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Data-Ed: Unlocking business value through data modeling and data architecture Part II


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When asked why they are architecting data, many in the practice answer: "Because that is what must be done." However, a better approach to this question is to speak in terms that are understood in the executive suite – business results! All of our organizations are faced with various organizational challenges that require analysis. Building new systems is just one example. This webinar describes the use of data architecting as a basic analysis method (one of many that good analysts should keep in their “toolbox"). I will demonstrate various uses of data architecting to inform, clarify, understand, and resolve aspects of a variety of business problems. As opposed to showing how to architect data, I will show how to use data architecting to solve business problems. The goal is for you to be able to envision a number of uses for data architectures that will raise the perceived utility of this analysis method in the eyes of the business.

Learning Objectives:

Understanding how to contribute to organizational challenges beyond traditional data architecting
Realizing the fundamental difference between "definition" and "purpose"
Guiding analyses through data analysis
Using data modeling in conjunction with architecture/engineering techniques
Understanding foundational data architecture concepts based on the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBOK)
How to utilize data architecting in support of business strategy

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