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Elf Training


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Elf Training

  1. 1. Amway Product Training Elf Products Update: March 2008
  2. 2. Amway Product Training Contents Corporate Profile Basics of Lubricants Elf Super Sporti ADV 15W50 Elf Molygraphite 15W50 Elf Molygraphite 10W30 Elf Grapholia MS 15W40 Elf Synthetic Pro 10W50 Elf Moto 2T Power Elf Moto 4T Power Elf Max Booster
  3. 3. Corporate Profile Group Name: Total Total turnover = €143 Billion World 5th largest oil & gas company A major producer of natural gas Exclusive lubricants supplier to Amway Malaysia
  4. 4. Total Group Total Group Upstream Downstream (exploration & production) Chemicals (refining & distribution) Malaysia Core business Amway
  5. 5. Motorsports Activities Team ING Renault Elf Formula One 2007 (Giancarlo Fisichella & H. Kovolainen) F1 drivers’ and constructors’ world champion 2005, 2006 Team Cronos Total Citroën in WRC Constructors’ and drivers’ champion in WRC 2005 and 2006 (Sebastian Loeb and Daniel Elena)
  6. 6. Basics of Lubrication
  7. 7. Examples of Solid Lubricants
  8. 8. WHAT LUBRICANTS DO 2 main roles Friction reduction - Resists wear - Reduces fuel consumption Engine cleanliness
  10. 10. WHAT LUBRICANTS DO Additional roles Engine cooling - To absorb and carry off heat Sealing - Piston rings Corrosion resistance - Action of O2 in air + humidity + heat - Pollutants: Acid, Sulphur ...
  11. 11. 1. Reduces Friction What is friction? Natural Resistance to motion which: - generates heat - causes wear, seizure Friction Wear - Heat - Energy
  12. 12. Why Friction Reduction? 1. To minimise surface wear Without lubricant = High Friction With lubricant = Low Friction
  14. 14. Composition of A Lubricating Oil Additives Base oils + Finished lubricant
  15. 15. Research & Development
  16. 16. Elf Super Sporti ADV 15W50
  17. 17. Elf Super Sporti ADV 15W50 SAE 15w50 Suitable for our climate. Easy cold starting. Conserves energy. API SM/SF, ACEA A2/96, Latest mineral oil standard . Recommended for all petrol and B2-98 issue 2 diesel engines. Turbo, multi valve, with or without catalytic converter. High levels of Very clean engine, optimum detergency/dispersancy operation
  18. 18. Elf Super Sporti ADV 15w50 New technology for engine Extra protection for start up, protection warm up and normal driving conditions. Extends engine lifespan. Longer engine life. Reduces wear Less maintenance. Reduces deposits
  19. 19. Elf Molygraphite
  20. 20. Elf Molygraphite 15W50 Features Benefits Dispersancy and detergency Clean engine = optimum properties performance Compatible with catalytic converters Suitable for cars fitted with catalytic and turbochargers converters Environmental friendly
  21. 21. Elf Molygraphite 15W50 Features Benefits Molybdenum and Graphite plus Reduces engine wear during cold friction modifier start Silent engine operation Extra safety margin in the case of: - Lack of lubrication - Cooling system deterioration - Overload
  22. 22. Elf Molygraphite 10W30 Features Benefits SAE 10W30 Multigrade gasoline engine oil Ideal for tropical climates Viscosity recommended by engine manufacturers like Daihatsu & Perodua API level: SL Assured by recognised and independent bodies Designed to complement new car technologies
  23. 23. How does Elf Molygraphite 15W50 benefit you during emergencies?
  24. 24. Elf Grapholia MS 15w40
  25. 25. Differences between Diesel & Petrol Engines Features Diesel Engine Petrol Engine Capacity High Low Fuel Consumption Low High Vehicle Size Big & Heavy Small & Light Maintenance Cost Lower Higher Vehicle Life Span Longer Shorter Noise Emission High Low Gas Emission High Low Engine Compression Ratio High Low Particles Emission High Low
  26. 26. Elf Grapholia MS 15W40 Features Benefits API: CF-4 / SG Recognition by independent bodies ACEA: E2-96 High quality lubricant CCMC: D4 Environmental friendly US Army: MIL-L-2104E Suitable for all diesel engines Mercedes Benz: Sheet 228.1 Volvo: VDS Specification MAN: 271 Specification Detroit Diesel Allison: C4 Specification Caterpillar: TO2 Specification SAE 15W40 Multigrade engine oil Optimum protection from -15ºC to above 100ºC Ideal for tropical climates
  27. 27. Elf Grapholia MS15W40 Features Benefits Outstanding detergency and Prevents sludge formation on the dispersancy properties hot parts of an engine Prevents agglomeration of particles due to combustion High alkalinity reserve Neutralises acid products resulting from combustion
  28. 28. Elf Grapholia MS15W40 Features Benefits Graphite Reduces engine wear during cold start Maintains minimum clearance for adequate lubrication even in severe service Silent engine operation Extra safety margin in case of: - Lack of lubrication - Cooling system deterioration - Overload
  29. 29. Elf Synthetic Pro 10w50
  30. 30. Elf Synthetic Pro 10w50 SAE 10w50 Suitable for our climate. Easy cold starting. Conserves energy. API SM/SF, ACEA A3/98 Latest standard. Major OEM approval. Gasoline and diesel engines. Turbo, supercharged and NA engines. Stop and go condition. High oxidation resistance Longer drain interval
  31. 31. Elf Synthetic Pro 10w50 High viscosity index Maximum engine protection. Low volatility Less top-up Excellent anti wear Longer engine life High detergency Very clean engine Less waste oil Environmental friendly
  32. 32. Elf Motocycle Oil
  33. 33. Difference between 2-Stroke & 4-Stroke Motorcycles Features 2-Stroke 4-Stroke Lubricants Burnt Off Drain Exhaust Emission Visible Smoke Non-visible Smoke Smell Not much smell Noise Emission High Low Loading Light weight Both Light & Heavy Weight Power & Weight Ratio High = Faster Pick Up Low = Slower Pick Up
  34. 34. Small Engines - 2T Technology Stroke 1 Stroke 2 Combustion / Intake Exhaust / Compression
  35. 35. Small engines - 4T Technology Stroke 1 Stroke 2 Stroke 3 Stroke 4 Intake Compression Combustion Exhaust
  36. 36. Elf Moto 2T Power Features Benefits JASO: FB Quality assured by recognised and ISO: GB independent bodies API: TC High quality lubricant OEM tested and proven by: - Kawasaki Suitable for all brands of 2-stroke - Yamaha motorcycles - Suzuki - Honda Reduce smoke properties Environmental friendly Cleaner combustion chamber and exhaust parts
  37. 37. Elf Moto 2T Power Features Benefits Superior anti-wear properties Protects against wear and piston scuffing Superior additives High protection against ring sticking and spark plug whiskering Longer film strength Prevents engine seizure
  38. 38. Elf Moto 2T Power 2-Stroke Engine Oil Market Premium Range Low Smoke High Price Semi-synthetic product JASO: FC Medium Range Reduced Smoke Medium Price Synthetic Fortified product JASO: FB Low Range Basic Product Low Price Mineral-base product JASO: FA
  39. 39. Elf Moto 4T Power Features Benefits API: SG/CC Quality assured by recognised and JASO: MA independent bodies Designed to meet motorcycle technology standards SAE 20W50 Multigrade engine oil Optimum protection for motorcycle engines from -20ºC to above 100ºC
  40. 40. Elf Moto 4T Power Features Benefits Good detergency and dispersancy Improves engine cleanliness properties Superior additives Protects against high temperature seizure Prevents spark plug fouling Superior anti-wear properties Protects against engine wear and tear Enhances engine life Compatible with catalytic Suitable for motorcycles fitted with converters catalytic converter Environmental friendly
  41. 41. Elf Moto 4T Power 4-Stroke Engine Oil Market Premium Range Fully or semi synthetic base High price API: SH- SL Medium Range Mineral base Medium price API: SF-SG Low Range Mineral base Low price No API specification
  42. 42. Elf Max Booster
  43. 43. Why additive packages for fuels ? To meet regulation To improve engine performance To satisfy technical requirements To improve air quality To address marketing requirements To save fuel To reduce maintenance costs To improve fuel quality
  44. 44. What are fuel additives What are fuel additives?
  45. 45. Fuel additives Fuel additives are : • Specification additives : improving one characteristic related to one specification (octane, cetane….) AND • Performance additives : improving one specific property: cleanliness, foaming tendency, smell… • Performance criteria may become specifications (method availability) • Specification as well as performance additives are always related to fuel quality
  46. 46. Tests and Results Tests and Results
  47. 47. Development of a multifunctional package additive for fuels Laboratory developments ACT I Tests on engine test benches ACT II Tests on both recent and older vehicles ACT III ACT IV Absence of secondary effects 2 + 3 = engine cleanliness + reduction of emissions
  48. 48. Development of a multifunctional package additive for fuels : laboratory tests Dehazing properties (ASTM D 1094) : dehazer must be added to the package to prevent emulsion formation with water
  49. 49. Development of a multifunctional package additive for fuels : laboratory tests Corrosion tendency Test ASTM D 665 consists of measuring the risks of corrosion (and the efficiency of corrosion inhibitors) by plunging a newly polished steel test sample into an agitated fuel-water blend for 24 hours. Fuel without Fuel containing a corrosion inhibitor corrosion inhibitor
  50. 50. The benefits of fuel additives : evaluation procedures PREVENTIVE EFFECT ( or « KEEP CLEAN » effect) Ordinary quality fuel with little or no additive Road test (several thousand kilometres) Additized fuel ( with ELF Max Booster) Start of test End of test
  51. 51. The benefits of fuel additives : evaluation procedures CURATIVE EFFECT (or « CLEAN-UP » effect) Ordinary quality fuel Additized fuel with little or no additive ( with ELF Max Booster) Road test - 2 phases (several thousand kilometres) Start of test Middle of test End of test
  52. 52. Features and Benefits Features and Benefits
  53. 53. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Increases octane in unleaded Improves drivability gasoline Reduces maintenance cost Reduces valve-seat wear Environmental friendly Regular use lowers emissions Optimum engine performance Superior deposit control Improves fuel economy Superior clean up performance Better engine performance
  54. 54. ELF gasoline fuel additives Elf Max Booster is suitable for all gasoline cars. Regular usage will – Extend engine life – Improve fuel economy – Improve driveability – Reduce engine maintenance costs – Improve power performance Environment friendly
  55. 55. ELF Quality assurance ELF Quality Assurance
  56. 56. QUALITY ASSURANCE TOTALFINAELF ADDITIVES • has been approved by Lloyd ’s Register Quality Assurance to the following Quality Management System Standards • ISO 9001: 2000 • The Quality Management System is applicable to: - Design, Sales and Management of manufacturing and despatching of fuel additives. - Approval Certificate N°: 950022
  57. 57. Thank you