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Dummy activities

construction project management.
explanation of dummy activity with an example

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Dummy activities

  1. 1. Dummy Activity A Dummy activity is an imaginary activity. It does not exist in the Project activities. It is used in the network diagram to show dependency relationship or connectivity between two or more activities. It is represented by a dotted arrow. Dummy activities are a useful tool to implement when the specific relationship between two particular activities on the arrow diagramming method cannot specifically be linked or conceptualized through simple use of arrows going from one activity to another. Activity Preceding Activity D B E B, C Activity D follows activity B. Activity E follows both the activities B & C. Hence, for drawing E, we need to show a connection between B & C. Hence, from B we will draw a Dummy activity on C. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name : Abdinur Omar Mohamud ID:EN0109017