Abdullah Ali Allam
Address: 3 gada st., mohandeseen, Giza, Egypt.
Tele: +202-33048439
Mobile: +2016-0079652
E-mail: abdull...

                  - Siemens (medical):
Medical equipments
Maintenance Engineer 2008
– Troubleshooting &tra...
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عبدالله علي علام

يعمل حاليا في مجال تصنيع احواض العمليات

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  1. 1. Abdullah Ali Allam Address: 3 gada st., mohandeseen, Giza, Egypt. Tele: +202-33048439 Mobile: +2016-0079652 E-mail: abdullahstudent@yahoo.com Education: University of Cairo, B.A.Sc. Systems and biomedical engineering (Electronic Engineering Option) 2007-2008 – Graduated with cumulative Good grade _Graduation year grade:V good. – Relevant courses: Analog circuits,Digital circuits,Microcontrollers &interfacing,Medical devices electronics Graduation project: •ECG Holter: Graduation Project Grade: Excellent Holter system provides 24/48 hours of continuous ECG recording and analysing for detecting heart rate abnormalities which may otherwise go undetected. In our project we designed a prototype of the holter capable of recording ECG and save data on a multimedia card . GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF SYSTEM: The ECG signal is first collected by the mean of three electrodes placed on body which measure potential difference on specific location on the human body, and they form one channel. In The second stage the ECG is amplified and filtered of noise in the ECG amplification circuit and we get asignal in the range from 0.05 to 150 HZ. Signal is then fed to an analog to digital converter to get the digital output entered to microcontroller . The microcontroller is then send data to the memory card (multimedia card) using SPI mode where it is saved. For the displaying of the signals (in a specified period e.g. 24 hours) we saved we transfer data through serial port to PC where a further processing and analysis can be made . We choose AT89C55WD which is 8051 core microcontroller because of its 20K bytes of Flash programmable read only memory since our HEX code file is about 6KB, and its other features. My role was the microcontroller interfacing as collecting data from ADC 0804& send it to MMC in first mode,then sending the data to SPI in the second mode.
  2. 2. Trainig: - Siemens (medical): • Medical equipments Maintenance Engineer 2008 – Troubleshooting &tracing errors in Medical imaging devices as:Xray, CT,MRI _Installing the hardware &software of these devices patient monitoring system with Bluetooth wireless networking technology. • Technomed Company . - July 2007 . - Petroleum Department Employees Hospital. • Abo elreesh hospital of children. August 2005. - -maintenance dept . Cources: Programming Courses : - C + + .(In SysLabNet at Cairo university ,faculty of engineering)2005 - C # .(In SysLabNet at Cairo university ,faculty of engineering) 2006 Hardware courses : - Microcontroller. 2007 Skills: Languages: C/C++, and 8051Assembly Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP Applications: MatLab, Multisim, OpenOffice, MS OfficeXP, Lab Skils: Digital/Analog Scopes, Spectrum Analyzer, Function Generators Miscellaneous: excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills, exceptional problem solving skills, good teams skills Interests Academic: microcontrollers Sports: Playing football and swimming Computers: Currently maintain enjoy building electronics projects at home PERSONAL INFORMATION: Date of Birth: January , 29th, 1985. Nationality : Egyptian. Marital status: single. Military status : postponed