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Presentation of #ASW2012KZ, Astana Startup Weekend, Astana, Kazakhstan, Feb.10-12, 2012 for more info http://astana.startupweekend.org/

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  1. 1. February 10 – 12, 2012 Duman Hotel Astana, Kazakhstan
  2. 2. Housekeeping• Web address: astana.startupweekend.org/• Twitter Hashtag: #ASW2012KZ• Twitter address: @AstanaStartup• Facebookgroup: http://www.facebook.com/astinnovatio ns• Wi Fi: ASW2012KZ
  3. 3. What is Startup Weekend?
  4. 4. Our global Sponsors
  5. 5. Our global Sponsors
  6. 6. Who we are #ASW2012KZ• 52% of the registered participants are above 30 years old.• 62% of the registered participants have no entrepreneurial experience?• 52% of the registered participants have ideas in mind, 12% on paper, 8% initial have business plan, 15% have teams to initiate their projects.
  7. 7. Our Mentors• Peter Sunde (Finland)• Kuat Esenov (Kazakhstan)• Janarbek Matai (Kazakhstan)• Nicholas Savin (Ukraine)• Maja Adriaensen (Norway)• Nurzhas Makishev (Kazakhstan)• Gaurav Agarwal (India)• Max Ischenko (Ukraine)• Erik Holthe Eriksen (Norway)• Catherine Shiang (The US)• Akmaral Omarova (Kazakhstan)
  8. 8. Our Judges• Nyussupov Sayat (Astana Innovations)• Kanat Shakenov (CRDF)• Nurken Khalykbergen (Tele2)• Ivan Ryzhkov (SAP)• Peter Sunde (Finland)• Kuat Esenov (Kazakhstan)• Maja Adriaensen (Norway)• Kanat Iskakov (Kazakhstan)
  9. 9. Schedule Sunday: 9:30. Teams continue to work on prototypes Friday:: of their products 18:00 Registration of participants 13:00 Lunch 19:00 Opening 19:20 Ignite Talks 15:00 Start preparing the final presentation 20.10 60 seconds Idea Pitch 16:00 Presentations by co-organizers 21.30 Vote for the best idea Pitch 16:40 Final presentation 22.00 The formation of teams with the 18:30 Dinner, judicial decisions and awards same interests and projects 19:00 Summing up and closing of the event! 23.00 Start planning for tomorrow Saturday:09.00 The teams develop criteria for their prototypes and begin to develop further its productconcepts.10.00 Mentors arrive to support the teams: questions, doubts, testing ideas, discussion of alternatives13.00 Lunch15.00 The development of business plans: assessment of the market, the cost of service orproduct, purchasing power, competition18.00 Dinner22.00 Testing of products, work on the creation of basic prototypes. Teams gather together and sharetheir thoughts about the products
  10. 10. Question? Read out FAQ athttp://astana.startupweekend.org/ 2012/01/31/faq/
  11. 11. Official SW Facilitator Maja Adriaensen
Bio: Maja graduated with with a Msc in Economics andBusiness and Administration from NHH in 2009, with a majorin Finance. She has been studying Finance at McGillUniversity in Canada, and Entrepreneurship at BerkeleyUniversity, California. She is now project manager for StartupWeekend Norway, responsible for establishing the concept inNorway, while she work on organizing Startup Weekend inPrishtina, and a matchmaking between IT-companies inKosovo and companies in Norway. She is on the board ofNorwegian Entrepreneur Forum and GründerskolenAlumni, and has recently initiated another startupinitiative, Startup Norway.
  12. 12. how to rock a startup in 54 hours and beyond.the CURRICULUM(listen at your own risk)
  13. 13. sundayPresentationsFocus on MVP - what you’ve accomplished (leave the frills for Q&A) No numbers without justification (i.e. hockey stick growth curve) Save demos locally - wireless WILL crash (or preload all pages in different tabs)TECH CHECK & DRY RUN WITH TIMER! (set cues to stay on track) Only 1-2 speakers (saves time)
  14. 14. Read for Idea Pitch?Step 1: Sign up at the Board with AizhanStep 2: Make your sign with your name and #brandStep 3: Present (in Kazakh, English, Russian)Step 4: Listen to othersStep 5: Vote with your “money”Step 6: We pick the winner and get the prize -NETBOOK