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Kiran bedi


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Kiran bedi

  1. 1. “If Your Actions Inspire Others To Dream More,Learn More, Do More And Become More, You Are A LEADER”
  2. 2. Courage Of Conviction
  3. 3. Optimistic
  4. 4. Action Based
  5. 5. Stead fast On Ethics
  6. 6. Leads By Example
  7. 7. Visionary
  8. 8. Passion for Work
  9. 9. Detrimental for Holistic Growth
  10. 10. Should be Charismatic
  11. 11. Courage Of ConvictionOptimisticAction BasedLeads By ExampleSetfast OnEthicsVisionaryCOURAGE DeterminedCharismatic Courage OfConvictionOptimisticActionBased PASSION Setfast On PASSIONEthicsVisionaryPassion For WorkDeterminedCharismaticCourage OfConvictionOptimisticAction BasedLeads By ExampleSetfast OnEthicsVisionaryPassion For WorkDeterminedCharismatic Courage Of ConvictionHONESTY ActionBasedLeads By ExampleSetfast OnHONESTY VISIONEthicsVisionaryPassion For WorkVISION CharismaticCourage Of ConvictionOptimisticAction BasedLeads By ExampleSetfast OnEthics Passion For WorkDeterminedCharismatic Courage OfConvictionOptimisticActionBasedLeads By ExampleSetfast OnEthicsVisionaryPassion For WorkDeterminedCourage Of ConvictionOptimisticAction BasedLeads By ExampleSetfast OnEthicsVisionaryPassion For WorkDeterminedCharismatic Courage Of IDEAS IDEASConvictionOptimisticAction BasedLeads By ExampleCHARISMATIC VisionaryPassion For WorkDeterminedCharismaticEthicsVisionaryPassion For WorkDeterminedCharismatic LEADS BY EXAMPLEOptimisticActionBasedLeads By ExampleSetfast On ExampleSetfast OnEthicsVisionaryPassion OptimisticActionBasedLeads By ExampleSetfast OnExampleSetfast On EthicsVisionaryPassionACTION ACTIONWorkDeterminedCharismatic LEADS BY EXAMPLE OptimisticActionBasedLeadsBy ExampleSetfast On ExampleSetfast On EthicsVisionaryPassion
  12. 12. Journey From Amritsar to United Nations
  13. 13. • First woman in uniform to lead the all male contingent at the Republic Day Parade
  14. 14. Organize the traffic planning of the ninth Asian Games in Delhiin 1982Trained 1700 Home Guards and 1500 University students Used large number of cranes to remove wrongly parkedvehicles - including that of the former Prime Minister. Hence,named “CRANE BEDI”
  15. 15. "3-C model" of prison reforms—Corrective, Collective and Community-based reforms
  16. 16. Biography ‘I Dare!’‘It’s Always Possible’ on TiharreformsBook on e-governance"Government@net"Fortnightly column titled "What WentWrong" in the Times of India“As I see” a book on her police service
  17. 17. Sought after speaker onSocial, Professional andLeadership issuesKnown for guiding youth atvarious school and other events
  18. 18. Helping The HelplessWorking in the field of drug abusetreatment and rehabilitationTill now treated over 12,000 drugaddicts
  19. 19. Save the Next VictimSet it up in 1994Projects like ‘Crime HomeChildren’ and ‘Gali School’initiatedPrison reforms expandednationwide
  20. 20. President’s Gallantry Award (1979)
  21. 21. Magsaysay Award (1994)
  22. 22. Nominee of Nobel Peace PrizeFirst Police Officer to be Nominated
  23. 23. Most Admired Woman of India
  24. 24. OTHER PROMINENT HONOURS Women of the Year Award (1980) Asia Region Award for Drug Prevention and Control (1991) Mahila Shiromani Award (1995)Father Machismo Humanitarian Award (1995) Lion of the Year (1995) Joseph Beuys Award (1997) Pride of India (1999) Mother Teresa Memorial National Award for Social Justice (2005)
  25. 25. "Policing has the Power to Correct the Power to Do and the Power to Get Things
  26. 26. First woman to holdthe job of CivilianPolice Adviser in theUN Department ofPeacekeepingOperations
  27. 27. Sought voluntary retirement fromservice w.e.f. Dec 26, 2007. (18 months prior to completion of service) “For You With You Always”
  28. 28. “Safety & security of my country will remain my constant endeavor”
  29. 29. “It is tough to go against the wave, but at least you reach where nobody else can.” -Kiran ‘Iron’ Bedi