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WS0910 DAWs und McLuhans "Rear View Mirror"


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WS0910 DAWs und McLuhans "Rear View Mirror"

  1. 1. Arrangement  und  Live-­‐Musik  mit   Computereinsatz  -­‐  mit  Ableton  Live   Mi,  28.10.2009  -­‐  2.  Sitzung  
  2. 2. DAW:  Digital  Audio  WorkstaDon   •  Computergestützte  Systeme  für  Aufnahme,   MusikprodukDon,  Abmischung  und  Mastering   (DefiniDon  der  Wikipedia)   •  Wird  auch  als  Sequenzer,   ProdukDonsumgebung  oder  Audioeditor   bezeichnet   •  Beispiele:  Logic,  Cubase,  Nuendo,  Samplitude,   Live,  Wavelab,  Pro  Tools  
  3. 3. Marshall  McLuhan   •  The  medium  is  the  message.   •  The   human’s   use   of   any   communicaDons   medium   has   an  impact  that  is  of  more  relevance  than  the  content  of   any   medium,   or   what   that   medium   may   convey.   The   process  of  being  in  a  virtual  environment,  for  example,   has   a   greater   effect   on   our   existence   than   the   program   in   which   we   are   immersed.   The   act   of   watching   television  has  had  a  greater  impact  than  what  is  shown   on   the   television.   (Horrocks,   Christopher:   Marshall   McLuhan  and  Virtuality.  Cambridge:  Icon/Totem  Books;   S.77)  
  4. 4. The  medium  is  the  massage   •  All  media  work  us  over  completely.  
  5. 5. Marshall  McLuhans  rear  view  mirror   •  When   society   and   the   individual   are   confronted   with  a  new  situaDon,  they  will  aach  themselves   to   objects   of   the   recent   past.   We   therefore   perceive   the   present   through   a   rear-­‐view   mirror.   New   media,   including   the   car   and   the   computer,   are   iniDally   looked   at   in   terms   of   previous   technologies,   such   as   the   horse-­‐drawn   carriage   and   the   typewriter.   (Horrocks,   Christopher:   Marshall   McLuhan   and   Virtuality.   Cambridge:   Icon/Totem  Books;  S.77)  
  6. 6. DAWs  im  rear  view  mirror   •  Der  Computer  wurde  im  Kontext   musikspezifischer  Programme  zunächst  in  der   TradiDon  seiner  Vorgängertechnologie   benutzt.    
  7. 7. DAW  Vorgänger   1.  Musikautomaten  (z.B.  Welte-­‐Mignon   ReprodukDonsklavier)   2.  Tonbandgeräte  
  8. 8. Beispiel  1:  Cubase  
  9. 9. Keyroll/Matrix-­‐Editor  
  10. 10. Beispiel  2:  Logic  Pro  
  11. 11. Links   •  hp://   (Skrjabin  plays  Skrjabin)     •  hp://­‐ZZo9WMYQ   (Grieg  plays  Grieg)     •  hp://   (Rachmaninow  plays  Rachmaninow)     •  hp://