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Instruction technology

teaching English by technology

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Instruction technology

  1. 1. PowerPoint Instruction technology Template H.Abdolmaleki
  2. 2. Technology •new machines, equipment, and ways of doing things that are based on modern knowledge about science and computers
  3. 3. --- How can I use technology in teaching?
  4. 4. Mobile phone --- •---
  5. 5. --1--camera (photo, video) 2- voice recorder 3- internet explorer 4- software (android, IOS, windows phone, blackberry,…) 5- screen are enough?
  6. 6. of adults have their mobile phone within arms reach
  7. 7. The number of cellphones are 5 times more than PCs
  8. 8. Of Americans surf the net by mobile phone
  9. 9. Of smart phone's OS are android and IOS
  10. 10. of adults have their mobile phone within arms reach
  11. 11. That’s why We talk about smart phones
  12. 12. Smart phone •Smart phone as a camera •Smart phone as a voice recorder •Smart phone as a screen •Smart phone as a net explorer •Smart phone as a computer
  13. 13. Grammar •Record the grammar teaching •Share it in social media or groups
  14. 14. vocabulary •Record the vocabulary teaching •Share it in social media or groups •Ask Ss the taught vocabularies by reviewing picture
  15. 15. photography
  16. 16. archiving •Ss performance (lecture, free discussion etc.) •Your performance
  17. 17. Voice recorder •When camera is unusable •When we need more concentration •When lower space is needed to archive, share, send etc.
  18. 18. screen •To show related picture •To show related video clips
  19. 19. Net explorer •To find related picture •To find related topic •To check vocabulary •To evaluate •To play game etc.
  20. 20. computer •To install related software
  21. 21. Video conference oovoo
  22. 22. Video conference Skype
  23. 23. weblog •To inform your Ss about the plan •To teach details more
  24. 24. •Share video teaching
  25. 25. •Tests & Quizzes •English Reference •Articles •For Teachers •Forums •Tools & Resources
  26. 26.
  27. 27.
  28. 28. podcast
  29. 29. Viber
  30. 30. Thank you