2012 kalilangan


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2012 kalilangan

  1. 1. DATE EVENT TIME VENUE10-Feb Soft Opening Oval Plaza Carnival Agri Fair Plaza Bazaar Food Galore Mini Zoo11-Feb KALILANGAN SA BARANGAY Fatima-San Jose Fatima11-Feb KALILANGAN SA BARANGAY East-SouthSouth11-Feb KALILANGAN SA BARANGAY North-West11-Feb KALILANGAN SA BARANGAY Cluster- Upper Labay, Batomelong12-Feb KALILANGAN SA BARANGAY 8am Cluster- Katangawan Ligaya,Tinagacan16-Feb Ethnika Fuzesion sa Kalilangan 2012 5pm KCC or Robinsons Screening Battle of the Banda-Layag 2012 KCC or Robinsons AkoStik Screening 2012 KCC or Robinsons18-Feb KALILANGAN SA BARANGAY 8am Cluster- Baluan-Buayan18-Feb KALILANGAN SA BARANGAY 8am Cluster Siguel-Tambler18-Feb KALILANGAN SA BARANGAY 1pm Cluster Labangal18-Feb KALILANGAN SA BARANGAY Lagao Balite18-Feb KALILANGAN SA BARANGAY City Heights18-Feb KALILANGAN SA BARANGAY Calumpang18-Feb KALILANGAN SA BARANGAY Conel-Olympog18-Feb Acoustic 12 Strings Competition 6PM Gaisano Atrium (Screening)Feb 18-27 Kalilangan Night Market Robinson’s Mall19-Feb KALILANGAN SA BARANGAY 1pm Cluster Mabuhay-San Isidro21-Feb Farmers Day- Fiesta Bonanza & Wholeday Oval Plaza
  2. 2. CaritelaFebruary 18-23 Rodeo City Hall Covered Court21-Feb Opening Agri Fair 1pm Oval Plaza21-Feb Opening KALILANGAN FESTIVAL 6pm Oval Plaza 201221-Feb Recoreda saBarangay 1pm Urban barangaysFebruary 21-27 Traditional Houses Exhibit Oval Pavilion areaFebruary 21-27 Snake Show & Fish Show 8-10pm Genie’s22-Feb TANGHAL MSU-GS AVR22-Feb TANGHAL,Mindanao University 2pm KCC Mall Theater Opening Ceremony Sayaw ng Lahi 4pm Oval Stage (Higland and lowland dance competition)22-Feb Farmers Night 7pm MSU Covered CourtFebruary 22-26 GSC Kalilangan Lawn Tennis GSC Tennis Club, City National Open Tournament Hall Drive Visual Arts Exhibit Oval Pavilion exhibit area23-Feb TANGHAL Theater Workshop 8-5pm MSU Graduate School AVR23-Feb IPM Amazing Race 9am Oval Plaza23-Feb TANGHAL 8am MSU-GS AVR23-Feb AkoStik sa GenSan 3pm Oval Pavilion Ethnika Fuzesion sa Kalilangan 6pm Oval Stage 2012 Battle of the Banda-Layag24-Feb Cookfest of Indigenous Products 11am Robinson’s Place24-Feb TANGHAL 8am MSU-GS AVR24-Feb TANGHAL 1-10pm MSU-HS Covered Court
  3. 3. February 24-26 Laro ng Lahi 2:00-6pm Oval-Roxas- City Hall- Pendatun (school and barangay category) Oval Plaza TANGHAL Theater Workshop 8-5pm MSU Graduate School AVR TANGHAL Performance 2pm Oval PavilionFebruary 24-25 Dance Sport Workshop Parish Center or Oval Covered CourtFebruary 24-26 Kalilangan Open Table Tennis TBA Tournament24-Feb Cosplay (Pinoy characters) 2:00-7:00pm Oval Pavilion Traditional Games: 2:00-5:00pm Damlo Anok Sipa sa Mangis SPONSORS’s Concert/ or RMN DXMD Concert Series year 225-Feb Love Radio Takbo Pamilya Para sa 5:00 AM Oval Plaza Puso Kulintangan- Pangalay Showcase 1pm Oval Pavilion History Forum 1-5 PM MSU-GS AVR25-Feb SPONSORS’s Concert 7pm Oval PlazaFebruary 25-26 2012 Mayor Darlene Antonino- Robinson’s Atrium Custodio R12 Taekwondo & Synchronized Tribal Freestyle ChampionshipFebruary 25-26 1st GenSan Bike Festival Prk Guadalope Brgy ConelFebruary 25-26 2012 Kalilangan Festival Active Robinson’s Place Chess Tournament GenSanFebruary 25-26 Kalilangan 2012 Amateur Boxing 1pm Oval Pavilion Friendship Game
  4. 4. 26-Feb 1st GenSan Run Club Fun Run 2012 5am Freedom Park26-Feb Dance Sport Competition Robinson’s (tentative) Bombo Radyo Tambalan sa 7pm Oval Stage Kantahan26-Feb Dog Show 9am MSU Covered Court Hiphop and Beatbox Competition 4pm Oval Pavilion26-Feb Acoustic 12 Strings Competition 6pm Gaisano Atrium (Grand Finals)27-Feb Salubungan “Parada ng Lahi” 5am Pioneer Avenue/Plaza Heneral Santos Kadsagayan (Street Dancing) 1pm Oval Plaza Closing Ceremony 4pm Oval Plaza Disco sa Kalye 7pm Matalam St, Pendatun and Roxas St Continuing Events Coca Cola Party Zone