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Subjectively Speaking's Enterprise Twitter Tool Review


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Several tools today let people tweet and post to multiple social networks. Some are free, others are pay. We evaluated a handful of them and prepared a quick crib-sheet to have handy when you make vendor calls.

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Subjectively Speaking's Enterprise Twitter Tool Review

  1. 1. http://www.SubjectivelySpeaking.netAs of mid-February, 2012 Cost to Us Languages (quoted as of Contract Supported Platforms supported Ability to Schedule Vendor Level/Name Type Advantages Disadvantages Pricing structure mid-Feb 2012) commitment # of Social Profiles # of Users (as of mid-Feb 2012) Ease of Use Reporting (content, not UI) Posts? Notes URL CoTweet free (going away) Twitter only Free Free No Limited Limited by profile Twitter n/a No Yes Incumbent/previous plan HVacCN Must purchase both 55 credits (21 Standard is 12 Easy; minimal channels and users; Unlimited; accounts/34 months; at the training would be English only ExactTarget Multi-network Interface similar to free Pricing model + each channel and Unlimited; however, is however, is Closest to current tool in terms of UI/UX; SocialEngage (formerly users)= time was offering needed; interface Yes; by user, (working on publishing CoTweet (reduced functionality for user counts as a throttled on number of throttled on Twitter and Facebook Yes expensive offering for what you get vs. what you CoTweet Enterprise) $24,750 for 6 a special 6-month almost identical to volume, etc. Spanish and HVacCN platform learning curve) the price "credit"; you credits purchased number of credits pay for months / term (w/ a 5% current free Portuguese) purchase credits in purchased $49,500 annual surcharge) version of CoTweet packages of 5 Base cost already Connects in to our Very limited 34 users= Unlimited; included in our Multi-network existing main Radian6 reporting; no $1,700month / however, is Twitter, Facebook Radian6 contract; can Unlimited, but based on Moderate; medium More focused on true "real time", pairs well with Radian6 Engagement Console publishing profiles and ability to $10,200 for 6 Month to month throttled on (LinkedIn is in None/minimal All No purchase additional purchased seats training needed remainder of Radian6 offering Hhxctd platform dashboards; cost is schedule posts months / number of seats consideration) users at partially paid for in advance $20,400 annual purchased $50/user/month $5.99 per month base closest offering in + $x per if user count Unlimited; Twitter, Facebook, terms of mimicking user/month… 1 user exceeds 15, YES; only 1 free Multi-network however, is LinkedIn, Foursquare, Easy; minimal existing functionality, free, next 4 (2nd to then the Unlimited, but based on report/month; EN, IT, FR, SP, JA, Yes (including bulk Pro publishing plan scalability Month to month throttled on Google+, training would be while providing more; 5th) $15 each; Next 5 Enterprise plan purchased seats others purchased and others pending scheduling) HexBiO platform number of seats Wordpress, MySpace, needed; accessibility to reports (6th to 10th) $30 is on credit system purchased Mixi and analytics each; Next 5 (11th to recommended HootSuite 15th) $50 each Supports the most Easy; moderate platforms / Mobile training would be Pre-recorded enterprise training is offered (for an Multi-network coverage through Just launched, $1,500 month / 30 users Twitter, Facebook, Unlimited, but based on needed (to unlimited with EN, IT, FR, SP, JA, Yes (including bulk additional fee); check website for most current Enterprise publishing iPhone, Android, and not a lot of info $1500 per month $9,000 month / Annual, by default (additional cost LinkedIn, Foursquare, purchased seats leverage the Enterprise plan and others pending scheduling) pricing [it seems to vary, and isnt always current HhxboY platform Blackberry / shows you out there $18,000 annual for more) Google+ advanced or correct] retweets/mentions and functions) klout scores of Limited; will graph Can only view showing how many one account $15 base cost for Unlimited; tweets, retweets, 25-ish Twitter accounts feed at a time; unlimited Twitter however, is mentions, and 34 users= $269 (support team indicated Easy; easy to use TweetRoost Enterprise Twitter only low cost, easy to use cant publish to accounts + Month to month throttled on Twitter only messages each ? Yes ability to import RSS feeds per month they could scale to meet interface HexBiN more than one $15/user/month; 25+ number of seats Twitter account our needs) channel at a users = 50% discount purchased receives by unit of time time + followers over time Multi-network new entry to Translation into 40 Unlimited, but based on Twitter, Facebook, Yes (including bulk Premium publishing market; $500/month n/a Month to month 15 users ? 10 per month ? languages purchased seats LinkedIn, Posterous scheduling) Hexzrb platform unproven Gremln new entry to COMING Yes (including bulk Enterprise market; ? n/a ? 50 accounts 15 users ? ? ? ? SOON scheduling) Hexzrb unproven $59/month major brands we know ($354 / 6 payment types Multi-network use them; tracking and months) not stated, but limited view, but offer a Premium plan at $899/month ($5,394 / 6 (maybe be $59/month for up to Twitter, Facebook, Sproutsocial Deluxe publishing filtering keywords [$1,016/month Month to month 40 social accounts additional users appeared to be yes ? Yes months) for up to 10 users and many other restrictive inside 40 profiles LinkedIn Ho69cN platform (baseline listening); if we need to are $29/month easy features an enterprise) offer a mobile platform factor in $29/addl user] major brands we know Unlimited; depending on not clear; price is Multi-network use them; tracking and however, is limited view, but use case, could stated as monthly, Twitter, Facebook, all that matter to Argyle Social Professional publishing filtering keywords monthly $299/month 50 throttled on appeared to be yes Yes very focused on analytics be too much for but not sure what LinkedIn us HQ0Lki platform (baseline listening); number of seats easy what we need minimum term is offer a mobile platform purchased