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Facebook can help you reached your business goals.

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Facebook for Business

  1. 1. Facebook has changed the way we do business.
  2. 2. Here are few ways Facebook has changed the way we do business. Now the social network has changed the way people interact, sparking the age of social media and challenging the boundaries of communication.
  3. 3. Offering Greater Chances for Creativity Whether you’re setting up a contest or making a special photo illustration for your front page photo, Facebook has endless ways to get creative.
  4. 4. Making Closer Connection to Customers Social media is all about getting personal, and Facebook offers businesses a way to communicate more directly with customers. When a company posts a photo of the gang at the office on Facebook, it’s giving a face to the people behind the desks.
  5. 5. Showing How Popular You Are Let’s face it, Facebook is a status symbol. When someone comes to your site and sees that you have 80,000 Facebook fans, they’re going to trust you a bit more than a site that has 800 fans.
  6. 6. Prompting New Ways to Advertise Facebook Ads have become a vital part of any company’s media plan, offering a way to finely target your audience through a variety of customizable ad options.
  7. 7. Encouraging Greater Transparency Facebook has given customers the ability to ask questions directly to a business when they are dissatisfied with a purchase or want to find out more information about a product.
  8. 8. Direct Conversations Facebook gave businesses a direct connection to their customers to find out what they can improve on. What better way to discover what your company can do better than asking people directly? According company auditions opinion.
  9. 9. Spreading the Word Facebook has given customers a way to recommend brands to their friends and in essence become brand ambassadors based on what they like and don’t like on the site.
  10. 10. Hiring These days it would be unthinkable to hire someone without first checking their Facebook page. A few years ago, this was a great way to weed out immature candidates, though young people have now gotten more careful about what they post.
  11. 11. Improving Market Research Why conduct a pricey consumer survey when you can get all the market research you need simply by posting a few questions on Facebook? You can ask question related your business ,your product current running market condition related your product competitor
  12. 12. Gaining Insights The many Facebook analytic tools offer great insight into who likes your company … and it may not be who you though, sparking new ideas for how to reach out and who to target.