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Kcd gold delivery offer..


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We can deliver FOB, to anywhere you are from Ghana . The GOLD we have is
22.40 crt -95% /24 crt -999.5% and higher purity, The quantity available
right now very large quantity (680 kg) with good price discount, we also
have rough Diamond, if you will like to establish in mining sector,
which is profitable, let us know,
Confirm this mail and get back to me and let me know your interest
for more details/ Skype: abdulmohamed88
Abdoul Mohamed Bah
Fax :+233560186150

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Kcd gold delivery offer..

  1. 1. Kouroussa Community Development Address, Adress No 54 Obuasi community Rd, Accra Ghana Tel : +233543160804 Skype: abdulmohamed88 EMAIL: 23th Sep, 2015 FULL CORPORATE OFFER 1. Abdoul Mohamed on behalf of Kourousa Community Development, with full legal and corporate responsibility and under international penalty of perjury, with full knowledge, willing, and able to deliver here in the following: THE BUYER WISHES TO ACQUIRE GOLD BARS FROM THE SELLER, AS SPECIFICIFED BELOW. THE PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: COMMODITY DESCRIPTION AND SPECIFICATIONS: a) Commodity: Gold - Aurum Utalium (AU). b) Form: Gold Bars Capability Quantity 400 Kilos First trail: depend on the capability of the buyer (1-100kgs) Monthly supply (100 kgs) c) Purity: MINIMUM 95%. d) Carats: MINIMUM 22.81 karat. f) Origin: Guinea, Conakry (Available in Ghana now) g) Fixed price: US$ 26,500 FOB (United States Dollars), per kilo h) Commissions Fees: $ 1,500 (To facilitators) PROCEDURE - FIRST OPTION (A) FOB=CONDITION: BUYER OR HIS REPRESENTATIVE WILL BE REQUIRED TO COME DOWN HERE IN GHANA OR TOGO AND MEET THE FAMILY, SIGN LONG TIME CONTRACT AND WITNESS AND INSPECT THE PRODUCTS BEFORE SHIPPING THE FIRST TRAIL SHIPMENT TO BUYER REFINERY. SECOND OPTION (B)- We can arrange a trial order shipment for 1-5 kg of Gold for you while you facilitate the working capital for the Insurance and paper work ,then pay for the complete gold after recieved test and assay in your country. If you can work with the following condition to execute fast first Transaction while you are over there, this will permit us to start our gold business Relationship on CIF and we will start to increase the quantity gradually. Réf: N° SST/GD/A/SEP/2015
  2. 2. I can conclude this arrangement as soon as possible and prepare the 5kg gold ready for shipment. The 1-5 kg shipment will fly with the next available flight from Ghana or Togo to your designated address accompanied by our representative once you are ready and we confirmed the working capital for shipment process. NB: You will send us your full delivery address with passport copy to Prepare the taxes and the shipment in your name and address from the Custom and send copies of the document to you in maximum 48hours to Enable you inform your refinery in advance about the arrival time of The shipment. BUYER AND SELLER WILL SIGN SALES AGREEMENT FOR 100KG AND SELLER PROVIDE CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP, ASSAY REPORT, AND ORIGIN BEFORE BUYER WILL ADVANCE 100% VALUE FOR THE EXPORT DOCUMENTS AND SHIPPING TO BUYERS ADDRESS. SHIPPMENT /DOCUMENTATIONS REQUIRED AS FOLLOW (A) SIGNED COMMERCIAL INVOICE (B) CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP (C) ASSAY REPORT / INTERNATIONALLY ACCEPTANCE (D) CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE. (E) CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN. (F) AIR-WAY BILL (G) EXPORT PERMIT FORMS, (H) BANK OF GHANA A2 FORM. (I)ASSAY REPORT FROM GEOLOGICAL SURVEY DEPARTMENT (J) CUSTOMS CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE ETC. (K) PARKING LIST THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEAR FROM YOU. REGARDS ABDOUL MOHAMED BAH Qty Realised After Assay IS what buyer pays during payment Seller Abdoul Mohamed signature Buyers signature