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Authored by: Aberdeen Advisors Inc
Tips for Selling a Small
Qualifying Potential Buyers

Advertising is good medium for getting inquiries on the business. The vast majority of these ...
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Tips for Selling a Small Business


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When a business owner planning to sell their business, there are many steps that need to be taken carefully. These tips are helpful for small business owner for selling their business.

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Tips for Selling a Small Business

  1. 1. ABERDEEN ADVISORS INC Authored by: Aberdeen Advisors Inc
  2. 2. Tips for Selling a Small Business Important Tips for Selling a Small Business If business owner decide to sell a small business, there are some steps you require to be taken carefully because the procedure is quite unique. Some business owners consider sell a business as real estate deal but fact is it quite different. You should take care of some steps involved in selling a small business. Consult Business Broker If you planning to sell your small business within the next couple of months, you should probably consult with a trustworthy business broker in your nearest area. You can ask plenty of questions relating the procedure and you prepare yourself for that. Determine a Listing Price For most small businesses for sale Tampa, an experienced business broker can help you with determining the asking price. The business mediator will likely calculate the business flexible earnings and use an industry multiple to come up with a realistic range. Please keep in mind that pricing a small business is both an art and a science. Prepare clear and professional financial statements of your business. You can also consult with a chartered business valuator to assist you. Business Summarize The selling method includes the business brokerage professional generate a marketing package. The package does not show the business name as most business owners prefer not to declare to their customers, employees or vendors that Tips for Selling a Small Business | they are selling. The marketing package generally includes a business and industry summary, outlook and summary financials. List Business For Sale The brokerage would then normally advertise your small business for sale. This usually involves targeted advertising and working an existing database of people that have expressed an interest in buying a small business. 1
  3. 3. Qualifying Potential Buyers Advertising is good medium for getting inquiries on the business. The vast majority of these prospective buyers are either unqualified or are not serious about buying a business. A business broker filters out of these candidates and find out the potential buyer for that business. This is an important step of the process. Show the Business When potential buyers selected then will they be request to see the business and meet the existing owners. This primary meeting is important. Keep your bidding process organized and genuine. Although the financials and other information presented so far is important, the meeting with the sellers is key in that it establishes trust and relationship between the buyer and the seller. Selling a small business is a much more personal deal than real estate so this step is especially crucial. Offers If a buyer is interested at this point, then they would be invited to submit purchase offers on the business. Offers are usually conditional and some normal conditions include things like financing, lease review and assignment and due diligence. Once a conditional agreement is in place then due diligence normally starts right away. Due Diligence This is the time in a business transaction where the seller must open all their books and submit their small business to the full assessment of a buyer. It is an important process and if not managed properly a sale can quickly fall apart. Communication and efficiency are important elements to a successful due diligence process. Aberdeen Advisors Inc, have expertise mid market business for sale and have listing of manufacturing, medical, distribution, healthcare, technology and service businesses for sale. Check it out the list of small business for sale in Tampa and buy a business in Florida, call (727) 369-8204 or visit: Tips for Selling a Small Business | [Pick the date] 2