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  1. 1. Page 1 of 2 Abdullah Muhammad Abdul-Fattah Mallaha Elgededa, Suez, Egypt Phone: (010)65583895 Email: LinkedIn: PERSONAL PROFILE: Obtain a suitable position as a Mechanical Engineer that satisfy my ambition and my goal. The main objective of any engineering process is high-quality and high productivity with the lowest possible costs through modern scientific methods. This is my target in addition to work on the continued development of this process. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Excellent working knowledge using Microsoft Office Suite; MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook and MS Access, Hydraulic Systems at Rexroth Company, Automation Studio, Solid works and rotating equipment. Employment History: Suez polyester company, Suez, Egypt 1st July 2014: 24th July 2015 Assistant technical manager Duties: Responsible for mechanical maintenance in plant and improve the maintenance system, therefor the following action to facilitate and improve the maintenance process.  Built Equipment Hierarchy and made code for all equipment.  Built preventive maintenance plane for the plant (daily, weekly, and annually).  Implementation alignment for all coupling in plant.  Built time between the failure system and increase the quality of maintenance.  Built Inventory system.  Apply autonomic maintenance for rolling equipment. Achievement:  Increase the productivity from 600 ton per month to 655 ton per month.  Provision in the maintenance budget by 33%. Nasr petroleum Company, Suez, Egypt May 2014: Aug 2014 Training in operation department (prepaid)  Training in operation department as operation engineer (pumps and compressors). Petroleum Pipelines company, Suez, Egypt Jan 2013: Mar 2013 Training in maintenance department (prepaid)  Have contributed in maintenance centrifugal pumps and compressors EDUCATION / TRAINING: Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Department, Higher Technological Institute Tenth of Ramadan city with total GPA 2.53 out of 4. Graduation Project: Study of Stability of Lifted Diffusion Flame. Grade: Excellent
  2. 2. Page 2 of 2 Etaqa Steam Power Plant, Suez, Egypt Jun/2012: Aug 8/2012  Practical study for each component of steam power plant (Pump, Boiler, Turbine, Condenser).  Overall maintenance for pumps and Turbine Welding Academy, Cairo, Egypt Jun 2011: Aug 2011  Welding position and Joint  welding defects  Non Distractive Test (MT, PT) Petroleum Pipelines Company, Cairo, Egypt Jun 2010: Aug 2010  General knowledge about the company and the component of the company (Tanks, Pumps, Compressors, Boilers, pipelines and valves. COURSES  Maintenance Planning & scheduling Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers ( the program was held from November 1th to 12th , 2015) – 20 Hours  Rotatory equipment Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers – Suez branch ( the program was held from March 8th to 25th , 2015) - 18 Hours  The Preparation Program for Fresh Graduate Engineers, Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers – Suez branch ( the program was held from October 11th to 27th , 2014) - 24 Hours  Hydraulic Systems, Yasser Fahmy for hydraulic systems (September 7th to 15th ,2014 ) - 36 Hours  Pumps operation and maintenance, Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers – Suez branch (May 11th to 18th , 2014) - 18 Hours  Compressors operation and maintenance, Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers – Suez branch (April 20th to 29th , 2014) - 18 Hours Life Makers Association, Egypt Aug/2013- Current  Logistics of “Bedayet Hayat “project.  Public awareness of smoking and drugs danger.  Self-improvement trainer.  Team building and communication skills trainer.  Logistics team member of the ceremony of “Egyptians have good manner. Personal Data:  Marital Status: Single  Date of Birth: 9/12/1990  Nationality: Egyptian  Military States : Exempted


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