Data Systems Integration & Business Value Pt. 2: Cloud


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Certain systems are more data focused than others. Usually their primary focus is on accomplishing integration of disparate data. In these cases, failure is most often attributable to the adoption of a single pillar (silver bullet). The three webinars in the Data Systems Integration and Business Value series are designed to illustrate that good systems development more often depends on at least three DM disciplines (pie wedges) in order to provide a solid foundation.

Many organizations are modifying their IT portfolios to fully take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing. While the motivation is specific and focuses on broad-based challenges, all organizations are prepared to benefit from aspects of the cloud. This is accomplished by ensuring that cloud-hosted data share three attributes. Cloud-hosted datasets must be of:

Higher quality data than those data residing outside of the cloud;
Lower volume (1/5 the size of data collections) than similar collections residing outside of the cloud; and
Increased share-ability than data residing outside the cloud.
Increases in capacity utilization, improved IT flexibility and responsiveness, as well as the forecast decreases in cost accruing to cloud-based computing are all possible after these first three conditions have been met. Necessary investments in data engineering can help organizations to save even more money by reducing the amount of resources required to perform their duties and increasing the effectiveness of their duties and decision-making. This webinar will show you how to recognize the opportunities, ‘size up’ the required investment, and properly supervise your efforts to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the cloud.

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