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college magazine


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college magazine

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  3. 3. Two textual analysis into magazine front covers:<br />Henley college magazine<br />Sub heading<br />Large picture<br />Information on A levels and other things<br />College information – contact details, address etc<br />Student on the cover<br />Date of issue<br />Henley college logo<br />Sky sports magazine<br />Sportsmen on the cover <br />Sky sports logo<br />Information on forthcoming events<br />Expert views on sports<br />Information on when and where you can watch sports<br />Date of issue<br />
  4. 4. Evaluation <br /> <br /> In this projected I learned a lot of new things which will be very helpful in the remainder of this course. I learned how to use InDesign and Photoshop, these two programmes are good for what I need to do and they are easy to use. However at first it is a bit tricky but once I got the hang of using it, it was easy. By me learning these new skills were very helpful in me completing this project by if I didn’t know how to use these two programmes my final draft wouldn’t be as good as it is. <br /> Before I started this projected I did research on who my target audience would be and I decided it would be the college students. I also did some planning I sized up all my options and decide to go with my final draft the way it is.<br /> My audience feedback was good but there is always room for improvement, next time I would make my magazine in more detail and try to make it look more attractive, eye-catching for my target audience. I think I was slightly successful.<br />