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Abertis Brochure 2015 - Corporate Dossier


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Abertis Corporate Dossier 2015

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Abertis Brochure 2015 - Corporate Dossier

  1. 1. Corporate dossier 2015 Commitment&delivery
  2. 2. l Presence in 12 countries in Europe and the Americas l More than 8,300 kilometres of toll roads l 14,300 employees l More than 70% of revenue generated outside Spain An efficient global company
  3. 3. Canada United States Puerto Rico Colombia Brazil Chile Argentina Ireland France Spain Italy United Kingdom Abertis is the world leader in the toll roads sector with 8,300 kilometres under management. The Group, with operations in 12 countries and more than 14,300 employees, is geared towards value creation through the investment in infrastructures that contribute to global economic and social development. Since its inception in 2003,Abertis has invested over 15,000 million euro in the countries where it is present. 3 17% 33% 5% Chile Other France Brazil Spain 28% 36% 20% 6% 10% REVENUE BY COUNTRY (junE 2015)
  4. 4. 1,360 M€ EBITDA (June 2015) 2,131M€ Revenue 2014 (June 2015) 27,230M€ Assets managed (June 2015) Abertis today
  5. 5. 5RESULTS FIRST HALF 2015 (in M€ and %) Spain Brazil Chile Abertis TOTAL France ADT (number of vehicles/day) GROWTH Investment 590M€ France (Plan Relance) +5,7% Net debt / EBITDA ratio 3,7x EBITDA +2,2% +10,0% +1,8% -0,9% 17,281 18,183 19,708 21,36223,006 REVENUE (M€) 2,131 +1,7% NET PROFIT 1,677 +445% NET DEBT 11,220 -18,6%* * Var. vs. pre- vious year close Hispasat Spain Toll roads France 70% OF REVENUE COMES FROM OUTSIDE SPAINBrazil Chile Other 95% 36% 5% 28% 20% 6% 10% REVENUE REVENUE FOCUS INTERNATIONALISATION Negotiations in Brazil and Chile forextensions 8 investment projects under study for up to 9,000M€
  6. 6. Shareholder structure (June 2015) Administrative bodies ~23% CRITERIA CAIXAHOLDING ~8% CVC ~16% OHL ~53% FREE FLOAT
  7. 7. 7 Board of Directors Chairman Salvador Alemany Mas Vice-Chairman-CEO Francisco Reynés Massanet Members Juan-Miguel Villar Mir Carmen Godia Bull Javier de Jaime Guijarro Marcelino Armenter Vidal Carlos Colomer Casellas María Teresa Costa Campi Susana Gallardo Torrededia Tomás García Madrid Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez Méndez Mónica López-Monís Gallego José Antonio Torre de Silva López de Letona Manuel Torreblanca Ramírez Juan Villar-Mir de Fuentes Juan-José López Burniol Secretary Miquel Roca Junyent Deputy Secretary Josep Maria Coronas Guinart Executive Committee Chairman Salvador Alemany Mas Vice-Chairman-CEO Francisco Reynés Massanet Members Juan-Miguel Villar Mir Carmen Godia Bull Javier de Jaime Guijarro Marcelino Armenter Vidal Tomás García Madrid Juan-José López Burniol Secretary Miquel Roca Junyent Deputy Secretary Josep Maria Coronas Guinart APPOINTMENT AND REMUNERATION COMMITTEE Chairman Mónica López-Monís Gallego Members Carmen Godia Bull Javier de Jaime Guijarro María Teresa Costa Campi Juan Villar-Mir de Fuentes Secretary Josep Maria Coronas Guinart CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY COMMITTEE Chairman Salvador Alemany Mas Members María Teresa Costa Campi Susana Gallardo Torrededia Manuel Torreblanca Ramírez Secretary Josep Maria Coronas Guinart AUDIT AND CONTROL COMMITTEE Chairman Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez Méndez Members Marcelino Armenter Vidal Carlos Colomer Casellas Tomás García Madrid JoséAntonioTorre de Silva López de Letona Secretary Marta Casas Caba
  8. 8. Senior management
  9. 9. 9 Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Francisco Reynés Massanet CFO Corporate Development Managing Director José Aljaro Navarro General Counsel and Corporate Managing Director Josep Maria Coronas Guinart Managing Director of Sanef Lluís Deulofeu Fuguet Industrial Development Managing Director Josep Lluís Giménez Sevilla Chief Executive Officer of Arteris David Díaz Almazán Managing Director of Toll Roads International Carlos del Río Carcaño Managing Director of Toll Roads Spain Antoni Español Realp Chief Executive Officer of Hispasat Carlos Espinós Gómez Human Resources Director Joan Rafel Herrero General Manager of Toll Roads Chile Luis Miguel de Pablo
  10. 10. Business performance: 2011 - 2014
  11. 11. Initial target 2010 2010 2010 2014 20102014 2014 2014 Final result EBITDA (M€) REVENUE (M€) OPERATING MARGIN (% REVENUE) ASSETS PORTFOLIO +19% +30% Other Telecommunications Toll roads France Toll roads Spain +25% 4,106 61% 2,4944,889 64% 3,122 EFFICIENCIES (M€) 11 118 111 88 253 302 190 173 76 Telecommunications Telecommunications Divestments 4,600 M€ Investments and acquisitions 8,000 M€ Other Toll roads Toll roads 10% 90% 85% 9% 6% EBITDA ~2,500 M€ EBITDA ~3,100 M€
  12. 12. Businesses 29concessions 12countries 8,300 kilometres
  13. 13. With over 8,300 kilometres managed, Abertis is the world leader in the toll roads sector. BraZil 3,250 kilOmetrEs Through Arteris, the Group manages 21% of the toll roads market in Brazil, with concessions in the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Río de Janeiro, Santa Catarina and Paraná. FrancE 2,036 kilOmetrEs Abertis operates in France through Sanef, which controls the 22% of the toll roads market in the country, including five of the seven main roads leading into the Île de France. SPAIN 1,776 kilOmetrEs Abertis is the leading operator of toll roads in Spain, where it controls 59% of the market.The Group manages most of the country’s crucial road corridors, including the AP-7, the AP-6, the AP-68 and the AP-2. Chile 771 kilOmetrEs Abertis is the main toll road operator by traffic and EBITDA. It manages a total of 6 concession in the country. Rest OF THE WORLD445 kilOmetrEs The Group also operates high capacity roads in Puerto Rico, Argentina, Colombia and the United Kingdom and manages electronic tolling systems in different road infrastructures in Canada, Ireland and the United States. OtHER HOLDINGS Abertis has a major stake (33%) in Cellnex Telecom, the biggest European neutral operator in telecommunications infrastructures for mobile telephony and broadcasting with a network of more than 15,000 masts located in Spain and Italy. Abertis is also the major shareholder in Hispasat (57%), the satellite company leader in Latin America, with seven satellites in orbit. 13
  14. 14. Peterborough Gloucester Sawtry Alconbury Swindon Cirencester RMG Aumar Acesa Invicat Aucat Autema Túnels Strasbourg Reims Caen Alençon Langon Pau Paris Palafolls La Jonquera Girona Lleida Castellón Valencia Alicante Logroño Zaragoza Barcelona Tarragona Vitoria Bilbao Astorga León Navalcarnero Arganda del Rey Guadalajara Segovia Adanero Ávila Madrid Seville Cádiz Aulesa Aumar Aumar Ciralsa Avasa Sanef Iberpistas Castellana Trados 45 Accesos de Madrid Henarsa Lyon EUROPE
  15. 15. Colombia Coviandes Bogotá Villavicencio Argentina San Fernando San Isidro Buenos Aires Luján Buenos Aires Barceloneta Manatí Vega Baja Vega Alta Guaynabo Bayamón Cataño Arecibo Dorado San Juan Puerto Rico Apr Metropistas Santiago San Antonio Valparaíso Coquimbo La Serena Ovalle La Ligua Los Andes Colina Quillota San Felipe Quilpué Viña del Mar Chile Gesa Elqui Rutas del Pacífico Autopista Los Andes Autopista del Sol Autopista Los Libertadores Autopista Central Belo Horizonte São Carlos Ribeirão Preto São Paulo Curitiba Franca Araras Rio de Janeiro Florianópolis Brazil Autovias Centrovias Intervias Vianorte Autopista Litoral Sul Autopista Planalto Sul Autopista Fluminense Autopista Fernão Dias Autopista Régis Bittencourt AMERICA
  16. 16. Strategic Plan 2015 - 2017 New efficiency programme Cellnex IPO Growth in toll roads Greater shareholder remuneration Upholding the concession model as the foundation for social progress
  17. 17. The new Abertis Strategic Plan 2015-2017 is another step in the process of creating a new, more solid, efficient and profitable Abertis. After a successful period from 2011 to 2014 in which the company undertook a transformational leap to become the world leader in its sector, Abertis is now focused on giving fresh impetus to its commitment to growth and creating value for its shareholders and satisfaction for its employees and society. An ambitious Strategic Plan 2015-2017 New Plan with special focus on France, Brazil and Chile + Consolidation of savings in the previous plan Operational efficienciesFocus Cellnex Telecom IPO to enable it to grow internationally Growth in toll roads Extension of terms for existing concessions + New acquisitions Shareholder remuneration Dividend increase by 5% per year + Expanded bonus share issue 1x20 + Share buyback plan of 6.5% of share capital 17 ORDINARY DIVIDEND - OUTLOOK 2014 2015E 2016E 2017E +10% annual growth (M€) 593 654 721 795
  18. 18. 3,000M€ 120% +25 years dividends paid 2010 - 2014 cumulative return in the last ten years on the stock exchange Abertis on the stock exchange
  19. 19. Abertis has been listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange as part of the Íbex 35 since the latter began in 1992, and it is also on the other major international indexes such as Standard Poor’s Europe 350, FTSEurofirst 300 and FTSE IIS CG. Abertis’ key objectives include ensuring sustainable remuneration to its shareholders based on a combination of dividend payments and a yearly bonus issue.As part of its Strategic Plan 2015 - 2017, shareholder remuneration is to grow by 10% per year. Over the last ten years the cumulative return for Abertis shareholders has been 122%. Over recent years Abertis’s stock has easily outperformed Spain’s Ibex 35 index. Its market capitalisation has risen by 50% since 2011. ABERTIS SHARES PERFORMANCE MARKET CAPITALISATION (M€) ORDINARY DIVIDEND (M€) 443 9,900 14,800 512* 538 565 593 + 7% per year Jan 2011 Dec 2014 Jan 2011 Dec 2014 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 19 * Additionally € 800 Mn were distributed as extraordinary dividends 100 160 104 IBEX35 Abertis
  20. 20. Responsabilidad Social Corporativa Corporate Social Responsibility l Promoting road safety and responsible driving campaigns l Caring for people and their social environment l Fostering and spreading cultural values l Supporting international environmental policies
  21. 21. Our Corporate Social Responsibility covers the following areas: Road safety campaigns Programmes such as “Te queda una vida”, “Autoroute Académie” and the organisation of the“Road Safety Forum”in Brazil in the last two years, all designed to improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Culture and society Support and sponsorship of art exhibitions such as theVelázquez retrospective in Paris and the Joan Miró exhibition in Brazil. In the social agenda, labour integration programmes for people with Down syndrome. Environment The Abertis Foundation headquarters, chosen as the UNESCO International Centre for Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves. The Abertis chairs Knowledge-sharing programmes between Universities and Companies through an international network of chairs in Spain, France, Chile, Puerto Rico and Brazil. Socio-economic development / Social accessibility Culture accessibility Training/Research Environmental conservation Mobility and road safety 21 35,7% 10,6% 10,0% 7,9% 35,8% CONTRIBUTIONS BY AREAS (2014)
  22. 22. Content editing, production and coordination: Corporate Communications Department Design: gosban reporting Printed on ecological paper Abertis Infraestructuras S.A Avenida de Pedralbes, 17 - 08034 Barcelona Tel. +34 93 230 50 00 - Fax +34 93 230 50 01