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A R W L H C Newsletter


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A R W L H C Newsletter

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A R W L H C Newsletter

  1. 1. The American Revolutionary War Living History Center (ARWLHC) & Experience Newsletter Organizational Headquarters PO Box 114, 301 Cleveland Avenue Grover, NC 28073 001 (704) 937-2940 Editor: Reg Alexander Executive Director: David Sherrill Managing Director: Martin Mongiello. Food and Beverage Columnist: Allan Miller Contributing Home Columnist: Stormy Neal Contributing Weapons and Warriors Columnist: Matt Vincett The eight sections of our newsletter are normally under the control of Reg Alexander as Editor. Reg has a long history of publishing, graphic design, illustration, editing content, printing and distribution. Reggie owns Regal Graphics and Regal Ventures as well as the newspaper, KM Today. He was the perfect solution and selection to facilitate this venture. The secondary thing we would like to accomplish with this newsletter is to keep our members informed. It will also be produced electronically and distributed via The primary item we would like to accomplish is to produce a beautiful document that would spur additional members and additional homeowners to come into our project – via physical distribution. The sections of the newsletter are: 1. Food and Beverage, 2. Upcoming shows, music and performances, 3. Kings Settlement & Home Features, 4. Weapons & Warriors, 5. Crosswalk News, 6. The 1776 Organic Farm, 7. Recreation and coming into being with the land, 8. New Club Amenities.
  2. 2. 1. Food and Beverage: Led by Mr. Allen Miller the owner of the restaurant and tavern, this column features exciting dishes and new wines – just to name a few things happening in the culinary world. Special baked goods, new menus coming up, new celebrations for the holidays fresh food coming from our fields. 2. Upcoming shows, music and performances: This column will be led by Mr. David Sherrill of the famed Sherrill family of settlers, the first pioneers to ever cross into these lands in the history of America. Dave talks about history and things of our area and how Kings Mountain and Cowpens saved the revolution. 3. Kings Settlement & Home Features: Led by Mr. Terry Reneau of Hearthstone Homes, our licensed if and certified builder. Terry always has something interesting to update us on from new designs to new inventions in log home building, Hearthstone is the world leader. 4. Weapons & Warriors: Led by Mr. Mathew Vincett, noted Artillery Captain, this column speaks to primitive weapons, smoke and fire weapons and building full-sized cannons from scratch. Wheels, tube, and firing designs are Matt’s specialties and you have probably seen him in many National Military Parks. 5. Crosswalk News: Led by Mr. Reg Alexander, Executive Director of the Christian based show, Crosswalk, this column features new shows, new venues, new groups coming to town and new marketing ventures in the Christian Meeting Planners Association of America. 6. The 1776 Organic Farm: Led by Mr. Jason Rhodes of Rhodesdale Farm and Gardens this section features herbs, spices and crops. What is coming in from the fields this week and what are we planting for harvest in the months to come. Reports on births of our animals (our friends that we love) and co-op opportunities to own chickens 7. Recreation and coming into being with the land: Led by Ms. Stormy Neal Mongiello, an area native who was born and raised on a farm, this column showcases a life of growing up on farms and coming to understand peace on earth, living in the land and forests and your own opportunities to plant, grow and love the earth. 8. New Club Amenities: Led by Mr. Martin Mongiello, a former Manager of Camp David Resort and Retreat for the First Family and President, this column showcases the fact that we’re constantly adding new ideas and new features to our club membership. This column will source and search those items to report - as well as develop reasons to celebrate additions.