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Consumer Behavior Marketing Project


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This presentation details the development of a campaign to create a restaurant backed by Kenny Chesney.

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Consumer Behavior Marketing Project

  1. 1. Tumbleweed Entertainment, Inc.
  2. 2. Tumbleweed Entertainment, Inc. Alexandra Bellerose, CEO Andrew Smith, Senior Account Executive Peter Jusseaume, Senior Marketing Director Angelica Perrone, Director of Research & Development Nick St. Jean, Art Director Tim O’Rourke, Consumer Behavior Analyst
  3. 3. Agenda Objectives Restaurant Concept Competition Country Music Statistics & Trends Target Segments & Influences Promotional Materials
  4. 4. Objectives Create a restaurant that makes $150,000 in the first 6 months 500 seats, 25,000 square feet Three months after launch – full seats, waits on the weekends, over capacity Have the restaurant be 80% full every night Open two more locations within the Northeast within two years
  5. 5. Basic Restaurant Concept Kenny Chesney’s: The Good Stuff Located in Foxwoods Country themed Laidback atmosphere Horseshoe bar Specialty drinks Live entertainment Apparel
  6. 6. Mission Statement “At Kenny Chesney’s: The Good Stuff we are committed to serving delicious food and drink with exceptional service, ensuring that you can always relax and have a great time!”
  7. 7. Foxwoods
  8. 8. Why Foxwoods?Foxwoods is the largest casino complex in theworld, covering over one million square feetOpen to the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a yearAttracts 12 million customers every yearOffer a family atmosphere• Ex. Tree House Arcade Connecticut Employment Law Blog
  9. 9. TheNielsenCompany,2011
  10. 10. Kenny Chesney Has recorded 15 albums and produced more than 30 Top 10 singles on the Billboard Country chart “Most fruitful country artist of the millennium” “Since 2000, Kenny Chesney has had the most listened-to song on country radio nearly 10% of the time.” Throughout his amazingly successful 17 year career, the singer has recorded 15 albums, 14 of which have reached gold or platinum-selling, 2011
  11. 11. Foxwoods Competition (Casual Dining)  California Pizza Kitchen  El Pollo Loco  Fifth Street Cafe  Fuddruckers  Golden Dragon  Hard Rock Café  High Rollers
  12. 12. More Casual Dining Matches Tavern Panera Bread Pequot Cafe The Grill at Two Trees The Scorpion Bar Veranda Café Juniors
  13. 13. Kenny Chesney VS. Toby KeithEntertainer of the Year by Album How do you like meCountry Music Association now?! won two Academy of2004 Country Music awards in 2000Entertainer of the Year byAcademy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year byAwards 2006 & 2007 Academy of Country Music Awards 2002 & 20032008 presented with fourthEntertainer of the Year award. 2005 inducted into theTied with Garth Brooks for the Oklahoma Hall of Famemost wins of the CMA’s topaward September 2011 Chart Position: “Made in America” #5 “You and Tequila” #4
  14. 14. Kenny Chesney vs. Toby Keith Groovecount, 2010
  15. 15. Kenny Chesney’s: The Good Stuff VS. Toby Keith’s I This Bar & Grill •Horseshoe-shaped bar •Mason jar glasses •Horseshoe pit •85 Ft. guitar shaped bar •Slot machines & Keno •Mechanical bull “Bullet” horse racing •Good for groups & kids •Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments •“Wild Shot Mezcal” •Named #1 premium •Good for young adults & mescal in U.S. market by families Beverage Media magazine •“Tequila & You” •Featured Tequila shot
  16. 16. Country Fan Statistics Average country fan – 45 years old, female, average income of $75,00090% of country fans enjoy spending time with their family and desire more time than they have to do so Country fans are very likely to go out on the town and go dancing Spend about $16 billion dining out annually, 2010
  17. 17. Country Fan EntertainmentCountry Music Association, 2008
  18. 18. Current Country Music TrendsCountry music fans have been buying more albums,with 31.9 million country albums sold thus far thisyear, according to Nielsen SoundScan.• That’s up 5.6 percent from the 30.2 million albums sold in the January-through- October period last year.Helping drive sales trends this year are digital albumdownloads.• Digital sales constitute one-third of all album purchases, up from 28 percent last, 2011
  19. 19. Percentage of Country LoversType of Music Like Like BestBluegrass 15.2% 1.0%Blues/R&B 27.0% 4.5%Broadway 19.7% 2.7%musicals/show tunesClassic rock 48.1% 26.6%Classical/chamber 25.7% 8.0%musicContemporary rock 29.0% 10.4%Country 36.0% 17.1%Folk music 15.4% 1.1%Hymns/gospel music 24.5% 8.3%Jazz 24.2% 6.0%Latin/Spanish/salsa 17.5% 3.6%Opera 8.3% 0.7%Rap/hip-hop 16.9% 5.7%, 2010 4.3%
  20. 20. Target Segments Country Casuals Generation WiFi
  21. 21. Target Segment:Country Casuals 45-64 Homeowners College graduate Upscale income Watches Great America Country Channel Drives Ford F-Series Diesel Enjoy traveling and going out to eatPrism
  22. 22. External Influences:Country Casuals Influentials Family Decision Full Nest II Making Process Demographics Cultural Regional Sub- Sub-Cultural Culture
  23. 23. Reference Groups : Country Casuals Immediate family Work Children friends Individual College Neighbors friends Close friends
  24. 24. Target Segment:Generation Wi-Fi < 35 Tech-savvy Music fans who watch MTV and VH1 Like to go out Have enough income to spend money dining out or gamblingPrism
  25. 25. External Influences:Generation Wi-Fi Influentials Single I Cultural Sub Demographics cultural Regional
  26. 26. Reference Groups: Generation Wi-Fi Classmates Professors Teammates Individual Work/college Family friends Friends from home
  27. 27. Interview with Kenny Chesney Grammy Interview
  28. 28. Background music Variables Slow Music Fast MusicService Time 29 min 27minCustomer time at table 56min 45minCustomer groups leaving 10.5% 12.0%before seatingAmount of food $55.81 $55.12purchasedAmount of bar purchases $30.47 $21.62Estimated Gross Margin $55.82 $48.62Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy, Table 13-1
  29. 29. How Color Influences,2009
  30. 30. Kenny Chesney’s:The GoodStuff•Country style family restaurant• Great atmosphere• Country music always!• Wide variety of menu options• Enjoyment for all agesLocated in:FOXWOODS350 Trolley Line Boulevard Mashantucket, CT
  31. 31. Kenny Chesney’s:The Good Stuff•Top Country style Bar• Wide assortment of drinks andspecialty drinks• Live entertainment!• 21+ after 10:30pm• Dance and unwind• Famous Horseshoe barLocated in:FOXWOODS350 Trolley Line Boulevard Mashantucket, CT
  32. 32. Facebook Page
  33. 33. Final Thoughts Restaurant in Foxwoods to compete with other country themed dining options Targeting families and young adults in and around the CT areaPromoting through launch party, advertisements and social media Looking to expand to NY and other areas within two years
  34. 34. Questions or Comments?