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Nortec Founded in 2003, Nortec Software has established itself as a pioneer in Healthcare Information Technology. Since its inception, Nortec has kept abreast of the dynamic environment of the healthcare sector, providing quality and innovative solutions to its customers. After several years of consumer-conscious software development and testing, Nortec is proud to announce the availability of Nortec’s Electronic Health Record software to all practicing medical providers.

Nortec Software provides a number of invaluable solutions for your patient provider needs. Our Electronic Health Record (EHR) provides customers a complete and integrated management solution for your practice. Our physician solutions improves patient care, enhances practice performance, increases physician efficiency and supports research.

By combining our medical expertise with feedback from practicing physicians, Nortec has created one of the most powerful EHRs in the market. Our solution gives your practice complete control by providing:

Electronic Health Record (EHR)
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Practice Management (PM)
e-Prescrition (eP)
Electronic Billing
Patient Portal (PP)
Revenue Cycle Management

With Nortec EHR, providers are able to proactively monitor and manage care for their patients, promote patient safety, and improve overall patient health as a result of improved continuity and coordination in patient care.

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  1. 1. Nortec EHR
  2. 2. CertificationsThis seal designates Nortec EHR 7.0 as a ONC-ATCB 2011-2012 CertifiedComplete EHR in accordance with the applicable certification criteriaadopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.This Certification allows Nortec EHR provider users to be eligible toreceive up to $44,000 or $64,000 in Medicare or Medicaid funding,respectively5 Star Usability RatingNortec EHR 7.0 received CCHIT 2011 certification as a Comprehensive EHRafter inspection using real-life medical scenarios designed to test productsrigorously against the functionality, interoperability and security needs ofproviders. The system passed inspection of 100% of CCHIT’s criteria forpractice-based use, including verification of successful use at live sites.Nortec EHR 7.0 also received a 5 Star Usability rating, the Commissionshighest rankingNortec EHR 7.0 has received Surescripts Advanced/Solution ProviderCertification for all message types associated with benefit, history androuting services designed for ambulatory settings
  3. 3. About Nortec Software• Founded in 2003, Nortec Software has established itselfas a pioneer in Healthcare Information Technology• Dedicated to collaborating with physician to ensure thatmedical patients nationwide receive the best availablehealthcare with the best available technology• Unfaltering and resolute dedication to serve nationalneeds of office-based physicians
  4. 4. About Nortec EHRA complete EHR, meeting all of the ONC-specifiedcriteria to support meaningful use.
  5. 5. Practice Management – Home ScreenAllows user theease of performingall the functions ofthe practice fromone screen. Thisavoids the users toperform severalsteps to completeone functionAbility to view thecomplete flow ofthe patients withinthe clinic Integrated Practice ManagementSolution with a CompleteElectronic Medical RecordNo hassle of using severalapplications
  6. 6. Practice Management – SchedulingScheduling for Singleor Multiple physicianswith single or multiplelocationsMultiple scheduling ata given time slotColor coded forappointment status(confirmed, missed,late, cancelled,rescheduled, etc.)Real-time insuranceEligibility verification -No more lost revenueBuilt-in Biometrics System identifies patient withfinger scan – No more sign-in sheets
  7. 7. EMR – Patient ChartChronologically placedpatient visitsFully customizablespecialty basedtemplates for ROS andPEPE with integrated imageeditorFlexible CC/HPI functionto capture all elementsof complaints and theirdescriptionsKey strokes, voicerecognition, writingtablet or point and clickmodes of inputVoice RecognitionHand writing RecognitionNo more Typing
  8. 8. EMR – Customizable TemplatesCustomizableSpecialty basedPhysical Exam andROS templatesVoice RecognitionHand writingRecognitionPoint and ClickOr conventional Typing
  9. 9. Insurance ProcessingElectronic billingElectronic remittance with reconciliationICD-9 and ICD-10 with cross-walkSubmit Primary and Secondary claimsCredit card processingE/M coding implementedAbility to interface with current billing vendor
  10. 10. Allows Patients to:– Connect with their Physicians– Access to their Medical Records– Schedule their appointments– Review the laboratory results– Review their Diagnostic imagesPatient PortalAllows Patients to:– Create CCD and CCR Documents– Attach CCD and CCT Documents– Review Medication list– Receive and send emails– Make payment and edit Profile
  11. 11. Business ModelSolutionsProfessional Level SolutionEnterprise Level SolutionHosting EnvironmentClient-Server EnvironmentRemote-Hosted EnvironmentBusiness ModelLicensed ModelSoftware-as-a-Service (SaaS) Model11
  12. 12. Nortec EHR – Process Flow
  13. 13. Why Nortec: Benefit RealizationReduce costsDecrease risksIncrease revenueEnhance qualityBest value with guaranteed product flexibilityand outstanding customer support
  14. 14. Why Nortec EHR v7.0
  15. 15. User Friendly InterfaceConsistency in design helpsuser to learn quickly andincrease adaptabilityProper title & labelingaccurately define whatinformation is required ordisplayedVisual highlighting is used todraw attention to importantinformationCritical information that isused frequently (for example:allergies and active meds) isvisible on the Patient’s chart ina consistent locationError messages are clear
  16. 16. Comprehensive SolutionNortec EHRNortec EHR
  17. 17. Composite SolutionComposite SolutionNortec EHRNortec EHRPractice ManagementPractice Management Patient SchedulerPatient Scheduler Patient ManagementPatient ManagementDisease ManagementDisease Management Growth ChartsGrowth Charts Care ManagementCare ManagementPatient Chart Patient Chart  e‐Prescriptione‐Prescription Document ManagementDocument ManagementDrug Database Update UtilityDrug Database Update UtilityModularSolutionPatient Information Interoperability ServicePatient Information Interoperability ServiceImage Editor Image Editor 
  18. 18. Security and PrivacyAccess control:At EHR level.Entity Authorization:Access control permissions granted toentities and/or third party vendorsSecure Data Exchange:Data exchange through Secure channelssuch as VPN, SSL, IPSec with dataencryption over open network.Patient Privacy:HIPPA CompliantAuditable Records:Application level audit trail
  19. 19. Quality SupportAt Nortec, your satisfaction and concern is our top priority.We are available to our customers 24/7.Using state-of-the-art network connections, we are able toremotely access your systems as well as provide technicalsupport without the hassle of appointments or office visits.In the rare case remote support is insufficient, we will gladlydispatch one of our support representatives who arecommitted to your satisfaction.You can open a support ticket via online at
  20. 20. Nortec GuaranteeNortec offers Money back guarantee forits software to be compliant with currentand future Meaningful Use requirements
  21. 21. Contact UsTHANK YOUNortec Software Inc.463 Willis AveWilliston Park, NY 11596www.nortecehr.comTel: 800-899-1EHREmail: