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Many Immigration Lawyer Advantages as Specialisation in Immigration Law Becomes the Norm


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Immigration law in Australia is vast, complex and highly regulated to the extent that general lawyers are unable to keep up with it. This has lead to specialisation that has many Immigration Lawyer Advantages for people or organisations needing help with skilled or employment migration, family reunions or humanitarian migration.

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Many Immigration Lawyer Advantages as Specialisation in Immigration Law Becomes the Norm

  1. 1. Many Immigration Lawyer Advantages as Specialisation inImmigration Law Becomes the NormImmigration law is one of the most difficult and complicated professions within our legalsystem, and one that is little understood by the average Australian who has not needed itsservices or intervention. Exposure to immigration law for people outside the legal professioncan happen as a result of being an advocate for someone wanting to emigrate, a care workerlooking after refugees, or someone who needs access to an immigration lawyer through someunexpected life event. For anyone in these circumstances, the advantages of seeking the adviceof a specialist in this complex area should be obvious.The sheer volume of legislation and accompanying processes surrounding immigration law iscause for this to be a specialist area within the law generally. However within immigration lawitself, there are areas of further specialisation that require more expertise than standardLawyers Brisbane can provide.Typical areas of specialisation are skilled migration, family migration, business migration andrefugee law, and as these are all equally complex, with caseloads increasing each year, it isimpossible for a single lawyer to be fully versed professionally in all areas. General lawyers arealso using immigration law specialists as consultants in cases where they have an existing clientwith an immigration problem. By accessing assistance, they are still providing a service to theirclient, but also creating networking opportunities with immigration specialists that benefit allparties.This continual move towards specialisation is being assisted by the strengthening ofprofessional standards, and the requirement for lawyers wanting to practice in this area toattend continuing legal education classes. The Law Society of NSW and the Law Institute ofVictoria have also established specialist accreditation programs and raised the level ofprofessionalism. A group of immigration lawyers have established a professional body calledThe Immigration Lawyers Association of Australia (ILAA).Along with the already existing State regulations which regulate legal practice throughout thecountry, these initiatives will provide more opportunities for professional development inimmigration law, and attract young lawyers to the profession. Compulsory registration withstate authorities and the requirement to have professional indemnity insurance is providingconfidence that there are avenues of redress for clients in any dispute. While theseregistrations also apply to general Solicitors Brisbane, they lack the specialist knowledge topractice in immigration law.
  2. 2. The Immigration Lawyer Advantages of this additional professional development is bettermanagement of the skilled and business migration programs. The community will also benefitthrough understanding humanitarian programs and family reunification schemes. Immigrationlaw is an area that has been little understood for a long time, and with these initiatives,ordinary Australians may gain some unbiased insights into how these laws work to protect all ofus.