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  1. 1. Representation
  2. 2. Research  For our research we looked for at a few short films to help draw inspiration from, and give us an idea on the ways in which we could express our idea.  Below there is an example of one of the short films which stood out to us; Echoes -   We had already come up with the post-apocalyptic romance and thriller hybrid idea, and then stumbled upon this short film which gave the insight on how to carry out our idea. It shared the post-apocalyptic factor, and had a similar genre of a thriller. Therefore, we knew it would be a good source. Also, the way in which the male protagonist is portrayed is similar to the way we wish to portray ours.
  3. 3. Short Film Influences  “Echoes” provided us with a lot of inspiration, it had a few similarities in genre and narrative.  Within “Echoes” they used a range of camera positions, these camera angles helped add a mysterious atmosphere. We believed through using similar techniques, we would be able to create the mysterious atmosphere we are looking for.  The costume choice from “Echoes” inspired us, as it helped with the narrative. The main character was meant to be working for a big company, he was meant to be “survivor” and portrayed as he knew what he was doing. So we thought that it would help the audience understand the narrative better, and make it more believable if the costume had relevance to his back story. Therefore, we wish to connote through his costume, that he has a military past, he’s organised etc. He will be represented as a stereotypical dominant male figure.
  4. 4. Character representations  Within the film, due to the narrative, there are no characters with disabilities, and the characters are to be represented as if they are quite athletic and athletically superior to most other humans. Due to the chosen narrative as in the world of the film most people don’t survive, and only the fittest and strongest survive. Stereotypically, our main characters will be strong and energetic as they are fairly young, although our male lead protagonist will be represented as athletic and the strongest. This is both due to him being male, and within thrillers the male tends to be the dominant one.