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CSR Report Abertis 2011


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CSR Report Abertis 2011

  1. 1. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A. Corporate Social Responsibility Report 11
  2. 2. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.CONTENTS1. Presidentss Letter .......................................................................... 3 8. Suppliers ...................................................................................... 832. Main characteristics of the report ...................................................... 5 9. Adding value to the community ....................................................... 873. Triple results: an overview ............................................................. 10 9.1. Consolidating our relationship with the local community ............. 894. abertis and corporate social responsibility ........................................ 14 9.2. Social action and sponsorship.................................................. 945. abertis‘s activity: a service for customers and for society ................... 21 10. Verification report ......................................................................... 976. The abertis human team ................................................................ 32 11. Index of contents and GRI indicators ............................................... 99 6.1. The human team ................................................................... 34 12. GRI review report ........................................................................ 107 6.2. Managing talent and professional development ......................... 36 6.3. Generating common culture .................................................... 38 6.4. Managing diversity and equal opportunities .............................. 41 6.5. Extension of company benefits ................................................ 45 6.6. Promote workplace health and safety ....................................... 467. Adapting to the needs of our setting ................................................ 49 7.1. Climate change mitigation ...................................................... 58 7.2. Waste and wastewater management........................................ 69 7.3. Biodiversity management ....................................................... 73 7.4. Noise management ................................................................ 77 7.5. Extending our environmental commitment ............................... 80
  3. 3. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.The trend in CO2 emissions, which have fallen by 15% in relation to activity, shows how we have succeeded in increasing energy efficiency, reducing consumption by morethan the variation in activity. Similarly, we have reduced consumption of water resources and materials, and the Groups innovation capacity, linked to new businessopportunities, has led to the culmination of projects such as OASIS and the toll roads of the future, the continuing work on intelligent cities and the new systems for thermalinsulation on toll roads, which, in addition to entailing savings in the consumption of materials and extending the operational life of infrastructures, means that theirenvironmental impact can be reduced.Progress has been made in the implementation of new tools such as the supplier approval portal, making it possible to evaluate more than 3,000 providers and approve atotal of 200 in an exhaustive process of evaluating their CSR policies and procedures. In accordance with the new setting, we have continued to foster relations with thosecommunities in which we operate, through social action and sponsorship, as well as through active participation in over 100 associations; and we have endeavoured tomaintain the training, social benefits and professional development of the workforce, with a focus on retaining talent and promoting one of the organisations most strategicintangible assets.Continuance in and inclusion in different socially responsible investment indexes, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index,the ECPI and ASPI indexes, along with other sustainability rankings, reflect abertiss development and progress in this regard, as compared to other organisations.abertiss vision of continuity, capable of generating profit in both the short and long-term, and the ability to progress under the circumstances and adapt to new settingsconstitute the basis of a virtuous model which enables us to identify new business opportunities focused on continuous growth. New challenges in different economic, socialand environmental settings which open up the possibility of new business and collaboration models, such as the example of public-private partnership, which has proved tobe a solid viable option for continuing to create and manage infrastructures which encourage the development of society and at the same time, manage new needs ashighlighted by the "Paquet Vert" programme, promoted by the French government in response to the environmental demands of toll roads.The experience amassed throughout the Groups history provides us with solid foundations for progressing from a new starting point, building a sense for the activities wecarry out by progressing along the path we must take henceforth. There are new business opportunities, countries in which investment into infrastructures with high levelsof socio-economic profitability must be made, and new social, environmental and governance expectations from different stakeholders. Both of these facts form part of thesame whole, to which we aim to provide a systemic response based on innovation and efficiency.Proof of this is the information contained in the present report, which shows how, in addition to generating positive economic performance, abertis has the potential tobuild on this by managing the positive impact in the social, environmental and governance settings, creating shared value with all stakeholders. Corporate Social Responsibility Report 4
  4. 4. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.2. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF THE REPORTThe 2011 CSR Report, the ninth edition in the Groups history, responds to the Methodology used to compile, present and verify informationannual accountability commitment in both the organisations policy and its CSRStrategic Plan. abertis has a corporate database comprising more than 200 indicators classified on the basis of the CSR Plan strategic lines. Performance in the different social,The complete image of abertiss economic, social and environmental environmental and economic aspects is analysed on the basis of the informationperformance for 2011 comprises the information appearing in the Annual Report, deposited therein by all the business units and corporate services, along with theAnnual Accounts, the Corporate Governance Report, and the abertis foundation other operational tools available to the organisation.Report, along with the information appearing herein. In 2011 this database, which is the organisations principal social responsibilityIn addition to the communication channels available to the different stakeholders, measurement and management tool, has been adapted to the new organisationalthe e-mail address has been set up to receive any structure and the new requirements specified by GRI:comments or queries directly related with the content and preparation of the CSRReport. The Spanish toll roads have modified their information and accountability system in line with the new department-based operational structure. TheCSR report content and principles database has been adapted to allow accountability in line with this new structure.The contents of the report have been adapted to the new standards published in2011 by the Global Reporting Initiative organisation (GRI): the new version of the Incorporation of all the new indicators from the GRI Airport OperatorsGRI G3.1 guidelines for preparing sustainability reports and the AOSS Airport Sector Supplement. This supplement aims to adapt the indicators andOperators Sector Supplement. These documents establish recommendations on information published in CSR reports to airport activity. In this regard,the process for preparing CSR reports, as well as the content thereof. The version principal and additional indicators have been added, and qualitativeof the telecommunications sector supplement, which is still in its pilot phase, has information has been requested, allowing abertiss airport activity to bealso been included in the present report. contextualised.Similarly, the recommendations of the AccountAbility standard AA1000AS (2008) Modification of the existing indicators in line with the new requirementshave been considered, along with the Global Compact and the information of the G3.1 guidelines. The new version of the GRI G3.1 guidelinesrequired by the Carbon Disclosure Project initiative. requires the itemisation by type of many of the indicators existing to date. Furthermore, it includes new employment and community indicators, which have also been incorporated into the database. Adjustment of the CSR Indicator Management Manual to the changes made to the database, which develops the protocols for the new indicators. This manual has been published in web format, so that each of the protocols for the indicators that are being reported can be directly accessed from the database. Corporate Social Responsibility Report 5
  5. 5. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.The CSR Report is prepared on the basis of the analysis of information and theaggregation and evaluation thereof. Its content has been revised by PwC, as Activity Definitionstated in the revision report included in Chapter 10 of the report. The external indicatorthird-party revision aims to enhance the completeness of the data, as well as todetect any potential improvements in the collection and management of the Average Daily Total number of vehicles per kilometresinformation included. This database has documentary support, enabling each unit Flow (ADF) travelled over a given time period, divided byto attach supporting documentation for the item of data published, thus the length of the toll road and multiplied by afacilitating the auditing, revision and data analysis process. given number of days. This indicator isIn the same vein, the international GRI organisation has reviewed the present calculated using infrastructures for which abertis is the to assess whether it meets the requirements established in the G3.1guidelines and in the Airport Operators Sector Supplement (AOSS). The GRI Passengers Total number of passengers that have passedrevision process concludes that the present report meets the requirements through the airport. The relative indicator wasestablished for an A+ application level, as stated in the revision report included in calculated per thousand passengers.Chapter 12 of the Report. Technical centres Total number of technical centres installed.The structure of the report has been left unchanged; it includes the policy and themain results of the year for each strategic line, along with examples of goodpractices. The good practices aim to reflect the actions conducted throughout2011 explicitly; it is not an exhaustive collection of all the actions carried out bythe Group, but rather provided an example of the most outstanding ones. Activity dataFor the second year in a row, the analysis presented in the CSR report includes 2009 2010 2011data relating to activity; it also includes the evaluation of the data based on ADF (adjusted to the scope of the report) 22,636 22,518 22,186turnover. Thus, it enables us to evaluate the organisations performance in Thousands of passengers 22,589 21,517 23,089relative terms, based on turnover and activity data, both of which are activity Technical centres 55,406 63,076 74,709indicators.The scope of the CSR report is different from that of the Groups other The number of passengers does not include the activity of the airport inpublications, due to which the figure for ADF does not coincide with that Colombia, given that this activity is measured in number of flights owing to thepublished in the 2011 Annual Report. Conversely, the ADF figures for 2009 and fact that abertis is responsible for the maintenance of two of the aforesaid2010 have been modified, since in the CSR Report for the previous year, these airports runways.figures were interchanged. The data relating to activity have been adjusted in linewith the ADF figures published in the present report. Coverage The coverage of the report reflects the organisational changes that have come about in 2011. Thus, the car park and logistics business lines have been excluded from the report, as they form part of a new organisation in which abertis has no stake. Corporate Social Responsibility Report 6
  6. 6. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.Given the difficulty of comparing historical data, in which these two business lines Central Serviceswere included, all data for 2009 and 2010 have been re-calculated, excluding theprovisions for the car park and logistics business lines. Hence, with the •abertis infraestructurasinformation included in the present report, the performance of the Groups •serviabertiscurrent make-up for 2011 can be compared with the two previous years. •abertis foundationManagement models for airports have an impact on the information coverage, as Business Lineswell as on the management of the impacts derived from these activities. In thisregard, three of the airports included in the report (Belfast, Cardiff and Skavsta)are owned by abertis, while the others are state-owned and are operated by Toll Roads Telecommunications Airportsabertis under a concession contract in which the Group has the capacity tocontrol the business plans, the strategy being agreed with the infrastructure •Toll Roads •abertis telecom •Codad (Colombia) Spain (includingowner. retevisión and •abertis Spanish •tbi Toll Roads tradia) •London LutonThe airport activities over which abertis has control include: •acesa AP7/AP2 •Cardiff Network •Belfast •Gencat Network The operation and maintenance of the airport and ground services in the •Orlando (USA) •aumar AP7 case of Sweden. In the case of Luton, to these services we have to add •Stockholm Network Skavsta the security, technical and car park services. The same is true in Belfast •Ebro AP68 (Sweden) Network and Cardiff, although in the latter, a large part of the activities are •Sabsa (Bolivia) •South-Central conducted through concessions, which means that abertis may have an Network influence on the basis of the established contracts. •French Toll Roads The operation of the terminal, infrastructure maintenance, •sanef administration of commercial areas and facilitation in airports in Bolivia. The Ground Handling Service teams are also included in the cases of El •International Toll Roads Alto and Viru-Viru, while security is included in the cases of Viru-Viru and •gco* (Argentina) Jorge Wilstermann. •apr (Puerto Rico) •Elqui (Chile) •Rutas del Pacífico The maintenance of two runways and their surroundings in Bogotá (Chile) Airport. *gco manages the autopistas del oeste The management of the terminal, including the catering and retail services through concessions, the management of the car park, cargo Coverage and context of sustainability services and fuel supply in Orlando. The report covers a total of ten countries in Europe and the Americas. TheIn total, the 2011 report includes 21 companies in which abertis holds a majority international nature of the organisation entails considering a context of globalshare and management capacity, which represents 94% of the Groups turnover. sustainability based on the local contributions of each business unit. Hence, performance is analysed on the basis of both the Corporate CSR Plan, and the specific characteristics of each country and its own sustainability context. Corporate Social Responsibility Report 7
  7. 7. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.Actions are implemented and objectives established at local level, while the Relevance and participation of stakeholdersanalysis aims to aggregate this information and present abertiss performance asa global player in a context of sustainability, considering the organisations Through the communication channels available with the different stakeholders,contributions to sustainability, at both local and global level. the organisation detects those relevant matters which need to be included in the CSR, adhering to the recommendations established by the AccountAbility organisation. In turn, the interviews conducted with the different managers, along with the follow-up by the CSR Committee throughout the whole financial year, complement the internal factors that define the relevance of matters. Institutional relations, customer satisfaction surveys, together with periodic meetings with the legal representatives of Interviews with the employees. Observations made managers of all the by the investment business units, community during together with the meetings with report verification investors, the process, the CSR Shareholders Office committee and the and the General specific survey for Shareholders stakeholders. Meeting. Relevance and Participation of Participation in stakeholders questionnaires and Implications derived external analysis, from the including research development of the projects specific London indexes Benchmarking (Sustaynalitics, Group methodology. Vigeo). Those activities highlighted with a brighter colour are those which are Evaluation of the within the scope of this report. Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Comments and by way of the report suggestions published by the received from the SAM Group, the CSR and academic United Nations institutions. Global Compact and the Carbon Disclosure Project. Corporate Social Responsibility Report 8
  8. 8. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.The specific materiality analysis conducted to prepare the 2010 CSR Report Results of the materiality analysisremains valid for the 2011 Report. Considering the organisational changes thathave come about during 2011 and the incorporation of new accountability Shareholders Governmentstandards, the specific materiality survey will be conducted subsequent to the Community Employees Customers Supplierspublication of the present report in order to identify stakeholders expectations in Otherrelation to the new information published.The most pertinent qualitative comments identified in the specific materialitysurvey conducted in 2010 included: Corporation  Provide more in-depth information on how the organisation‘s business activity is directly influenced by the management of environmental, Social aspects  social and governance-related impacts. Employees  Relationships with customers  Enhance the report‘s educational facet, by including information that will Relationships with suppliers  enable readers to contextualise the impacts of the actions implemented in the different business areas. Relationships with investors/corporate governance  Community involvement  Summarise information in the report as much as possible whilst Human rights and corruption  maintaining its structure, referencing further sources of information. Environment  Materiality Matrix Opinion of stakeholders 4,00 Organisational Area Relative  Human resources Average  3,75 High  Customer relations 3,50 Highest score  Internal ratings Supplier relations 3,25 Investor relations / Corporate governance 3,00 Community relations Human rights and 2,75 corruption Environmental 2,50 2,50 2,75 3,00 3,25 3,50 3,75 4,00 Aggregate Ratings of Stakeholders Corporate Social Responsibility Report 9
  9. 9. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A. 3. TRIPLE RESULTS: AN OVERVIEW ABERTIS’S ACTIVITY SOCIAL PERFORMANCE — STAFF Strategic lines 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 Strategic lines 3 and 7CSR Strategic  Maintaining transparency with the investment community  Ensuring the motivation and involvement of human resources in the  Maintaining a close relationship with customers and ensuring their satisfaction continual improvement of the company Plan  Extending the commitment of social responsibility to suppliers and contractors  Promoting and systematising dialogue channels  Promoting and systematising dialogue channels  Guaranteeing the monitoring and control of the CSR Plan Model of company procedures | Corporate diplomacy | Social guide: social networks in abertis | The Dow Company jobs catalogue | ―talent‖ competence-based management system| Jones Index and the ESG communication for investors | The hybrid coverage network in Spain| Improving Management development programmes | Linking begins | Correspondents inExamples of best 2010 response capacity on toll roads| Supplier Approval Portal abertis | Training in conflict management at toll booths |Risk evaluation in communications practice The new Global Reporting Initiative accountability guides | Socially responsible investment indexes and Company jobs catalogue | ―talent‖ competence-based management system | other tools | Responsible communication | New toll road services | Road safety on toll roads | Connected Management development programmes | intrabertis 2.0 opens abertis to 2011 television –TDTcom | abertis telecom receives the EFQM 500+ recognition from the European Foundation the world | HUB ―Sharing knowledge‖ | Road Volunteer | Long-term for Quality Management (EFQM) | Customer services and airports | Supplier registration incentive plans | Work health and safety management in abertis Corporate Social Responsibility Report 10
  10. 10. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.ABERTIS’S ACTIVITY SOCIAL PERFORMANCE — STAFF Distribution of the economic value created1 Turnover Workforce at 31/12 0.44% 0.36% 0.20% 6,20% 1.82% 0.89% 6,75% 0,21% 3.75% 0,32% 11,31 18,82% 6.50% % 6.64% 21,81% 40.33% 14,36% 8.34% 1,76% 10,61% 19,68% 81,74 5,83% % 30.74% 0,14% 0,47% Central service Toll Roads Suppliers Personnel expenses Telecommunications Airports Financial expenses Profit tax Spain France Argentina Chile Environmental expenses Investment in social action Dividends Other United Kingdom Bolivia Sweden United States Depreciation Provisions Colombia Puerto Rico Other countries 1 The value added analysis has been done according to abertis‘s consolidated anual accounts (including the percentage of turnover outside the scope of the CSR Report). Corporate Social Responsibility Report 11
  11. 11. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A. Average Daily Flow (ADF) on Km of managed toll Passengers Telecommunications toll roads2: roads: centres: passing through 7,431 men and 22,186 3,758 airports: 82% of women with 3,642 women in 74,709 23,089,200 permanent contracts the workforce at Retention 31/12 rate: 415 meetings with 57 works Women 65% councils Men 100% Turnover rate: 88% of men with Women 5 permanent contracts Men 5.19 Overall customer 8,602 queries and Quality management system satisfaction rating: 3,475 supplier opinions handled by the implanted in 91% of companies business turnover 7,623 Shareholders Office evaluated €1,271,683 17 hours of training per 21% women in invested in male employee4 top non-work- 92% of turnover covered by management a health and safety system related positions 13 hours of training per activities female employee42 The ADF corresponding to toll roads included within the scope of the report, different from the value corresponding to the total for the Group and published in the annual report.3 In 2011 Spanish toll roads, along with central services and airports in Bolivia, did not conduct customer satisfaction surveys. For this calculation the data corresponding to 2010 have been considered valid.4 The gender-itemised training data cover 73% of the workforce, since the itemised data for the remaining staff are not available. The distribution of the workforce not included is 21% women and 79% women. Corporate Social Responsibility Report 12
  12. 12. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE SOCIAL PERFORMANCE – COMMUNITY RELATIONS Strategic lines 6 and 7Strategic Strategic lines 1 and 7  Becoming involved with the community and social fabric Plan CSR  Minimising environmental impact  Promoting and systematising dialogue channels  Promoting and systematising dialogue channels 95% of turnover 384 meetings held with 140 EUR 6.2 million invested in social action, is covered by an 295 m3 water community associations equal to 0.9% of consolidated net profit EUR 19.9 million 42.19 t of CO2 105 MWh electricity established consumption per invested in the per million euros consumption per million environmental million euros of environment of turnover euros of turnover management turnover system LBG contribution by types Contribution to the community by fields of activity 553,679 t of waste 5% 3,045 liquid fuel generated, of 2,522 km subjected to noise 37% of operations 9% 8% consumption per million which 70% was study carried out using VIA-TMain indicators euros of turnover recovered. 31% 37% 20% Relative indicators Toll Roads Telecommunications Airports based on activity (ADF) (Technical centres) (Thousand passengers) 63% 4% 24% CO2 emissions by activity 2.08 0.69 2.15 (t) Water consumption (m3) 27.94 0.11 17.63 Social Accessibility and Socioeconomic Development Electrical consumption Charitable Donations 5.22 2.17 3.79 Cultural Accessibility (MWh) Community Investment Natural gas consumption Commercial initiatives Mobility and Road Safety 0.241 0.002 0.962 (MWh) Management costs Protecting the Environment Liquid fuel consumption 350.69 15.58 81.11 (litres) ―Smart Cities‖ | The second year of the Environmental Forum on Airports | ―Paquet Vert‖, public- Airports and the local community | ―You‘ve got one life left‖ in Madrid | Voluntaris:Examples of best practice private partnership to protect the environment | 2011-2014 Mobility Plan | Energy saving and 2010 Another way of doing things | abertis chairs | The abertis foundation and biodiversity efficiency plan | Wastewater facilities on toll roads | Protection of biodiversity on French toll roads| | LBG methodology and the classification of social action Noise observatory on toll roads | Aristos widens its horizons Balance of the first year of "Paquet Vert" | OASIS Project | Towards ―Smart Cities‖ | The third year of the Environmental Forum on Airports | 2009-2011 Surface access strategy for Luton airport | Energy savings and efficiency plan: reduction of consumption and the carbon footprint | Toll road Corporate volunteer plan | abertis chairs| the airport, another member of the innovations to help the environment | Improvements in waste management | Improvements to 2011 community | 1% cultural: Conservation of historical heritage | ―Paisaje y Entorno‖ the management and treatment of waste water on toll roads | sanef Biodiversity Audit | Inventory Award | abertis and Cáritas | of protected areas on Spanish toll roads | Biodiversity in airport settings | Conservation of local biodiversity | Noise in airports | Actions for managing acoustic impact on toll roads | Aristos continues to expand | Online training platform Corporate Social Responsibility Report 13
  13. 13. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.4. ABERTIS AND CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYSTRATEGIC LINE 7: Promoting and systematising dialogue channelsSTRATEGIC LINE 8: Guaranteeing monitoring and control in the implementation of the CSR Strategic PlanThe CSR Strategic Plan is founded on abertiss mission, vision and values, and During 2011, we have endeavoured to incorporate criminal risk management intofrom it emanate the procedures which propagate social responsibility among the the corporate risk map, by developing management mechanisms and tools,different stakeholders. including the improvement to the complaints procedure, the dissemination of the regulations developing the Code of Ethics in different countries, the preparation ofThe CSR policy includes the organisations different commitments; it is a public a criminal risk analysis and regulations existing within the organisation focuseddocument which is available on the website. The Code of Ethics and the on preventing these types of incidents and the mapping out and preparation ofregulations and procedure for fraud and corruption management are internal the criminal risk report. Work in these fields will continue in 2012, with thedocuments which are disseminated among internal stakeholders. The supplier participation of the Code of Ethics Committee, which met on a total of threeapproval process requests different type of accreditations in line with the CSR occasions during 2011, a year during which there were no infringements of theplan and policy, and the sponsorship manual establishes the criteria for selecting Code of Ethics.and awarding projects.The commitment to carrying out actions aimed at promoting each of theprinciples of the United Nations Global Compact is the core of human rights and Missioncorruption management at abertis. In 2011 abertis participated in a conference To be a leading operator ithe field of infrastructureson business and human rights promoted by the Onuart Foundation in Geneva. Inthis conference, the company shared its human rights management experiencealong with a number of mechanisms employed within the organisation. Vision To provide solutions for transport andHuman rights are present transversally throughout the entire abertis CSR telecommunications, balancing theStrategic Plan, as well as in the different actions and tools that the organisation satisfaction of our clients, shareholders and employees with the development of society.has linked to each of the stakeholders. At sector level, human rights involvespecific actions, such as, for example, human trafficking in airports. In thisregard, the management of this aspect in airports managed by abertis is Valuescentralised in the public authorities. Airports collaborate in everything which Credibility, Customer Service and Efficiency,public authorities request of them with the aim of preventing cases of human Proactivity, Responsability, Dialogue and Collaboration, Trust in People.trafficking. CSR STRATEGIC PLAN Corporate Social Responsibility Report 14
  14. 14. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.CSR management and design structureThe corporate management body for CSR at abertis is the CSR Committee, whichis made up of individuals representing the business units, including corporateservices. In 2011, the CSR Committee met on two occasions, dealing with matters relating Board of Directorsto the new CSR standards from GRI, as well as other proposals within the settingof the continuous improvement cycle. Similarly, at the first committee meetingheld after the publication of the CSR Report, the developments appearing in thereport were analysed, identifying new improvement opportunities. The CSR Chairmandatabase is a tool which enables business units to consult reported data and to Chief Executive Officeruse them at any time, thus providing them with another tool.Specific quantitative objectives are set at business unit level. This is why Corporate Management of Institutional Relationsestablishing specific objectives is a complex task at aggregated level. The annual Corporate Social Responsibility Unitanalysis conducted by the CSR Committee takes into account the comparison of Social Responsibility Committeethe organisations performance in relation to the general objectives set in the CSRStrategic Plan.The Corporate Governance Report and the Annual Report published by abertis Social Responsibility Coordinators in every business unitinclude information on the organisations management structure and themonitoring of Conthe Code recommendations on good governance. In 2011 theBoards of Directors of each of the Spanish toll roads in which abertis has 100%control were replaced by a sole administrator and three territorial advisory bodies Toll Roads Telecommunications Airports(located in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia) of a consultative nature forinstitutional purposes. Thus, the seven toll roads companies (with the exceptionof avasa which retains its own Board of Directors) will involve a total of 21members who will meet on a quarterly basis. Corporate Social Responsibility Report 15
  15. 15. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.Main channels of communication and dialogue with stakeholders.abertis has a number of channels of communication and involvement withstakeholders. - Membership of different community associations and groups (traders, residents, etc.). - Briefings/meetings - Participation in national and international CSR - Press releases forums.Shareholders and the - Shareholders Office - Promotion of cultural accessibility in theinvestment community - Website community as a whole. - Shareholders Magazine - Coordination of a citizen information centre for Community - Shareholders‘ Meeting telecommunications-related matters. - Active dialogue and collaboration with organisations, associations, federations and - Internal communication plan guilds. - Intranet 2.0 - Cooperation with NGOs. - Internal publications - Management and implementation ofWorkers - Correspondents sponsorship. - Works councils and legal representation - abertis foundation - Ethical Channel - Communication to promote widespread - Attention to customers requirements through observance of the Code of Ethics and good the marketing and commercial departments. Suppliers practices among suppliers. - Dialogue and assistance services for - Supplier approval system. passengers at airport terminals. - Information offices and 24-hour customer care line. - Development of cooperation agreements withCustomers - Specific on-site and interactive customer care state, regional and local authorities. points on toll roads. Public authorities - Relationship with local councils. - Specific quality surveys. - Active dialogue and collaboration in the - Complaints and claims books. management of infrastructure planning and - Communication via radio, print media and development. internet. - Specific magazines and websites - Publications and communication with the Media media. - Continuous two-way attention. Corporate Social Responsibility Report 16
  16. 16. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.Communication with the investment community The shareholders meeting, which is the principal meeting point for shareholders, was held on 21 June and was attended by a total of 6,184 shareholders,abertiss Investor Relations Department prepares and implements the representing 71.14% of the share capital.communication strategy with the investment community, in order to respond toany matters raised by these stakeholders and to provide them with a high level of There is an increasing demand from the investment community for information onaccessibility and direct contact with the organisation. abertiss social and environmental performance. These requests are channelled through the organisations participation in evaluations conducted by institutionsThe communication policy with the investment community includes meetings with participating in the preparation of socially responsible investment indexes. In thisinstitutional investors and financial analysts, conference calls, meetings with regard, abertis has participated in evaluation questionnaires for the Carbonshareholders and the shareholders magazine, as well as a call centre and a Disclosure Project, and it was included in the recently created Iberia 125 index.webpage which are constantly updated. Relations with non-institutional For the sixth year running, it has also been included in the Dow Jonesshareholders are centralised through the Shareholders Office Sustainability World Index, and has received the Bronze award in the industrial transport sector in the Sustainability Yearbook 2011-12 published by the SAMIn 2011, the Shareholders Office received a total of 8,602 communications from Group.the investment community, an increase of 17% compared to 2010. It should bementioned that a high proportion of these queries were received by telephone Specific information regarding abertiss financial and corporate government(51%) and post (44%). performance can be consulted in the Annual Report, the Annual Accounts and the Corporate Governments Report for 2011. Londres Edimburgo La Haya Dublín Dublí Munich Minneapolis Amsterdam Bruselas Denver Frankfurt Boston Paris San Francisco Milán Milá Nueva York Lisboa Los Ángeles Toronto Madrid Chicago Barcelona 22 ciudades 262 Singapur visitadas gestoras 21 road shows (USA, Europa, Asia) Corporate Social Responsibility Report 17
  17. 17. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.Institutional relations: favouring value creation processes During 2011, Castellet Castle, the headquarters of the abertis foundation was the venue for the GRI Organizational Stakeholders meeting in Spain, and duringPublic relations and protocol activities deal with the needs arising from direct the same year abertis signed the diversity charter, an initiative which aims tocontact with bodies and stakeholders (either internal or external), encouraging promote diversity in the organisations, raising public awareness and extendingthe optimal scenarios for exchange and collaboration, as well as opportunities for commitment among the different shareholders of the organisations which areenhancing the Groups visibility, image and brand recognition. signatories to the charter.The internationalisation processes undertaken by abertis are often accompanied During 2011, abertis business units received the following awards andby intense relational activity, which is channelled in part through the diplomatic distinctions:channels of both the foreign and domestic governments. The aim of the corporatediplomacy activities deployed by abertis in this setting is to position the Group in Bronze award for abertis in the Sustainability Yearbook 2011-12those countries where it conducts its activities and, in turn, to encourage direct prepared by the SAM Group in the industrial transport sector.contract with the governments and decision-making centres therein, with the aimof securing recognition as a reference partner in its fields of activity. Inclusion in the CDP Leadership Index of the Iberia 125 Sample, a newly created index supported by the Carbon Disclosure Project organisation.In this regard, intensive collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairsand Cooperation and with its network of embassies in different countries is a good sanef received recognition in the 2011 Top Com Corporate Businessexample of these approaches, which have given rise to numerous activities and communication congress, with the first prize and a special award frominstitutional trips brought about by abertis. the Jury, both in the global design category.External organisations and recognition Belfast received recognition as the best airport in the United Kingdom from consumers through the Holiday Extras website.abertiss connection with the community in which it operates is partly reflected inthe organisations participation in associations and organisations, both sector- Cardiff airport received the Ambassador Award in the Businessspecific and transversal, linked to the Groups activity. Language Champions scheme promoted by the National Centre for Languages (CILT Cymru). Worthy of mention is its selection as a finalist in the Golden Service Awards in the environmental awareness category. abertis telecom was awarded the EFQM European Excellence 500+ seal, the highest, in recognition of its management excellence. The ―Youve got one life left, dont lose it on the road‖ campaign promoted by the abertis foundation received the Rombo Awards for the La Vanguardia Social Action Programme (a Spanish newspaper of national and international renown founded in Barcelona in 1881). Corporate Social Responsibility Report 18
  18. 18. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.Examples of best practice The new Global Reporting Initiative accountability guidelines The international organisation Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is the international reference for preparing social responsibility and sustainability reports. Through the publication of different tools, GRI has developed a methodology linked to the accountability process which employs common criteria in order to enable organisations to report on their levels of economic, social and environmental performance. All standards promoted by this non-profit-making organisation are prepared on the basis of multi-stakeholder processes, in which representatives from different stakeholder groups participate; a public consultation process in which any individual can provide their comments is also always included. abertis has been using the GRI standards since 2003, when the G2 version guidelines were in force. GRI guidelines are updated regularly to adapt them to the changes arising in society, as well as to the comments received by the organisation subsequent to the standards being used by different stakeholders. During 2011 GRI published version G3.1 of the guidelines and the Airport Operators Sector Supplement based on the new generation of G3.1 guidelines. Transparency in the preparation of the new standards has enabled abertis to adapt to them progressively over a two-year period, ensuring that it is capable of responding to the new requirements once the definitive version of the standards is approved. Thus, during 2011 the new indicators from the Airport Operators Sector Supplement and from the G3.1 guidelines were formalised in abertiss CSR management, with close collaboration from different airports which have closely monitored this process from the outset. The principal modifications to the sector supplement include a concise description of the airports, allowing the dimensioning thereof in their operational territory along with the description of operational limits, the inclusion of two new aspects — noise and inter-modality — and eight specific new indicators, as well as specific nuances in the previously existing indicators. The principal new features of the new version of the G3.1 guidelines are the segregation into types of many previously existing indicators, and the inclusion of new indicators in the employment and community settings. This updating has entailed strenuous efforts on the part of many of those involved, both in terms of preparation and accountability. The database (and by extension the indicator management manual) has been comprehensively adapted to respond to all the new requirements, both qualitative and quantitative. Actions have also been implemented to segregate all the new indicators and to adapt the scope of the database to the organisations current make-up. The level of accountability related with the new indicators has been very high, thus reflecting the degree of involvement on the part of the airports prior to the publication of the definitive standard, along with a number of systemised information management systems which have facilitated the existence of data segregated among other factors. Corporate Social Responsibility Report 19
  19. 19. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A. Socially responsible investment indexes and other tools Presence in socially responsible investment indexes is one of the market mechanisms that makes it possible to distinguish those organisation whose performance on a social and environmental level is higher than average, so that the investment community can incorporate ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria into the investment decision-making process. Preparing indexes is not the only tool; there are also rankings for positioning organisations, and also increasingly products, on the basis of their environmental and social impact, as well as their economic impact. For this reason, the standardisation of information on social and environmental performance, and the quantification and comparison thereof, is becoming a critical point when allowing these differentiation mechanisms to be developed. The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes incorporate this type of evaluation, through a ―Best in Class‖ methodology; i.e. the index will always consider the best organisations in a relative manner. For the sixth year running, abertis has been present in the DJSI World Index, which includes the top 10% of 2,500 companies from all over the world in terms of sustainability criteria. abertis was also included in the Iberia 125, an index promoted by the Carbon Disclosure Project in the carbon footprint management field, and in the ECPI and ASPI indexes which provide information for Bloomberg and Vigeo, along with the socially responsible investment classification by Triodos. Permanent communication Given its desire to establish a closer communications policy with its stakeholders, in 2011 abertis embarked on a strategy of presence on social networks, opening up new online communication channels between the company and its different audiences. Thus, abertis provides its stakeholders and society in general with greater information and resources in order to provide increased transparency. In the case of the media, it has established a specific corporate channel on the Twitter social network. This profile can be accessed by journalists, media professionals and other opinion leaders, providing the public with a reserved space in which to interact, communicate and share information. abertis has also provided the media and society in general with other communications channels, such as the corporate website and the magazine Link, from which there is constant dissemination of the companys activity with regard to corporate social responsibility, the progress and improvements made in this setting, the commitments undertaken and recognition obtained, and the different cultural and social activities promoted by the abertis foundation. Corporate Social Responsibility Report 20
  20. 20. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.5. ABERTIS’S ACTIVITY: A SERVICE FOR CUSTOMERS AND FOR SOCIETYSTRATEGIC LINE 4: Maintaining a close relationship with customers and ensuring their satisfactionSTRATEGIC LINE 7: Promoting and systematising dialogue channelsPolicy Main features Examples of best practice in 2011 New services on Spanish toll roadsMaintaining a close relationship with Road safety on toll roadscustomers and ensuring their Improvement in customer service Connected television –TDTcomsatisfaction. abertis telecom receives the EFQM 500+ recognition Customer service in airports 91% of turnover is The overall customer 99% of all enquiries, Summary of covered by ISO 9001 satisfaction index is complaints andPolicy indicators certification 7.6 suggestions answered Policy ISO 9001 OBJECTIVE: abertis strategic To guarantee Management Evaluation quality plan customer indicators service quality EFQM Corporate Social Responsibility Report 21
  21. 21. ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A.ISO 9001 certification level 2009 2010 2011 The quality management systems implanted in abertis are based on the ISO 9001 standard and the EFQM excellence models, both being global reference Central services serviabertis    standards. These systems make it possible to evaluate customer satisfaction and Spanish Toll to work in a continuous improvement cycle which progressively incorporates Roads(1)    communications received from customers, thus progressing towards total quality management. French Toll    Roads (2) abertis Customer Satisfaction Index 5 International Toll Roads scale of 0 to 10 Toll Roads 2009 2010 2011 gco Overall customer satisfaction index 7.30 7.56 7.62    (autopistas del oeste) rutas del The overall satisfaction index is calculated on the basis of the turnover-based pacífico weighting of the evaluation made by the customers of each business unit. elqui   Customer Satisfaction Index by business area:Telecommunication abertis s    telecom 100 Airports (3) tbi 90  92.67%  91.14%  90.51% 80 81 % Turnover* 8.13% 8.68% 70 76 76 76 76 76 76 76 76 6.22% 74 74 74 % 60 98.9% 99.1% 99.2% 50 (1) Spanish Toll Roads includes all the toll roads abertis manages in Spain. The 40 integrated management system has been implemented on all Spanish toll 30 roads, including aulesa, the only one remaining without certification, and the integrated system is currently in the process of being certified. 20 (2) French toll roads certification does not cover all the Group‘s activities. (3) Two tbi airports have implemented a quality management system but have 10 not yet obtained certification: Cardiff-International and Stockholm Skavsta. 0 Central services Toll roads Telecommunications Airports* In relation to the scope of the report 2009 2010 2011 Implemented and certified In the process of being implemented 5 In 2011 Spanish toll roads, along with central services and airports in Bolivia, did not conduct customer satisfaction surveys. For this calculation the data corresponding to 2010 have been considered valid. Corporate Social Responsibility Report 22