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Selling your business


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Selling your business

  1. 1. Selling Your BusinessPrimary Steps to Selling Your S S B Business B A Aberdeen Advisors Inc A
  2. 2. Selling Your Business Primary Steps to Selling Your Business Planning of selling your business? When you decide selling your business, consider these primary factors such as timing, true verifiable market value, tax implications and etc, before meeting with potential buyers and talking facts, figures, terms and conditions. The Realistic Value: Most of small businesses keep profits to a minimum in order to reduce taxes. It means financial statements are not likely to return the accurate earning capability of your business and, in turn, its real value. It's a wise move, at the very beginning of the sales process, to seek an independent appraisal of your business from a professional business appraiser, or suitably qualified business broker, to avoid the costly and frustrating mistake of selling at below market value. Essential Information: Potential buyers rely deeply on the information you give them and see the characteristic of such information as a key sign of how well the business has been managed. At a minimum they'll need to see accurately organized and reliable financial statements and records. They will also like to see projected budgets for the next 3-5 years, backed-up and verified by reliable sources of research and considered analysis. The Best Recommendation Generally businesses rarely sell for a lump sum, up-front payment of cash. Instead, terms such as “seller finance” are ordinary and can have complex tax and legal implications. It's a best suggestion to get Selling Your Business | [Pick the date] timely, proficient advice before starting the sales process and to tap into this regularly during the course of the sale - particularly prior to key decision stages as you progress. Timing is Imperative: Do not wait until it's too late to start the selling process. Choosing a time to start which is right for you and your upcoming plans even as also being appropriate and prudent in the prevailing market conditions will give you the required time to attract the right buyer. Keep in mind, it can take up to a year to sell a business. 2
  3. 3. Phantom Procedure: There is no common calculation like one multiple, or one ratio, or one method that suits every kind or size of business. Be wary of so-called 'rules of thumb'. These can shoot you up a creek with no canoe, let alone the paddles! Be mindful that your business is truly unique and as such requires a tailored review and in-depth, personalized analysis to determine its real market value. You will also require understanding the viewpoint and motives of potential buyers and the price they are willing to pay. Negotiate Bids Whilst negotiating the sale with only one potential purchaser may simplify the process, generating attention and offers from the some prospects knocking at your door, will definitely drive up the final selling price and present you with a range of alternative deal structures to consider. Prospective buyers in the market will often be identifiable from the beginning. Take time to ensure these pre-selected prospects are contacted early on. Understanding Buyers Every prospective buyer will tend to be focused more on differing purposes in your business like, future cash flow streams, growth potential, ROI (return on investment) and synergy. Aware of these key factors now, will allow you to provide information customized to every individual buyer's needs and their particular area of interest. So at your first meeting quickly identify what is important to them particularly. The Support Team Selling the business you founded and grown over many years can be an emotional and complicated method, fraught with disappointments and littered with legal potholes. It will be in your best interests to engage a properly qualified professional team of experts to represent you in all areas and at all stages of the sales process. Business brokers help to find out potential buyers and selling your business. Considering Offers As the seller, you will be considering purchase offers from every angle, ranging from personal views such Selling Your Business | as a requirement for your continued involvement in the business, to financial options such as payment structures and ongoing financial involvement. In the final analysis, the sale must be well suited to you and your personal plans for the future. Every seller of a business justifiably wants the sales process to be completed, signed, sealed and delivered as soon as possible. Selling a business is one of the main financial transactions anyone can ever undertake in their lifetime, so make entirely sure the whole process from scratch to end is 3
  4. 4. professionally conducted, meticulously monitored and thoroughly documented, even if it means the sale takes a little longer to complete. Your patience will be well rewarded. Consult business broker for documentation task, legal work and up to end process of selling your business. Aberdeen Advisors Inc, have expertise in the sale and purchase of manufacturing, medical, distribution, healthcare, technology and service businesses. Check it out the list of business for sale in Tampa and buy a business in Florida, call (727) 369-8204 or visit: Selling Your Business | [Pick the date] 2