 Subscribers 157 189 245 320 # of Likes 34 42 62 547
  8. 8. Some Examples Humorous video showing the unpleasant side effects Facebook campaign to help in quit smoking of mumps infection-encouraging timely vaccination8
  9. 9. Humana leading the Payer pack  Humana has developed a Consumer Innovation group headed by Greg Matthews – to focus on using social media to create consumer interaction  Facebook page discusses about  Mobile devices and changing healthcare, also promoting MyHumana app for Android or iphone  Sharing video to encourage people to take stairs instead of elevators  Sharing many healthy lifestyle videos and articles inspiring people to stay fit  Humana’s Freewheelin program  Bicycle sharing program to promote better health  Initiative gained tremendous momentum through the ripple effect of social media-Facebook page, blogs and twitter.1500 photos shared on Flickr, more than a dozen Youtube fan videos uploaded  Outcome : 8 days of rides covering 7500 rides, 41,000 miles ridden, 1.2 million calories burned  Developed “Town Square”, a social media platform where each department build their own way to use social media and they come together to see what others have shared9
  10. 10. UHG’s Social Media Initiative  OptumHealth, UHG’s subsidiary released OptumizeMe mobile application to help people create and challenge each other to fitness competitions,network through social media sites and create new fitness challenges. Tracks their progress on challenges and rewards them with virtual badges as they achieve their goals.  American Heart Association in partnership with UGH revamped Walking Paths website which helps people  Search for hundreds of walking-path locations via Google Map GPS technology;  Create, update and post favorite walking paths;  Share paths with others or post onto their private blog pages and social media networks, like Facebook  Use an interactive social-networking tool that enables them to share notes about name, type and difficulty of walking path  Upload and share photos of walking paths; and  integrate walking paths into an online tracker that documents calories consumed, steps taken and routes walked  UHG is also using social media for recruitment purpose10
  11. 11. Social Media use in US ProvidersNumber of % of U.S. providers • More than 700 of the U.S.’ 5,000 providers have a social media and Beds that Use Social Media social networking presence to enhance their ability to market services and communicate to stakeholders 6-69 15% • Cancer centers such as MD Anderson are developing communities to understand how their patients view their care experiences 70-99 21% Promotion & • Government agencies including the Food and Drug Administration Communication (FDA) and the CDC are using social networks to engage the public 100-399 26% during product recalls and in H1N1 flu pandemic preparations >399 42% • Two-way online communication helps minimize the costs associated with paper, telephone calls and other overhead components • According to a 2010 report by Healthcare Performance Management (HPM) Institute, a US-based research and education organization, theOwnership Type % of U.S. providers online communication system helped VA reduce its per-patient Cost Reduction that Use Social healthcare costs by 30 percent MediaPrivate, nonprofit 30% • As the healthcare industry requires specialized skills and expertInvestor-owned, 13% knowledge, healthcare providers are moving beyond the traditional for profit methods to search for workers with the required skill sets • Mayo Clinic and HCA Group both use Twitter to advertise new Government, 24% openings in their providers federal Talent Search • Study conducted by AMN heatlhcare revealed that around 20 percent Government, 13% of the respondents have used at least one social media website for nonfederal their job searchSource : Thaker,Nowacki,Mehta, Edwards, 20111211
  12. 12. Beyond Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn……. PatientsLikeMe • Co founded by 3 MIT engineers • Gives consumers a way to track disease progress, access disease information and learn from the real-world experiences of other patients • 140,000+ patients and 1000+ medical conditions discussed • Make money by sharing patient’s non PHI related data with their partners MedHelp • Claims that there are 12 million monthly visitors • In addition to being a social network, offers a number of tracking tools for pain, weight and other chronic conditions • Offers online medical Expert consultation also HelloHealth • Facilitates online communication between patients and physicians • Earns revenue by providing different membership plans to patients and practice solutions to healthcare providers12
  13. 13. Future of Social Media Interactive Marketing Spend Forecast (in $ millions) 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 CAGR Social Media 1590 2119 2760 3453 4217 4995 26% Email Marketing 1510 1694 1875 2066 2262 2468 10% Mobile Marketing 1652 2777 4238 5697 7057 8237 38% Display Advertising 10949 12860 16085 19783 23919 27600 20% Search Marketing 18756 21553 24613 27515 30433 33319 12% Total 34457 41003 49571 58514 67888 76619 17% Percent of all Ad Spend 19% 21% 25% 29% 32% 35%Source : Forrester Research Interactive Marketing Forecasts, 2011 To 2016 (US)  By 2016, advertisers will spend around $77 billion on interactive marketing, Social Media will account for around $5 billion of the pie  Healthcare will be one of the leading adopters of Social Media platforms followed by Automotive, Consumer Products and Financial Services  In healthcare, Social Media will go beyond advertising and will play a significant role in Care management, population and patient monitoring, Wellness and will improve speed of innovation13
  14. 14. Thank You14

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