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ALA Anne

  1. 1. Managing and Working with Adults in a Digital Media Lab Anne Belden Ela Area Public Library
  2. 2. EAPL Digital Media Labs • Opened December 14, 2011 • 2 small suites built out of what was a closet • Funded with retained earnings • Costs were approx. $67,000, which included a lot of construction. Equipment alone cost around $18,000.
  3. 3. EAPL Digital Media Labs • The Labs were used over 1000 times in their first year • Managed and checked in and out by the Adult Reference Desk • Use is limited to Ela cardholders ages 12 and up (younger patrons may use the Labs with a parent).
  4. 4. Digital Media Lab Contents • Mac Pro Computer with iLife suite and Adobe creative suite • Camcorder, green screen, and filming lights • Voice microphone • Instrument microphone
  5. 5. Digital Media Lab Contents • Scanner that scans slides and negatives • VHS to DVD converter • Recently, by popular demand: a cassette player to use with the computer to convert audiocassettes to CD or mp3
  6. 6. Media Lab Extras • Midi keyboard • Box of cables, converters, etc.
  7. 7. “This is the best thing ever to happen in Lake Zurich.”
  8. 8. Staffing • Many staffing options are possible: ▫ Adding full-time or part-time staff ▫ Expanding the role of part-time staff ▫ Not adding any additional staff ▫ Volunteers
  9. 9. Staffing • Questions to Ask: ▫ Who will reserve and check the labs in and out? ▫ What hours will help be available? ▫ Will help be on-the-fly, one-on-one by appointment, in the classroom, etc? ▫ How will the lab(s) be kept secure?
  10. 10. Hiring • Look for experience/training in ▫ graphic arts, ▫ video production, ▫ audio production, ▫ or multimedia. • Check out your local art school for possible college majors
  11. 11. Not Hiring • Check labs in and out at an existing service point • Consider volunteers • Consider offering help by appointment • Look for motivated staff and give them time to play and learn in the labs
  12. 12. Help Resources • Videos – Subscription services or free • Books in the Media Labs
  13. 13. Help Resources • “Quick Start” instructions • Blog Posts
  14. 14. Help Resources • Library generated training videos • Small group classes in-library • Outside classes – Apple store, local community colleges
  15. 15. Seniors in the Labs • At least 25% of users of the Ela Digital Media Labs have been seniors. • “Lure” them in with conversion, then get fancier. • Make sure help is available, preferably a real person. • If you have a senior liaison, train them!
  16. 16. Adults in the Labs • Publicizing ▫ Work with the local media if posssible ▫ Handouts: old-school, but they have an audience ▫ Exhibit what others have done ▫ Emphasize what they can do or create • Practice your elevator speech