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The Role of BANSDOC as a National Apex Body to Promote Scientific & Technological Research in Bangladesh

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  1. 1. Presented by Group – D Group Leader: Abdullah-Al- Mahmud 11st January, 2017 Presented to Bangladesh National Scientific & Technical Documentation Center (BANSDOC)
  2. 2. Presentation Layout Outline Aims, Objectives, Missions & Functions of BANSDOC Services of BANSDOC Recommendations & Overview Historical background of BANSDOC Publications of BANSDOC
  3. 3. Abdullah-Al-Mahmud  Historical Background of BANSDOC Presenter #01
  4. 4. 〉〉Historical Background BANSDOC  started functioning in 1962.  as a small unit of the Pakistan National Scientific and Technical Documentation Centre PANSDOC.  at the premises of the East Regional Laboratories of the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research PCSIR in Dhaka.
  5. 5. 〉〉Historical Background (Continued) BANSDOC  After liberation it was placed under the Bangladesh Council of scientific and industrial research (BCSIR).  It was renamed Bangladesh National Scientific and Technical Documentation Centre (BANSDOC) in 1972.  In 1987 BANSDOC was placed under the direct administrative control of Science and Technology Division now an independent ministry of the government of Bangladesh.
  6. 6. 〉〉Historical Background (Continued) BANSDOC  In 1987 BANSDOC was placed under the direct administrative control of Science and Technology Division now an independent ministry of the government of Bangladesh.  It has acquired the status of autonomous body by the BANSDOC Act’ 2010.
  7. 7. Parveen Akter Aims, Objectives, Missions & Functions of BANSDOC Presenter #02
  8. 8. 〉〉Aims & objectives: 1. Rapid dissemination of scientific information and documentation to the Scientist and Researcher. 2. To build up a scientifically oriented society and science based nation through dissemination of scientific and technical information provided by BANSDOC. 3. To make arrangement of right information to the right person in the right time. 4. To build up a connection with the researchers in the home & abroad. 5. To build up a digital data bank that can remotely access.
  9. 9. 〉〉Mission: 1. To transform the present traditional science library of BANSDOC into a digital library with ultimate goal of establishing it as a Virtual Library. 2. Taking initiatives in BANSDOC for providing training support to other libraries of the country. 3. Organizing seminar/workshop from time to time for modernization, extension and more publicity of BANSDOC activities. 4. Arranging up-to-date training, specially foreign training for the personnel of BANSDOC. 5. To launch inter-library cooperation and resource sharing at national level.
  10. 10. 〉〉Mission: (Continued) 6. To introduce library Bar-coding system to ensure the proper use of library reading materials. 7. To arrange BANSDOC visit and focus its overall activities, render information services of BANSDOC to the students of schools, colleges and universities who are concerned in the field of Science and Information & Communication Technology. 8. To enable the centre to furnish relevant scientific, technological and industrial data to policy-makers and decision-makers for promptly formulation/revision of science and technology policy best suitable for the country in the next 20 years and
  11. 11. 〉〉Functions: ● To provide bibliographic service ● To collect and disseminate the related duplicate copy of publication ● To establish scientific contact with scientists and researchers ● To impart translation service ● To execute photo-reprographic service. ● To provide computer and internet service ● To deal cooperation with SAARC Documentation services ● To provide Photostat service ● To provide publication service
  12. 12. 〉〉Functions: (Continued) ● To arrange exhibition, conference, seminar, workshop & training and to award the scholar students for assisting human resource development and to take action for reducing the poverty ● To supply web based research information ● To cooperate research and activities among the scientists and professionals and excellence of patronization
  13. 13. 〉〉Functions: (Continued) ● To provide digital library service ● To exchange information at national and international level ● To arrange internship for library and information management ● To arrange and attend of book exhibition or book fair at national level ● To drive scientific and technological research and development to provide consultancy service in the same field of interest. ● To accomplish a deed of contract with any other foreign organization, prior permission of the Govt. to
  14. 14. Rezwanul Haque Services of BANSDOC Presenter #03
  15. 15. 〉〉Main Services of BANSDOC Bibliographic Service: BANSDOC provides information in the field of Science & Technology based on researchers’ requirements. Online and offline (CD Search) both method applied in this process. Documentation Services: Based on researchers demand BANSDOC collect, preserve and disseminate articles published on journals from home and abroad. BANSDOC joined in some renowned consortium like -
  16. 16. 〉〉Main Services of BANSDOC (cont.)1. HINARI- (the Health Inter Network Access to Research Initiative) Lead by WHO. IP based Medical Science Consortium 2. AGORA- (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture) FAO developed it IP based service 3. INASPERI- Basic Science 4. NISCAIR- (National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources), New Delhi,
  17. 17. 〉〉Main Services of BANSDOC (cont.)Reprographic Service: BANSDOC provides service like photocopy, Spiral binding, laminating etc. with a nominal charge. Library Service: BANSDOC has a rich library with 21,000 titled Books and 5,754 bound volume of journals. Cyber Service: BANSDOC has been running a Cyber Centre since 1999 which is facilitated with high speed Internet connection.
  18. 18. Md. Abiwakkas  Publications of BANSDOC  Recommendations & Overview Presenter #04
  19. 19. 〉〉Online Digital Services of BANSDOCBANSDOC provides its online services through 10 databases, includes Directory of Scientists and Technologists of Bangladesh –5720 individuals’ information Information of Current Science & Technology Research Projects – 3053 Nos National Union Catalogue – 5258 titled Journal of 90 Libraries from different University & Research Institution.
  20. 20. National Science & Technology Abstracts— 5175 Nos Bibliographical Information of 17,535 Books Title & Abstracts of 25,818 Thesis innovations of Young Scientists & Science Club – 1429 Nos Scientific & Industrial innovation – 361 Nos S&T Paper Clipping –1905 Nos E-Books – 390 Nos 〉〉Online Digital Services (cont.)
  21. 21. BANSDOC works closely with the following similar counterpart national and international institutions: # Bangladesh Agriculture Information Centre (BARC) ; # Bangladesh National Health Library and Documentation Center (NHLDC) ; # Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS)k ; # Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC); # Dhaka University Library (DUL) ; # National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR); # Pakistan Scientific and Technological Information Centre (PASTIC) ; 〉〉Cooperation Programs
  22. 22. # Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC) ; # International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) ; # British Library and Document Supply Centre (BLDSC) ; # National Centre for Science Information System (NACSIS) ; # National Library of Australia (NLA) ; # Academy of Sciences (RAS) ; # SAARC Documentation Centre (SDC), India; # Federation of International Information and Documentation (FID) , The Netherlands ; # European Patent Office (EPO) ; 〉〉Cooperation Programs (cont.)
  23. 23.  Directory of Scientists and Technologists of Bangladesh ;  Directory of Scientists and Technologists of Bangladesh Living Abroad ;  Directory of Bangladesh R&D Organizations and their Current Scientific and Technological Research Projects ;  Current Scientific and Technological Research Projects of Bangladesh ;  Bangladesh Science and Technology Abstracts ;  National Union Catalogue of Scientific and Technological Periodicals in Bangladesh;  Survey Report on Research and Development (R&D) Activities in Bangladesh. 〉〉Important Publications of BANSDOC
  24. 24.  BANSDOC should contribute for the development of National Consortium for Science and Technology literature.  Resolve the Manpower Shortage.  Increase Publicity about its services through advertising, social media, prospectus, websites, calendars, public relations etc.  Biblioliographical information of all resources should be made available through remote access.  Tied the bondage with different academic libraries/ institutions and collect their Institutional Repositories  Persuade the Govt. to help realizing its importance and allocate more funding.  Arrange seminars, symposium, training to increase the staff 〉〉Recommendations: