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  1. 1. theUtility WarehouseDiscount ClubMarketing material andMerchandise catalogueWinter 2011
  2. 2.  
  3. 3. ContentsCustomer gathering 1Win A Mini 5Distributor gathering 8Business Club 12Promotional 13Merchandise 14Miscellaneous 18Clothing 20How to order 23Order form 24
  4. 4. Customer gatheringResidential application form (November 2011)The most important piece of marketing materialwe provide! Take them with you wherever you goand you’ll be ready and able to sign newresidential customers at a moment’s notice!10 for £1.50; 50 for £6Sales brochure (Spring 2011)Our flagship brochure! Contains everything youneed to present our savings and benefits to aprospective Discount Club customer.No Distributor should leave home without them!4 for £1; 50 for £10Tariff guide (September 2011)Our Tariff guide contains pricing information forour entire range of domestic utility services.An essential part of your Distributor tool kit. Makesure you always have a supply of these with youto leave with prospective (and new) customers.8 for £1; 100 for £10 1
  5. 5. Mobile handset guide (Winter 2012)Our mobile handset guide contains full details ofthe great range of handsets, BlackBerrys andSmart Phones available on our mobile tariffs.A great way to show people how impressive ourmobile offering has become!10 for £2Micro-cards - ServicesThese fantastic little cards come in A4 sheets ofeight, so that you can print your details on them.And then they separate easily, making Micro-cards a really cost-effective way to get yourmessage out there. This version promotes ourfantastic money-saving services (Distributorgathering also available)!80 for £1.50; 400 for £5.75;800 for £9CashBack card terms & conditionsbookletIncludes full terms and conditions for theCashBack card and is sent to all new cardholderswith their card. However, under FSA regulationsyou must have one of these with you to showpotential customers (and leave with them ifrequested) when you are helping them completetheir application form.10 for £1.50 2
  6. 6. CashBack card roller bannerOur roller banners are bright, eye-catching, twometres tall and say loud and clear what you’repromoting. They’re perfect for fetes, fairs,shopping centres or any other customer gatheringevents you’re holding.Roller banners are self-standing and come in aprotective carry case and are a very effectiveway of attracting attention in a professional way!£85 eachCashBack card logo cardCashBack card logo cards are designed to helpyou make the most of your CashBack card - andpromote it to potential customers.These double-sided plastic cards are a great wayto advertise the CashBack card - and give you agentle reminder of our participating retailers!10 for £1.50; 25 for £3; 50 for £5CashBack card challenge flyerAs taught within our Skills Workshops (and ascan be seen within our Skills Workshop video onthe Extranet), these A5 sized flyers have provento be a real hit, showing prospective customershow much money our CashBack card could savethem.50 for £1; 100 for £1.75 3
  7. 7. CallMe(0800) flyerOur CallMe(0800) service is a great alternativeto payphones, BT charge cards or calling fromhotel rooms.So what better way to promote it than with thishandy flyer to show to prospective customers!10 for £1; 100 for £8Presenters Pack (A5 size)Need an updated copy of your Presenters Packfor your A5 sized folder? Then look no further!This is available to download from Extranet (forfree) but if you don’t have a printer you can buyyourself a copy here!£1 eachPresenters Pack (A4 size)Need an updated copy of your Presenters Packfor your A4 sized folder? Then look no further!This is available to download from Extranet (forfree) but if you don’t have a printer you can buyyourself a copy here!£2 each 4
  8. 8. Win A MiniWin A Mini entry forms (2012 Prize Draw)The Win A Mini prize draw has proven to be oneof our most successful customer gatheringmethods ever, and using one of our A5 sizedWin A Mini flyers is the only way to enter.Make sure you have a plentiful supply becausethe more people who enter, the more peopleyou’ll have lined up to become customers!250 for £3.50; 500 for £6; 1000 for £10Win A Mini slipsA brilliant addition to our Win A Minipromotional material. Simply hand one of theseslips to everybody who is at the samesupermarket/fete/fair as your Win A Mini standand watch them come running.A guaranteed way of increasing visitors to yourWin A Mini stand!1000 for £5Win A Mini ‘Plus’ promo packIf you’re attending a Win A Mini event you needa Win A Mini promo pack! Each pack contains• two A1 sized WAM advertising boards• two foamex pigs• 500 WAM entry forms• 1000 WAM slips• a protective A1 sized portfolio case£55 each 5
  9. 9. Win A Mini ‘Lite’ promo packThe same as the Win A Mini promo pack butwithout the protective portfolio case!£30 eachWin A Mini roller bannerOur roller banners are bright, eye-catching, twometres tall and say loud and clear what you’repromoting. They’re perfect for any Win A Minievents you’re holding.Roller banners are self-standing and come in aprotective carry case and are a must have forany Distributor who’s serious about building asuccessful business.£85 each 6
  10. 10. BuntingTo help you add a professional splash of colourto your Win A Mini stand, we’ve produced somehigh-quality, company coloured bunting!Our purple, white and yellow bunting is bound toattract attention and encourage prospectivecustomers and Distributors to visit your stand.Decorate your display at fetes, fairs, car bootsales - in fact, anywhere you’re promoting yourUtility Warehouse business!£7.50 per bag (ten metre length)Win A Mini standing signThe sign is professional-quality, lightweight,portable, durable and perfect for outdoor use. It’sideal to place in front of your Win A Mini standto encourage prospective customers andDistributors to enter our Win A Mini draw andget you talking to them about saving money andmaking money!So get your hands on a Win a Mini standingsign today – it’s bound to turn heads!£70 each 7
  11. 11. Distributor gatheringPartner application form (December 2011)An essential part of every Distributors kit! If youwant to build a big, successful business you needto recruit Distributors, and to recruit Distributorsyou need our Partner application forms!Can also be used to sign CFRs & IRs!10 for £1; 50 for £4‘What’s it all about?’ DVDAs taught at the College of Excellence, this is ourmost effective Distributor gathering tool ever.If you’re serious about building a successful UtilityWarehouse business you will never leave homewithout them!10 for £6; 20 for £10; 50 for £22.50;100 for £40The IndependenceThe title says it all. A unique Utility Warehousenewspaper filled with stories from our Distributorswho are obtaining their ‘Independence’.The current economic climate means there hasnever been a better time to offer somebody thechance to claim their Independence!500 for £25; 1000 for £45;5000 for £200 8
  12. 12. Micro-cards – Distributor gatheringThese fantastic little cards come in sheets of eight,so that you can print your details on them. Andthen they separate easily, making Micro-cards areally cost-effective way to get your message outthere. This is the recruitment version!80 for £1.50; 400 for £5.75;800 for £9Opportunity brochureThe Opportunity brochure is a handy guidepromoting our unique business opportunity.It contains a detailed overview of why now is theright time for so many people to begin theirjourney away from the Rat Race with the help ofthe Utility Warehouse!10 for £1.50; 50 for £6Making Money articleBased on Making Money magazine’s recentprofile story on Telecom Plus, this A4 sizedmagazine flyer is a great way to promote thebusiness opportunity to prospective Distributors.A perfect companion to our Business Opportunitybrochure!8 for £1; 50 for £5 9
  13. 13. ‘What’s the PIG for?’ postcardAs taught at the College of Excellence! Ourfamous ‘Go on… Just ask… What’s the PIG for?’postcards are perfect for introducing the BusinessOpportunity to friends and family. Send them apostcard and wait for the call asking ‘What’s thepig for?100 for £3; 500 for £10; 1000 for £18COP invite postcardsCareer Opportunity Presentations (COPs) are afantastic way to introduce our business toprospective Distributors and these glossypostcards will help you spread the word.With space on the back for information about thenext COP near you and your own personaldetails they’ll help you build a BIG business!Opportunities: 100 for £5; 200 for £9More money: 100 for £5; 200 for £9IR opportunity leafletOur IR position allows businesses to benefit frompartnering with the Utility Warehouse in a similarway to CFRs. Businesses can promote ourservices to their customers, suppliers or staff andthen simply let our dedicated sales team signthem up so they can benefit from an increasingresidual income.10 for £1 10
  14. 14. CFR opportunity leafletWith money tighter than ever, charitable groupsare finding it harder and harder to generateincome for the work they do. Our CommunityFundraiser position can help.This flyer will provide prospective CFRs with anoverview of how they can benefit from partneringwith the Utility Warehouse.10 for £1CFR supporter leafletThe ideal way for your new CFRs to promote ourservices, and our savings, to their members.Available in a generic format from us (pricesbelow) or in a personalised format directly fromPrintwell (Extranet > Order online > Printwell).50 for £2.75; 100 for £5CFR selection packThe perfect way to show prospective CFRs thetype of professional promotional material they’llreceive within their CFR starter pack.Each selection pack contains 16 postcards (fourof each design), four A4 posters (one of eachdesign), four A3 posters (one of each design)and two badges (one of each design).£7.50 each 11
  15. 15. Business ClubBusiness Club marketing material packBusiness Club customers are worth their weight ingold. Well, not literally, but typically they spenda lot more on their utilities than domesticcustomers, so make sure you give the bestpossible first impression.Each pack contains eight A4 folders, eightapplication forms, eight sets of information sheetsand eight tariff guides.£8 per packBusiness Club application forms (April 2011)If you’ve got more prospective Business Clubcustomers than you know what to do with, makesure you’ve got enough application forms to signthem all up!15 for £2 12
  16. 16. PromotionalBadgesWant people to ask you about your business?Wear a badge! These simple badges do the hardwork for you – they start the conversation!4 x ‘Save Money, Make Money’: £24 x ‘Save 25%’: £24 x ‘I love the Club’: £24 x ‘UK’s cheapest energy’: £22 x ‘I love gas; 2 I love electricity’: £2BalloonsPerfect for every occasion! Our Utility Warehouseballoons will give an explosion of corporatecolour to any event.They come 100 to a bag with a mixture of white,yellow and purple balloons in each.Bag of 100 balloons: £5Foamex pigNothing symbolises saving money more than ourfriendly piggy, and this particular version isperfect for adding an additional splash of colourto any outdoor events such as Win A Minis.Approximately 52cm wide x 35cm tall andprinted on 3mm foamex, it’s lightweight,waterproof and robust!£10 each 13
  17. 17. MerchandisePiggy chocolatesTwelve delicious milk, plain and white chocolate,truffle centred pigs, in a bespoke UtilityWarehouse presentation box. “Thank you,”“I love you,” “congratulations”… Whatever youwant to say, say it with chocolates!1 box: £4; 6 boxes £20Thank you cardsThank you cards are a great way to express yourappreciation. If you want to thank a newcustomer who’s just joined the Discount Club,somebody who has just given you some referralsor simply a friend who’s done you a favour.10 cards (with envelopes): £1Any occasion cardsPerfect for any occasion! Our Utility Warehouseany occasion cards are blank inside and can beused for, well, any occasion!10 cards (with envelopes): £1 14
  18. 18. Spinning keyringThis funky spinning keyring will put an added‘spin’ in your step. Made out of zinc alloy anddie cast it has the words Authorised Distributorengraved on both sides with our piggy in themiddle, spinning freely!£7.50 eachA5 hardback notebookA must for every Distributor who wants to build abig business. Take it with you wherever you goand jot down names, numbers and emailaddresses of prospective customers andDistributors.£2.50 eachUmbrellaInto each life a little rain must fall… but that’s agreat opportunity when you’ve got the most eye-catching umbrella around! Altogether now: I’msaving in the rain… I’m earning in the rain…£15* each*Please note the umbrella is despatched separately andwill incur its own £3.75 postal charge regardless of anyother items ordered. 15
  19. 19. PensOur Utility Warehouse pens are an essential partof your customer and Distributor gathering kit.Perfect for taking along to Win A Mini eventsand so reasonably priced you could give one toevery new customer you sign (with a UtilityWarehouse pen, obviously!).20 Pens: £5CufflinksThese stylish cufflinks come in a presentation boxand show our piggy on a polished whitebackground with gilt edging.A little touch of class for all of our smartlydressed Distributors!Cufflinks: £7.50‘Planning for success’ audio CDRecorded by NMD Clive Leach. This is a liverecording of Clive discussing the fundamentals ofsuccess.Clive is one of our most successful andcharismatic Leaders so this is an ideal way tohear from someone who has built a fantasticallysuccessful Utility Warehouse business.£5 each 16
  20. 20. ‘Another level’ e-book CD‘Another Level’ shows you how to make NetworkMarketing, and the Utility Warehouse business inparticular, work for you.Written by one of our most successful Distributorsever, Trevor Blake. Trevor, along with his wifeKaren, reached NMD status, were members ofthe DBM and helped launch the College ofExcellence so their wisdom is invaluable.£5 each 17
  21. 21. MiscellaneousStarter Pack folder (A5 size)Our A5-sized Starter Pack folder has been asmash-hit! Carry all of your essential promotionalmaterial in one handy, professional, zippedcarry-case (contains poly-wallets and our SkillsWorkshop Presenter Pack).And at this size, nobody will mistake you for adouble-glazing salesman!£15 eachLaptop coverSized to fit the free laptop we offer our Partners,and made from stretchy neoprene (the samematerial used for wetsuits), our laptop coverprovides a snug fit and protection from thescratches and scuffs of everyday use.It comes in Utility Warehouse colours andprovides a professional touch when promotingour services and opportunity on the road.£4 eachBusiness Manual ring binderPrinted the latest Business Manual from theExtranet?Don’t know where to store it?In our Business Manual ring binder of course!£5 each 18
  22. 22. NewsPlus (latest issue)NewsPlus is our quarterly magazine, filled withinspiring stories, helpful tips and usefulinformation. Although we send all of ourDistributors a copy you may want some sparecopies to show all of your friends that you’restarring in the latest issue!£3 per copyReport and accounts (latest issue)A glossy, ‘perfect bound’ version of our latest fullyear ‘Report and accounts’ document.A great way to show prospective Distributors thekind of company they would be joining.Report and accounts: £2 19
  23. 23. ClothingJacketRunning a Win A Mini in the cold? Visitingpotential customers in the rain? Signing a newDistributor on a windy afternoon?It’s not always easy to look cheerful andprofessional when the weather’s against you… soour Distributor jacket is just the help you need!Jacket: £35FleeceA stylish addition to your wardrobe. This smartfleece in dark grey sports the AuthorisedDistributor logo on the left breast and will keepyou warm when out and about. Whether you’reon Utility Warehouse business or not!Fleece: £20Long sleeved shirtIn lilac with the Authorised Distributor logoembroidered on the front, this long sleeved shirtis the perfect accessory for the discerning UtilityWarehouse Distributor.Our long sleeved shirts are available in a widerange of sizes: from 14½ to 19.Long sleeved shirt: £17.50 20
  24. 24. Polo shirts (unisex)They say you should ‘dress to impress’ and ourPolo shirts will help you do just that. Available instone, navy, white, gold and purple. These poloshirts will help you look the part.Unisex available in White, Navy, Purple & Gold.Lady-fit available in White & PinkPolo shirt: £10Short sleeved shirtNot only will you feel cool in our short sleevedlilac shirt but you’ll look cool too!Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, andwith the official Authorised Distributor logostitched onto the left breast it’s the perfect choicefor the discerning Distributor!Short sleeved shirt: £12.50Win A Mini T-shirtYoure holding a Win A Mini event. Youve gotthe flyers, youve got the boards, youve got theballoons... do you have the T-shirt?Our Win A Mini Tees are high-quality, 100%bright white cotton with full colour designs frontand back.Win A Mini T-Shirt: £7.50 21
  25. 25. Silk tieThe Utility Warehouse tie is as well recognisedamongst our Distributors as the Utility Warehousepiggy! The design is an eye catching yellow withpurple piggies running freely across it.Made out of 100% silk. No well dressedDistributor should be without one in his (or her)wardrobe!Silk tie: £12.50Silk scarfAs recognisable as our silk tie. Our silk scarf is amust for every well dressed lady. As with our tie,it’s bright yellow with Utility Warehouse piggiesscampering around all over it.Made out of 100% silkSilk scarf: £20 22
  26. 26. How to orderThere are two very simple ways of ordering our marketing materialsand merchandise. 1) Log-in to the Extranet and select Order online > Marketing materials from the navigation panel on the left hand side of the page. From here you can order any of the items contained within this catalogue. 2) Alternatively you can print the order form pages from this catalogue, complete them and either fax/post/email them across to our Marketing Materials department at Head office. If you do fax/post/email your order form please ensure that you add your ID number to every page so we can keep multiple pages sent together! The Utility Warehouse Discount Club Marketing Materials Department 3 Horseshoe Close London NW2 7JJ Fax: 020 8208 2410 Email: 23
  27. 27. MERCHANDISE AND MARKETING MATERIALS ORDER FORM Customer gathering Code Item Price Quantity TotalMMSA10 Residential application form (10) £1.50MMSA50 Residential application form (50) £6MSB004 Sales brochure (4) £1MSB050 Sales brochure (50) £10 RPL008 Tariff guide (8) £1 RPL100 Tariff guide (100) £10MOBHAN Mobile handset guide (10) £2MICRO80 Micro-cards - Services (80) £1.50MICR400 Micro-cards - Services (400) £5.75MICR800 Micro-cards - Services (800) £9CBACKC CashBack card terms & conditions booklet (10) £1.50ROLLBAN CashBack card roller banner £85CBLOG10 CashBack card logo card £1.50CBLOG25 CashBack card logo card £3CBLOG50 CashBack card logo card £5CBFL50 CashBack card challenge flyer (50) £1CBFL100 CashBack card challenge flyer (100) £1.75MY8001 CallMe(0800) leaflet (10) £1MY8100 CallMe(0800) leaflet (100) £8A5Pack Presenters Pack (A5) £1A4Pack Presenters Pack (A4) £2 Win A Mini Code Item Price Quantity TotalMF250 Win A Mini entry forms (250) £3.50MF500 Win A Mini entry forms (500) £6MF1000 Win A Mini entry forms (1000) £10WMSLIPS Win A Mini slips (1000) £5WINPLUS Win A Mini ‘Plus’ promo pack (Carry case, 2 x A1 promo £55 boards; 2 x foamex pigs, 500 entry forms & 1000 slips)WINPACK Win A Mini ‘Lite’ promo pack (2 x A1 promo boards; 2 x £30 foamex pigs, 500 prize draw entry forms & 1000 slips)WMROLLB Win A Mini roller banner £85BUNTING Bunting £7.50WMSTAND Win A Mini standing sign £70 Distributor gathering Code Item Price Quantity Total EA001 Partner application form (10) £1 EA050 Partner application form (50) £4WDVD10 What’s it all about? DVD (10) £6WDVD20 What’s it all about? DVD (20) £10WDVD50 What’s it all about? DVD (50) £22.50WDVD100 What’s it all about? DVD (100) £40 RN500 The Independence (500) £25RN1000 The Independence (1000) £45RN5000 The Independence (5000) £200 ID Number:
  28. 28. BMIC80 Micro-cards - Distributor gathering (80) £1.50 BMIC400 Micro-cards - Distributor gathering (400) £5.75 BMIC800 Micro-cards - Distributor gathering (800) £9 OB001 Opportunity brochure (10) £1.50 OB050 Opportunity brochure (50) £6AAMM008 Making Money article (8) £1AAMM050 Making Money article (50) £5 WTP100 What’s the pig for? postcard (100) £3 WTP500 What’s the pig for? postcard (500) £10WTP1000 What’s the pig for? postcard (1000) £18 COP100 COP invite postcard (Opportunities) £5 COP200 COP invite postcard (Opportunities) £9 COP1 COP invite postcard (More money) £5 COP2 COP invite postcard (More money) £9 IRFLYER IR opportunity leaflet (10) £1 CFR020 CFR opportunity leaflet (10) £1CFROS050 CFR supporter leaflet (50) £2.75 CFRS100 CFR supporter leaflet (100) £5 CFRPACK CFR selection pack (contains posters, postcards & badges) £7.50 Business Club Code Item Price Quantity Total Business Club pack (8 x Folders, Application forms, Tariff BUSC001 £8 guides and sets of product information sheets) BAPP001 Business Club application form (15) £2 Promotional Code Item Price Quantity TotalSAVEBAD Badges (4 x Save Money, Make Money) £2ASKBAD4 Badges (4 x Save 25% on your household bills!) £2 CLUB04 Badges (4 x I love the Club) £2ENGBAD4 Badges (4 x UK’s cheapest energy) £2CFBAD04 Badges (2 x I love my phone bill; 2 x I love my gas bill) £2 BALL100 Balloons (100) £5 PIG01 Foamex pig (approximately 52cm x 35cm in size) £10 Merchandise Code Item Price Quantity Total CHOCS Piggy chocolates (1 box) £4 CHOC6 Piggy chocolates (6 boxes) £20 THCD010 Thank you cards + envelopes (10) £1 NOLT010 Any occasion cards + envelopes (10) £1 KEYRING Spinning keyring £7.50 NBOOK A5 notebook £2.50 UMBRELL Umbrella* £15 UWDC Pens (20) £5 CUF001 Cufflinks £7.50 PFSCD1 ‘Planning For Success’ audio CD £5 ALCD1 ‘Another Level’ audio CD £5 ID Number:*Umbrellas are despatched separately so will incur an individual £3.75 postage charge
  29. 29. Miscellaneous Code Item Price Quantity Total STFOLD Starter Pack folder £15 NETSLV Laptop cover £4 BMB001 Business Manual ring binder £5 A5Pack Presenters Pack (A5) £1 A4Pack Presenters Pack (A4) £2 NP010 NewsPlus (latest issue) £3 FRA001 Report and accounts £2 Clothing Item Colour Size Price Quantity TotalSilk tie N/A N/A £12.50Ladies silk scarf (138 x 30cm) N/A N/A £20Jacket* Purple £35Available in S (38), M (42), L (46), XL (50) & XXL (54)Fleece* Grey £20Available in S (38), M (42), L (46), XL (50) & XXL (54)Win A Mini T-Shirt* White £7.50Available in S (38), M (42), L (46), XL (50) & XXL (52)Unisex polo shirt* White, Navy, Tan, Gold, Purple £10Available in S (38) M (38- 40) L (41-43) XL (44-46)Ladies fitted polo shirt* Dusty Pink/White £10Available in S (10), M (12), L (14) & XL (16)Men’s long sleeved shirt* Lilac £17.50Available in 14½, 15, 15½, 16, 16½, 17, 17½, 18, 18½ & 19Men’s short sleeved shirt* Lilac £12.50Available in 14½, 15, 15½, 16, 16½, 17, 17½, 18, 18½ & 19Ladies short sleeved shirt* Lilac £12.50Available in 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 & 26 ID Number:
  30. 30. Total Order Cost P&P £3.75 Total Distributor DetailsName: Date:ID Number: Tel No:Address: Post Code: Payment Details (√) (√) (√) (√)Please debit my: Visa MasterCard Switch DeltaMy Card No is:Expiry Date: / Start Date: / Issue No: (Switch)Signature: To Place An OrderPlease fax to: 020 8208 2410Or post to: The Utility Warehouse Discount Club, Marketing Materials Department, 3 Horseshoe Close, London, NW2 7JJ
  31. 31. The Utility Warehouse Network HQ 333 Edgware Road London NW9 6DTVer. 17/01/12