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Accepted Through Immigration – Australian Social Customs the Next Challenge


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Australia has been very successful at accepting people from other cultures into the country and encouraging them to become productive and loyal citizens. For people arriving here through Immigration – Australian Social Customs must sometimes seem very confusing but the rewards are there for those willing to ask questions and try new things.

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Accepted Through Immigration – Australian Social Customs the Next Challenge

  1. 1. Accepted Through Immigration – Australian Social Customs the Next ChallengeIt is difficult for people newly arrived in a country to learn the culture and customs, but anyeffort put into learning the ropes will be returned ten-fold when the new arrivals start to feelconfident in most work and social situations. For the thousands of migrants who enter Australiathrough Immigration, Australian Social Customs must appear to be a complete jumble ofcontradictions and variations. It must seem that just as they have a handle on one particularaspect of our culture, they encounter something else that seems at odds with what they know.A good example is the advice that making eye contact is considered to be a sign of respect whenmeeting someone in Australia. However, the other side to that advice is that it is rude to stare atsomeone. Is it any wonder new arrivals get confused! Even the Lawyers Brisbane working in theimmigration industry find this a common issue that confuses people from other cultures.Australians could appear to be a little “stand-offish” to people who come from cultures where itis customary to kiss on both cheeks or hug as a greeting even when people don’t know each otherwell. Shaking hands with the right hand extended is the correct greeting, with other approacheskept for family and friends.Clothing is another area that new arrivals find confusing. 96% of Australia’s population livewithin an hour’s drive of the ocean, so swimming and beach culture is very important. Skimpybeachwear is perfectly acceptable and should not be interpreted as a reflection of the moralstandards of the wearers. People are free to wear a wide variety of clothing and if new arrivalswear their national dress, that is also accepted.A ritual that assures acceptance into a social circle is an invitation to an event, and again thereare Immigration Australian Social Customs that need to be observed. Written invitations requirea written response, regardless of whether or not the person will be attending. If an invitation to ameal is accepted, and the invitee has dietary restrictions for religious reasons, simply state thaton the invitation response and the host will not be offended.However, one sure way for people new to Australia to upset the locals is to exhibit impolitebehaviour. For a country that is laid-back and accepting of differences, behaviour consideredrude and ignorant will elicit a quick, loud and very public admonishment. Examples includepushing in ahead of others, not responding with a “please” or “thank you” in appropriate placesand spitting onto the footpath. The latter behaviour, particularly, could see the new arrival inneed of help from Solicitors Brisbane.As a country that has welcomed millions of people from other countries and cultures, Australiahas had great success at creating an environment where people are accepted and encouraged totake citizenship. If the new arrivals make the effort to understand our culture and customs too,they will enjoy their new lives and get along just fine.