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5th Grade Spelling Words          due                      meddlesome              deign        ancient                   ...
5th Grade Spelling Words         ma’am                      theologian       equipment      dissuade                      ...
5th Grade Spelling Words       location                         sensible         embargo        protect                   ...
5th Grade Spelling Words            tie                        secrecy           rhythm           ties                    ...
5th Grade Spelling Words      standstill                        corner              plies       diagram                   ...
5th Grade Spelling Words       dungeon                    consummated        worshiped         library                    ...
5th Grade Spelling Words       daffodils                         sward          resumed        gentian                    ...
5th Grade Spelling Words           moon                          eke               rude      telescope                    ...
5th Grade Spelling Words       solicitude                        steel            mean        compete                     ...
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5th grade spelling_words_list


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5th grade spelling_words_list

  1. 1. 5th Grade Spelling Words due meddlesome deign ancient enlighten smooth mien center ignore friar central indicate prior ceremony indicative anyone conceal genius anybody delicious invalid port unbearable rivet portal inquisitive riveted porter ragged interfere precious crinkly leader gratitude rubbish message mystery filter messenger scribe describe lone manuscript appear lonely conscript disappear loneliness conscription protect bewilder implement disorder subdue pie disturb subduing piece elegant tatter approach establish pigeon indispensable gather plane indefeasible general wreath mope immediate recess attack petal homestead attorney hoarse enrapture petty ice steward indignant icicle problem awkward inmate ablution balance fragrant sequel calculate luxury intercession calculation identify madamPractice Worksheets –1– Date:__________
  2. 2. 5th Grade Spelling Words ma’am theologian equipment dissuade catechism quote remove determined quoth siege critic twain valley criticize twist vegetate apparent twin vegetable basic twine shuffle basically extreme danger bough fear testimony ebbing function discuss sponsor divide discussion campaign divisible mittens capital indivisible outstretched judgments individual rescue elements croon arrange cereal serene arrangement choice influence undaunted coarse innocent antiquated column frisk refer correct frolic reference current frolicked evidence desire picnic experience draw picnicked sprightly draws instrument proceed drew leisure separate drawing license session drawn liquid association tutelage furniture career equip future high equips gather height equipped prevent minister equipping locatePractice Worksheets –2– Date:__________
  3. 3. 5th Grade Spelling Words location sensible embargo protect person immortal magnet personal immortalized magnify personality principle magnificent dependent shoulder main independent situation beechwood wander thanksgiving hardwood croft autumn softwood pipe winter prevent piping blizzard heavy sew freeze heavier whistle freezes heaviest water froze heavily smoke frozen physical quart freezing plenty quarter slight power recognize sol sacrifice recognition solemn mineral record spirit require applaud derision method diffidence colonist methodical obscure patriot mystery lively patriotism prairie livelihood steady occasion relieve steadily inch repeat represent foot repetition representation yard secretary scene mile supercilious poise prepare fain temperate ordinary suit temperature sense cargo thousandPractice Worksheets –3– Date:__________
  4. 4. 5th Grade Spelling Words tie secrecy rhythm ties practical muscle tied cordial muscular tying character express wise separate factor wisdom exquisite narrow source inquisitive nonsense nectar intrusive active seize square activity revert process miracle convert produce observe advert production observation organize productive observatory organization standard foreign cataract everyone experiment emerge everybody receipt emergency everywhere actual appreciate everything model sincere opposite frequent athlete blouse frequency extreme separate gradual practice exclaim isthmus section exclamation peninsula route separation island safety phrase continent occur fever level occurs febrile library occurred February librarian occurrence program moment occurring absorb angle fatigue mosquito contrast secret rhyme stock-stillPractice Worksheets –4– Date:__________
  5. 5. 5th Grade Spelling Words standstill corner plies diagram demolish plied antique salt plying anxious savory pliant anxiety patterns somber disease aggravate supple element wits sinew empty hale balsam countenance inhale fissure fortunate structure crevice cotton structural fibrous count borne tamarack average suited solitary bicycle properly splendor bouquet situation resplendent environment elate picture calendar substance mattress climate substantial palace good-humoredly welfare repast troll tongue charcoal celery yacht landscape thatch vary vehicle chinking various famous asparagus variety enchant sequel despond architect consequence luminous vassal standard pilgrim homage standardize pilgrimage royal standardized canoe sentinel standardization resin beggary volunteer ooze partner immense ply loyalPractice Worksheets –5– Date:__________
  6. 6. 5th Grade Spelling Words dungeon consummated worshiped library appetite crags chronicle harangue break dole suspend tongue plumes margin thoughts vicinity pitcher haven soared diamond sailor manna cupboard stately breath quiver barns breathe realize ponder breathes pendulum deafen breathed diligent calumniate breathing significance slander emblem auction backbite doubly auctioneer idolatrous crimson persistent beatitudes homily exhaust smite release exhaustible smites vigor inexhaustible smit wonder understood smitten wondrous hopelessly smiting foliage nevertheless gesture marvel carol eloquence commotion musing vinegar compassion steeple mesmerize treason magical die ingenuity chide dying eulogies betide undying debated bedewed vacant philosophy linger solitude philosopher embalm jocund appropriate worship pensivePractice Worksheets –6– Date:__________
  7. 7. 5th Grade Spelling Words daffodils sward resumed gentian chalice resuming fox glove terrace affirm sprightly villain disagreeable continue athwart whether continuous jewel whithersoever hostile jeweled sumac combatant audacious sumacs cemetery rapture fresco endow rapturous frescoes preference audacious initial retaliate trellis official tumult waxen restlessly amazedly stalked star unflinchingly epaulets stellar acolyte behindhand solar athlete sedate diameter resist trudging planet resistible composedly Venus irresistible fiddler Mercury epitaph egg Earth violate chick Mars inviolate chicken Jupiter grave hen Saturn gravity rooster Uranus heir strut Neptune inheritance struts Pluto contempt strutted compass contemptuously strutting compasses addle approbation compassed tunic resume compassing ajar resumes satellitePractice Worksheets –7– Date:__________
  8. 8. 5th Grade Spelling Words moon eke rude telescope obstinate rudiments circle obstinacy inure circumference execute inured dew execution mature dewy executioners accuracy caress retort inadvertence brook quiz anecdotes twined quizzed enervate themes manual incorporated heresy manufacture dignified rampant factory injunction achieved satire prevaricate escorted violinist prevarication potato comprehend conductor potatoes melodious natal tremor humor national tremulous exhibit nativity luxury achievements antler luxurious forest veteran creed glimmer mortal credible glum immortal incredible discourse essay incredulity court buoy phenomenon courteously buoyant prematurely flower insipid descent stamen frequent decline petal scowl declension pistil suggestion copper liquid intelligence rally pollen singular ubiquitous nectar singularlyPractice Worksheets –8– Date:__________
  9. 9. 5th Grade Spelling Words solicitude steel mean compete iron meant competitor corrode distinguish philosophy corrosion consider philosopher rust consideration vehement encircled colony tremendous circumscribed colonial expostulate hurricane colonies expostulation miniature sure ignominy spouse assure ignominiously espoused relief sphere terrific relieve spheroid captivate occupy vellum enthrall probable theme enthralls probably altitude enthralled foreign vagabond enthralling expense paralyzed thralldom response astound receive responsible mustaches recipient apply velocity receipt application hesitate characteristic difficult hesitatingly plaint difficulty extraordinary plaintive ascend reindeer complaint ascent tarnish rollicking descend silver ignore descent gold reveled scene brass weary scenery copper wearisome science bronze freckle scientific nickel freckle-faced scissorsPractice Worksheets –9– Date:__________