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Hassanmuslem cv mor recent

  1. 1. Community ,Occupational &Environmental Physician Iraq, Baghdad Mob.: 00964-790116443 Email to: HASSANABDELHUSSIEN@YAHOO.COM Second E-mail:hassanabdelhussien@hotmail.com Current Position Assistant Director of The Executive office of the Scientific Council of the Arab Board for Medical Specialization 7 of June 2013. Public Health advisor & consultant, Public Health Directorate, Ministry of Health 27th June 2012. Member of International Health Regulation Unit, Directorate of Public Health, Representative of Ministry of Health, November 2012. I- IHR-NFP. PROFILE:  32 years of experience in Public Health, Claims Primary Health Care, Communicable Disease Control &prevention, Office Administration & epidemiology with an internationally reputed organizations in Iraq.  Professionally qualifies M.B.Ch.B from Baghdad University, College of Medicine.  Qualified with Post Graduate Diploma in Community Medicine ,Baghdad University ,College of Medicine  . Qualified with Post Graduate Fellow Ship of The Iraqi Council for Medical Specialization in Occupational &Environmental Health Medicine (O&E)  Management with excellent Administrative skills.  Meticulous approach to work with good organization skills.  Can handle multiple tasks effectively & very much flexible with time.
  2. 2.  Excellent spoken & written communication skills in English in outbreak, Epidemic &Pandemic Situation &public health Crises &events.  Expert in handling people of diverse capabilities, and renowned for being an excellent team player.  Confident and capable of working on own initiative under strict deadlines.  Ability to adapt to new environments and grasp work quickly.  Well organized, systems oriented & have a strong attention to details.  Efficient, smart, reliable and hardworking.  Can work under pressure and meet deadlines. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: 32 years of experience in public health activities &research in epidemiology 1.Ministry Of Defense, Directorate of Medical Affairs, Baghdad Iraq Position: Medical Officer, (June 1978 – Dec 2012) Position: Community Medicine Specialist (public Health Medical Officer) (Novem.1987-1988) Director of the Public Health Section . Director of the Military Medical School for Training Medical Officers. 2. Ministry of Health, Al-Rusafa Health Directorate 2006 – 15-11-2006 Director of the Medical Committees . 3. Ministry of Health –Public Health Directorate.15-11-2006 - 1-7-2013 Director Deputy for Administrative Affairs. Director of communicable Diseases Control Center . Academic& Education Background. Degrees & Qualifications: 1. M.B. Ch. B. College of Medicine, Baghdad University, graduation (19781979.) 2. D. C. M., Post Graduate Diploma in Community Medicine Baghdad/Iraq.1986/1987 College of Medicine, Baghdad University. 3. Post Graduate Fellowship of Iraqi Council for Medical Specialization in Occupational & Environmental Medicine F. I. C. M. S. (O&E), Ministry of Higher Education.2006 4. Certificate of Competency awarded for the successful completion of 3rd IHR Implementation Course (19September 2011t0 26 February 2012) 5. Certificate of Achievement has successfully completed the Basic English Course / Level –B on December 15, 2012.
  3. 3. Job Profile:  Understanding Business Requirement Specifications.  Report to senior manager in various Administrative roles.  Assist the CEO in issues like administration, strategic planning, and communicable diseases prevention &control, primary health care planning ,family medicine approach planning.  Management of environment health including risk management.  Gathering, adapting, storing and distributing information within the health facilities for programs follow-up.  Providing document and telecommunication management.  Planning, organizing, providing leadership and controlling all administrative functions  Contact and coordinate with all types of agencies for health programs implementation.  Conduct initial screening, interviewing and issue preliminary report to manager, concerned to speed up health programs implementation.  Preparing an appointment letters / termination letters etc.  Make draft job description formats and follow up with concerned managers Job Profile: Computer Operator & COMPUTER SKILLS  Attempts and resolve any public health queries in general, and in specific for IHR-information exchange about the Public Health Event of International Concern  Responsible for computer documentation of all the Health events.  Submit reports and queries to the upper management on daily basis  MS Office, Internet, Excel, PPT. PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth Nationality Marital status Languages known Researches& Publications: : 05.11.1953 : Iraqi : Married : English, Arabic (Mother Language)
  4. 4. Preventive system & levels of public health services in military forces, in Iraqi army medical journal, vol.10 no.1&2; 1998 p1-4, language Arabic. The influence of anthropometric factors on blood pressure measurement, kufa medical journal, faculty of medicine, kufa university, accepted872002-153, English language, second author. Changes in blood elements of Iraqi veterans exposed to depleted uranium in gulf war ii, 1991, Iraqi j. Comm. Med.jan.2003, vol.16 (1).2nd researcher, language in Arabic. Participation in many theses &dissertations evaluation and assessment, in addition peer reviewed of many published articles and reports and books reviews. Participation in the preparing the I-FETP Guidelines implemented I n Iraq for the 10 years period.2010. Author of Hajj (pilgrimage) guideline for physicians accompanying Pilgrims in Hajj medical mission to monitor the medical & health of the pilgrims / Public health directorate (2011). Supervisor of the guideline treatment of parasitic &schistosomiasis diseases 2011 CDCC/ Baghdad. Assistant Editor Bulletin of Epidemiology Issued by Communicable Diseases Control Center, Baghdad 2011 Short report & the persisting burden of visceral Leishmaniasis in Iraq): data of the National Surveillance System, 1990–2009. Epidemiol. Infect. Page 1 of 4. F Cambridge University Press 2012 .doi:10.1017/S0950268812000556 (coAuthor) Morbidity and Mortality of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever in Iraq, National Surveillance System, 1990-2010 (Co-author). Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)in Discrimination , Health and Human Rights, on behalf of University , we , the undersigned ,certify that Mr. Hassan ABDULHUSSEIN ,has passed the examinations and satisfied all the related conditions required by the programmed of study and the University Act 9 University of Geneva) , on 13 December 2012
  5. 5. Certification of Participation in the Iraqi Biorisk Management Committee Workshop, 25-30 April, in Amman Jordan. Scientific Conferences presentations &Teaching Experiences An Outbreak of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever in Ninawa, Iraq, April - July. Presented in the 40th Scientific Conference held by Iraqi Medical Association in Sulaimany, 20-2292011, Speaker Participation in Cooperative Biological Engagement Program Science & Disease Surveillance Review 2011. In Germany, Speaker about National Surveillance System in Iraq. The 40th Scientific Conference held by Iraqi Medical Association in Sulaimany Iraq, 20-2292011, Presenter Lecturer of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Iraqi council for Medical Specialization in Community Medicine .2006-2012. Lecturer of Occupational &Environmental Medicine, Arabic council for Medical Specialization in Community Medicine (2006- till now) Scientific & administrative Committees. Head of the Committee in Ministry of Environment of issuing guidance of Environmental Health for the Ministry of Health 2010. Member in the joint Committee with Ministry of Environment to write the Iraqi of Environmental Prediction Report for the previous fifty years .20092010 Member Steering committee on field Epidemiological & Training Program (IFETP) 2009-2012). Member of national committee on school health primary health care department.2009-2012 Member of Ministerial Emergency room for A (H1N1) 2009 outbreak control. Member of emergency room cholera epidemic control/2007-200.
  6. 6. Member of the Community Medicine Consultatory Committee 2013 till now. Memberships: Iraqi community medicine association. Iraqi occupational health and safety association. Iraqi Tuberculosis (TB) society. Member Iraqi Medical Association Iraqi Family Medicine Association Employment History Residency in al-Rasheed military hospital (1979). Senior house officer in public health department of directorate of medical affair (1982). Medical officer in battle field medical units (1982-1986). Post-graduate study for diploma in Community Medicine College of medicine Baghdad University (1986-1987). Specialist medical officer in army in field military units (1988-1999). Director of public health department in Salah El-den Hospital (1999-2000). Director of public health department in directorate of medical affairs (20002001). Post- graduate study in occupational & environmental medicine (2002-2006). Director of medical committee section in Al-Rusafa directorate (2006). Deputy of the director general of the public health & primary health care directorate / ministry of health. For the administrative affairs.2007-2009
  7. 7. Director of the communicable diseases control center Baghdad- Iraq 2009 27thJune 2012. National Conferences participation The [international Committee of the Red Cross], Seminar in War Surgery jointly held by ICRC of the Iraqi Military Medical Services 6-8 1993 in Baghdad.VER Inter governmental meeting on pandemic Influenza preparedness, (Sharing of Influenza Viruses and Access to Vaccines and other benefits. Geneva, (20-23 November 2007). The 1st Public health scientific conference 23th -24th October (2008).Baghdad/Iraq Accreditation of hospital and health institutions workshop (May 2010) Baghdad. Speaker in Iraq & regional health summit (21th -22th May) 2010 Istanbul/ Turkey. Participant in (TOT) course in sustainable development in the college of (Technology3-13 April 2010). Iraqi food &safety workshop, July 24-27, Baghdad/ Iraq held in collaboration with ISEP, CRD Global Iraqi Zoonotic Diseases Stakeholder Workshop 22-27 March 2012 Erbil-Iraq. Symposium organized by the Swedish Trade Council at the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad on March 19, 2012. Reduction of Biological Threats Workshop(Baghdad) Iraqi National Monitoring Directorate/ Ministry of Science& Technology 28-29 May,2012. Participating in the setting essential accreditation standards in Iraq hospitals and PHCs conference 2009 Alman sour Hotel Iraq. Accreditation for Iraqi medical college workshop, Iraq, (12-13 -2010).
  8. 8. Joint working session on Basic Health Services Package, Iraq, (17 Feb-2010). Advance food safety training in collaboration with Iraq Scientist Engagement program (ISEP) in Baghdad, Iraq (19-23 Sept. 2010). Conference on project Management Plans for Adaya Burial Site Hosted at the UN Compound, Erbil, and May 27-28, 2013. U.S.-Republic of Iraq Senior Level Facilitated Discussion Situation Manual, 18-19 June, Baghdad, Iraq Alnahrain Center for strategic studies. International Conferences participations: Inter- governmental meeting on pandemic influenza preparedness Geneva, Switzerland 20-23 November 2007. MOH in Iraq on Collaboration with WHO is organizing a technical & administration meeting on the implementation of Global Fund grand to fight tuberculosis in Iraq , Amman ,Jordan (10-12 July 2007). Intergovernmental Meeting on Pandemic Influenza preparedness Geneva, Switzerland (2008). Training course in law skills & Arab administrative development organized in Istanbul Turkey (4-13 February 2008). Regional workshop on updating national strategies and plans of action on workers health, Manama, Bahrain (5-7 may 2008). Participation in Public health Surveillance during mass gatherings first workshop Organized by EMPHNET &CDC / Amman – Jordan (25-29 Sept 2010). Participation in Iraq & Regional Health summit, 20-21 Jan 2010 Istanbul. Turkey. Participation in the 6th Global Scientific Conference TEPHNET, Mon 13- Fri 17 December 2010, Cape Town, South Africa. 13. Participation in Bio-Defense and Emerging diseases Research Meeting 25-112010, Washington DC, Visiting CDC Georgia, Atlanta, USA.
  9. 9. Head of the group in Biorisk Management Committee Workshop, April 25May 1,2013-05-23,Amman Jordan References: 1. Professor Dr. Walid Al Tawil (PhD) Occupational Environmental Medicine Email- walidaltawil@yahoo.co.uk 2. Professor Dr. Mohammed. J. Kadhim (PhD) Occupational Environmental Medicine Al Mustansiryia University/ College of medicine/Department of community medicine. Email- mohamjawad@yahoo.com 3. Professor Dr. Hakmit Jamil (PhD) Occupational& Environmental Medicine Wayne state University/college of Medicine/Department of Occupational Environmental medicine. E.Mail:hjamil@med.wayne.edu 4. Assistant Prof Dr. Hilal Jassim (PhD) Occupational Environmental Medicine Ministry of Labor/Occupational Health Safety CenterE.Mail:hilaljassim@yahoo.com. 4. Dr.Hassan Hadi Baqer Al- Kazazz. DG, Public Health Directorate MoH .Email - bh_r@yahoo.com Note- any document about any statements mentioned above can be supplied on request