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RGESS 2013


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RGESS 2013

  2. 2. WHAT IS RGESS ?Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme (RGESS) is a new initiative by the government of India aimed encouraging first time investors to channelize. Their savings into the capital markets As an incentive, a one-time deduction will be available to the new retail investor on the 50% of the amount invested in ‘eligible securities’ in the financial year, subject to maximum investment limit of Rs 50,000 For the purpose of claiming benefit under RGESS, the investor needs to invest in select approved securities as notified by the government
  3. 3. WHICH SECURITIES I CAN INVEST? Equity shares included in the NSE CNX-100 & BSE-100. Equity shares of PSU categorized as Maharatna, Miniratna or Navratna. Units of ETFs & MFs with eligible securities as underlying and provided. They are listed and traded on a stock exchange and settled through a depository mechanism. FPO or NFOs of above eligible securities. IPOs of PSUs with atleast 51% government holding and 3 year annual turnover of more than Rs. 4000 corer. You can refer to NSE website for complete list of eligible securities.
  4. 4. TAX BENFITS: Tax Benefit u/s 80CCG – deduction from total income. Deduction of 50% of amount invested. Deduction not to exceed Rs. 25,000 Deduction permitted 3 years.
  5. 5. TAX BENEFITS :ILLUSTRATION FOR FY 2013-14Particulars A’S TAXABLE INCOME B’S TAXABLE INCOMESalary income PA 500000 500000Tax Exeamtion as 2012 200000 200000Tax payable 300000 300000Less: Deductions U/s 100,000 1,000,00080C(LIC etc)Total taxable income ( Tax 200,000 200000payble - Deductions)Less: Deductions RGESS 25,000 0U/S 80CCGTotal taxable income 175,000 200,000Tax payable 17,500 20000Next tax saved - 2013 2,500  Next year - 2014 2,500  Next year - 2015 2,500  3 YEARS SAVED 7,500  
  6. 6. PROCEDURE FOR NEW INVESTORS :•Open a demat account with RGESS•Open a broking account .•Provide PAN while opening account.•Submit declaration in Form A to DP .
  7. 7. PROCEDURE FOR EXISTING INVESTORS :•Designate existing demat account for RGESS .•Open a broking account, if not opened•PAN compliant account.•Submit declaration in Form A to DP.
  8. 8. PROCEDURE FOR RGESS INVESTMENT:Investment through Exchanges . More than one transaction permitted in a financial year. Valuation provided by Exchanges . Eligible Securities upto Rs. 50,000 kept under lock-in by CDSL. Declaration in Form B by investor:•Exclude credit of RGESS securities from RGESS portfolio .•Date of trading and Security name mentioned .•All credits received for settlements on date of trading excluded from RGESS portfolio Investment in other securities / in excess of Rs.50000 can be held in RGESS account - but not eligible for tax benefit
  9. 9. PROCEDURE FOR RGESS INVESTMENT: Declaration in Form B by investor –• Exclude credit of RGESS securities from RGESS portfolio• Date of trading and Security name mentioned• All credits received for settlements on date of trading excluded from RGESS portfolio• To be submitted within one month of date of transaction Investment in other securities / in excess of Rs.50000 can be held in RGESS account - but not eligible for tax benefit
  10. 10. LOCK-IN PERIOD: Fixed lock-in of one year •from the date of credit Flexible Lock-in of two years : 2 years from the end of Fixed lock in period
  11. 11. FIXED LOCK-IN: Valuation provided by exchange on the basis of contract price. Securities under lock-in after receipt of valuation from Exchange Investor cannot sell . Information to investor through CDSL web based facility Valuation of RGESS portfolio Annual statement of RGESS portfolio Credit received through Corporate Action Considered for RGESS portfolio
  12. 12. FELXIABLE LOCK-IN: Permitted to trade subject to being compliant for minimum 270 days in each flexible lock in year Compliance conditions:•Maintenance of value of RGESS portfolio = > Amount claimed as RGESS investment•Fall in value of RGESS portfolio•Due to market fluctuations without any sale-Compliant Fall in value of RGESS portfolio Due to sale:•Compliant till date of sale•After date of sale –•RGESS portfolio value = Amt claimed as RGESS investment•OR•RGESS portfolio value = Value of RGESS portfolio before sale•WHICHEVER IS LESS
  13. 13. FLEXIBLE LOCK-IN – COMPLIANCE CONDITIONS: RGESS portfolio valued at closing price on previous date of debit: Portfolio Securities which were under fixed lock-in Securities which are RGESS eligible on the valuation date ( even though not under fixed lock-in) Sale of RGESS securities : Securities which were under fixed lock-in . Securities which were considered for valuation of portfolio in flexible lock –in period .
  14. 14. FLEXIBLE LOCK-IN: COMPLIANCE CONDITIONS: RGESS PORTFOLIORGESS PORTFOLIO VALUESCRIPSACC-500 shares Fixed lock in Rs. 50,000ACC-200 shares - Rs. 20,000SOLD-ACC 100 shares Fixed lock inACC shares - Rs .60,000
  15. 15. EFFECT OF NON –COMPLIANCE: Deduction claimed will be withdrawn Deduction amount claimed for a previous year . Deemed to be income of the assesse of such previous year . Liable to tax .
  16. 16. Expectation from DPs : Verification by IT Dept / SEBI / CDSL inspection. Maintenance of Form A and Form B. DP to inform BOs if found ineligible. Information to BO about RGESS ineligibility. CDSL will provide report to DPs. Annual statement of investment and trade to RGESS investor.
  17. 17. FLEXIBLE LOCK-IN – COMPLIANCE CONDITIONS: Off market credits not considered for RGESS investment. Opt for client level payout / transfer from Clearing Member (CM) account. If credit given to RGESS BO from a CM Ben a/c or CM Margin a/c.Link CM ID to such CM Ben a/c or CM Margin a/c .Enter settlement number while executing such transaction.
  18. 18. CDSL’ s PROPASED WEB BASED FACILITY:Information to investor: Valuation of RGESS portfolio. Annual statement of RGESS portfolio . Annual statement of trade and compliance status during flexible lock-in. Above information available to DPs for all its RGESS BOs.
  19. 19. THANK YOU
  20. 20. FOR ANY QUEREIS CONTACT US:…+91-40-23541258CORPORATE OFFICE:Treadwell House, plot:1057-G,Road No:45,Jubilee Hills,Hyderabad-500033Tel:+91-40-23541258,fax