Food Safety Testing - ABC Research Laboratories Capabilities


Published on Food safety testing, including microbiology and chemistry testing is just the start for the capabilities of ABC Research Laboratories. We'll show you the opportunities available when you partner with a full service ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. We specialize in produce safety, seafood safety, nutritional labeling, product development, appliance benchmark testing, FDA detention resolution and much more. Talk to one of our friendly food testing experts now at 1.866.233.5883 or contact us at

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Food Safety Testing - ABC Research Laboratories Capabilities

  1. 1. ABC Research Laboratories Capabilities Presentation
  2. 2. Introduction to ABC Established in 1967 One of the largest & fully comprehensive ISO 17025 accredited independentfood testing laboratories in the United States
  3. 3. Overview of Capabilities• Microbiological Testing• Chemical Testing• Product and Appliance Quality Testing and Consulting Services• Sensory Testing• Forensic Testing• Importers - FDA detention services• Prime™ Client Convenience Services• Expert Consultation and Support
  4. 4. Graphic Overview of Capabilities Microbiological Testing 24/7 Access to Chemistry Results TestingPrime™ Client Quality TestingConvenience Services Sensory Analysis Custom Results Reporting Forensic Testing FDA Import Detention Resolution Expert Support
  5. 5. ABC-R Prime™ Client Convenience Services• Nation-wide Sample Collection• Saturday Sample Receiving• Superior Overnight Shipping Rates – ABC Sampling Kits• Client-specific Courier – Available daily to periodically• Rapid Turn-around Times• In-process sample tracking and test results – 24/7 via ABCs data management system (Using Internet Explorer)• Data delivery into your Quality Management Database
  6. 6. Microbiological Testing• Pathogens and Microbial Quality Indicators – STEC, Salmonella, E.coliO157:H7, Listeria, Shigella, Campylobacter, Vibrio, Legionella, Enterobacter• Environmental Pathogen & Sanitization Monitoring• Custom Research Studies* – Shelf life, pathogen/inoculation challenge studies – Process validation, antibiotic resistance – Pack comparison (packaging, MAP, antimicrobial additives) – Cooking & cooling validations – In-plant Microbial Intervention Validation – Disinfectant/Sanitizer Efficacy Studies• Expert Consultation Services* – Process Authority – Microbiological Composition Analysis (MCA) – Microbial Risk Assessment & Pathogen Modeling• Potable & Non-potable Water Testing (includes irrigation and process water)*See Appendix for details
  7. 7. Chemical Testing• Characteristic Tests: Proximate Analysis, pH, Water Activity• Nutrient content – Database Analysis • Direct data feed of results available with Genesis nutritional database analysis – Chemical Testing• Antibiotic Residues• Pesticide Residues• Heavy Metals• Preservatives• Allergens and Toxins• Adulterants/Contaminants
  8. 8. Product and Appliance Quality Testing and Consulting Services• Product Specification development – Drafting Specification documents and values – Increasing precision of Specification ranges• Compliance to Product Specification• On-going Product Quality monitoring• Shelf-life Determination and/or Validation – Accelerated Shelf Life Studies• Cooking Method Validation• TruPerform ™ – Appliance testing for advertising claims• Claim Validation
  9. 9. Sensory Testing• Sensory Tests Types, with some examples: – Likeability - 5 or 9 point Hedonic scales – Difference - Difference from Control, Triangle, Duo Trio – Preference - Forced Choice – Descriptive Analysis – Product Sensory Mapping• Panelist – Trained • QDA and Spectrum trained panels – Untrained – Wide-range or Focused Demographics – 10 – 200 Panelist per day• Sensory Testing Facilities – 5 private bays – Color-masking lighting
  10. 10. Forensic Testing• Foreign material identification – Including animals filth, insects, and amphibians• Unknown identification• Product defect examination• Species identification – DNA testing for seafood• FDA – light and heavy filth analysis• Economic Adulterants• Contaminants: – Foreign Objects – Hydraulic Fluids – Sanitizers
  11. 11. FDA Import Detention Resolution Testing and Services• An Exclusive Team dedicated to the FDA detention process – 1st goal – get your product to market • DWPE – testing for all Import Alerts • RED LIST – increased cost & delays • GREEN LIST – ultimate goal• Expedited sampling throughout the U.S.• With the Compliance Officers and FDA Review Labs Nationwide – Established/recognized/accepted – Respected for our science and packet submission details• Services & guidelines for removal from DWPE• Highly regarded by FDA attorney’s and Customs Brokers Nationwide• Free consultation for removal from DWPE
  12. 12. Expert Support• Chief Scientific Officer – Our “go to” expert for all food safety assessments – Supported by PhDs, food scientists, chemists, and many other scientific specialists• ABC has a dedicated team for each of the following market segments: – Restaurant/Foodservice – Meat and Poultry – Fresh Produce – Seafood – Nutritionally-enhanced Products – Import/Export
  13. 13. Capabilities via Partners• HACCP Plan Development and Validation• Reverse Formulation Determination• Many others…just ask us!