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SEO for Mobile Apps


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SEO For Mobile Apps in Application Marketplace and Search Engines

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SEO for Mobile Apps

  1. 1. Abdul
  2. 2.  As more and more people submit apps to the mobile application market places, notably Apple App Store and Android Market, the competition to rank high for application searches becomes even faster. Application marketplaces work similarly to simple search engines that only search a select inventory of mobile apps. Therefore all you know from SEO can be used when submitting an app.
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  9. 9.  When you think of SEO for mobile apps, keep in mind that you can actually talk about two things: ◦ Optimize your app rankings within mobile application marketplaces: key ranking factors include number of downloads, reviews, title, keywords, etc. ◦ Optimize your app rankings within search engines results pages (SERPs): traditional SEO ranking factors apply to apps download page.
  10. 10.  Define Target Audience Keywords Optimize App name Optimize App URL Create Keyword Tag Optimize App Description
  11. 11.  Choose Right App Category Display Screenshots and Icons Add Video Trailer Get User Reviews Promote App on Social Networks
  12. 12.  iTunes AppStore:  BlackBerry AppWorld ◦ Indexiable ◦ Indexiable ◦ Unique Urls ◦ Dynamic Urls ◦ AppName=Url ◦ Keywords & Description  Nokia App Store: Android Marketplace ◦ Indexiable ◦ Indexiable ◦ Dynamic Urls ◦ Dynamic Urls ◦ Under Optimized Title Tags Amazon AppStore ◦ Short Descriptions ◦ Indexiable ◦ Unique Urls
  13. 13. Google / Traditional Search App Store Title of the App Title of the App The URL Keywords You Submit The App Description Reviews From Users Links to the App Page Number of Downloads The Different Classifications / Categories Where You List the App
  14. 14.  Count Downloads from the Store Count Refunds and ROI Create a Landing Page with Analytics Look at Reviews and Rankings Compare and Benchmark Competitors
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