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Letter From the Chair                                Dear Reader,                                I am happy to say that 20...
aBC Leadership                                                                                                            ...
LeGaL NeWs  IRS Offers Amnesty   to Employers WhoMisclassify Employees asIndependent ContractorsT           he Internal Re...
LeGaL NeWsPotential DrawbacksEmployers currently undergoing any audit regarding questionable            workforce developm...
LeGaL NeWs          New Enforcement Procedures For         Investigating Workplace ViolenceO         n September 8, 2011, ...
LeGaL NeWs “The directive defines workplaceviolence as violent acts (including  physical assaults and threats ofassaults) ...
LeGaL NeWs                                                                                            in the event of a vi...
BIC Alliance: One-stop shop                                                                                  to run a “dua...
iNdustry NeWs  Houston’s Economy Remains Among theNation’s Best Performers      Houston’s Performance Part of a         Br...
PROFESSIONAL               SHORING & SUPPLY                    Your Complete Rental Resource!          steel trench shield...
iNdustry NeWs                                                                    September 2011, or half a percentage poin...
Our construction team              relationshipsbuilds                         by providing clients with solutions based o...
14   •   Build Houston Magazine •   December 2011 / January 2012
Cover story                                           CEMENt, WAtER, ROCk ANd ROllCON                                     ...
FiNaNCiaL NeWs         Soothing the Health         Care Cost HeadacheW              hatever your view on the recent passag...
FiNaNCiaL NeWshealthy group. The self funded program utilizes high deductiblecatastrophic insurance to offset large claims...
FiNaNCiaL NeWsWarranty & ResponsibilityB       usinesses with a fleet of vehicles could save thousands       of dollars ea...   Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012   •   19
saFety NeWs                  Party time!L       ast holiday season, the manager of the maintenance       department of a m...
saFety NeWsoverloaded electrical circuits or dry Christmas trees ( safety ...
saFety NeWs              do you have      Vitamin C Safety deficiency?L     ots of people have ailments in life; some beca...
Build Houston December 2011
Build Houston December 2011
Build Houston December 2011
Build Houston December 2011
Build Houston December 2011
Build Houston December 2011
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Build Houston December 2011


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Build Houston December 2011

  1. 1. Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012 • 1
  2. 2. Letter From the Chair Dear Reader, I am happy to say that 2011 has been a very successful year for the ABC Greater Houston Chapter! This success is due to the outstanding participation of our members and the dedication of the ABC staff. In the beginning of the year, we were expecting some challenges that would make it difficult to reach the 2011 goals set before the association. Despite a dire economic outlook for the construction industry, the hard work and efforts of our members helped the association not only achieve but exceed our goals. During the planning session for 2011, we wanted to make some changes to events and committees. One of the committee changes was the creation of the Young Professionals Committee, which attracts new leaders into active roles within the association to ensure continued growth and energy. We also implemented some changes in our speaker line up this year and attendance for these events was outstanding. The ABC National Economist, Anirban Basu, gave a presentation on the economic adams outlook for the construction industry in which he stated that Houston remains one of the brightest areas of the country for the construction industry. This year, the Excellence In Construction Awardsdrew over 400 attendees who recognized 46 projects that demonstrated the abilities of ABC members in building the best and highestquality projects in the Houston area.The Greater Houston Chapter, ABC of Texas and ABC National have been working to influence the political arena to benefit our membersin conducting business in a fair market. This year was a year that demonstrated these efforts with the success ABC had on the Statelevel—passing 9 bills that ABC supported which made changes favorable to our members. Also, in this previous Texas Legislature, ABCof Texas passed two bills that originated from the Greater Houston Chapter. ABC National, along with the Free Enterprise Alliance(FEA) and Political Action Committee (PAC), influenced the elections of Congressional members, nationwide, who have views that arealigned with free enterprise. I urge ABC members to stay active in the 2012 political year because our organization can and has madea difference on Election Day.For me, this year has been very fulfilling and I have enjoyed my time as Chairman of ABC. It has been an honor to serve as the 2011Chairman of ABC Greater Houston. I truly enjoyed getting to know all the individuals and companies that are active within ABC duringmy term. I want to welcome Dwayne Boudreaux as the 2012 Chairman and will give him all the support that he requests.Neil Adams2011 ABC Greater Houston ChairmanSenior Project ExecutiveGilbane Building Company Mark Your Calendar For The Following Events and Training Opportunities!December 7 - ABC Membership Orientation January 11 - Inaugural DinnerDecember 8 - 4 Hour Electrical Renewal January 12 - 2012 Construction Leadership Form BeginsDecember 10 - Rigger Performance Verification (hands on) February 6 - CMEF Board Meeting/Planning ConferenceDecember 13 - PAC Holiday Party March 12 - Spring Golf TournamentJanuary 10 - Lee College Registration Visit or scan the Quick Reference Code with2 • Build Houston Magazine • Decemberyour Smart Phone for more information. 2011 / January 2012
  3. 3. aBC Leadership Chairman Neil adams Gilbane Building Company Chairman Elect december 2011/January 2012 turner industries Group, LLC Vice Chairman Lohn Zylicz d.e. harvey Builders FEATURES: Secretary tim ricketts Cajun Constructors, Inc. Pave Today, Drive Today: Satterfield and Pontikes provides an Treasurer alternative to traditional paving through Rollcon, LLC tasos Banos TDIndustries Learn how Satterfield and Pontikes’ subsidiary Rollcon LLC is cutting days Past Chairman and even weeks off of projects with their roller-compacted concrete Wayne Navarro process. (P15) S&B Engineers & Constructors 2011 Board oF direCtors Mike Abshire Fugro Consultants, Inc.DEPARTMENTS: Brian Anderson G.R. Birdwell Construction Barry Babyak Austin Industrial, Inc. Roger BerryLEgaL NEws SpawGlass Construction Corp. Kevin Bordelon4 IRS Offers Amnesty to Employers Who Misclassify Employees as Independent Contractors Zachry Industrial, Inc. Jeff Burnett Marsh & McLennan Agency6 New Enforcement Procedures For Investigating Workplace Violence Art Canales Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing Matt DanielINDusTRY NEws Skanska USA Building Inc. Darlene East Holes Inc.10 2012 and Beyond: Houston’s Economy Remains Among the Nation’s Best Performers John Golashesky Turner Industries Group, LLCFINaNCIaL NEws Tom Kramer Manhattan Construction Company Tad Lewis McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.16 Soothing the Health Care Cost Headache Bruce Marek Marek Brothers Systems, Inc.18 Fleet Management: Warranty & Responsibility John Marshall Satterfield & Pontikes Constr. Inc. Joe MendyksaFETY NEws Turner Construction James Morris Jacobs20 Party Time! Safety Concerns to Think About During the Holiday Season Bob Nussmeier Baker Concrete Construction, Ind. Jim Owrey22 Do You Have a Vitamin C Safety Deficiency? E. E. Reed Construction, L. P. Rodney Page Ref-Chem L.P.assOCIaTION NEws Pat Pollard Tellepsen Industrial24 ABC Members Recruit 27 New Members Using Social Media Campaign Wendell Rychlik W.T. Byler Company Billy SpiesIN ThE KNOw KBR Christina Stone Gaughan, Stone & Thiagarajan26 People On The Move; Special Recognition; Project News & Company News Jody Vowell Accurate Comfort Systems USA Mark Williams INDEx OF ADVERTISERS Foster Wheeler USA Corp. Ronnie WillsAggregate Technologies Inc. ................................ 12 Memorial Hermann Southeast ............................ 25 Aggregate Technologies, Inc.BIC Alliance .......................................................... 9 Mobil Steel International, Inc. ............................. 8Cokinos, Bosien & Young ..................................... 16 Porter Hedges LLP ............................................... 13 Build Houston Magazine 3910 Kirby Drive, Suite 131Craig & Heidt, Inc................................................. 17 Professional Shoring & Supply............................. 11 Houston, Texas 77098Digitex Corporation ............................................. Insert Rig-Up Services, Inc. ............................................ 7 (713)523-6222 www.buildhoustononline.comE3 Electric, Ltd. .................................................... 5 Safety By Design .................................................. 13 Publisher/Owner: Associated BuildersExperTox .............................................................. 17 Satterfield & Pontikes Construction .................... 15 & Contractors of Greater Houston Executive Editor: Jennifer WoodruffHoles Incorporated .............................................. 14 Scott-Macon, Ltd. ................................................ 6 Assistant Editor: Diem LeISC Constructors, LLC ........................................... 28 TCA/The Compliance Alliance L.P. ....................... 19 Account Manager: Janice Peters Graphic Design: Woodruff / LeMarek Brothers Systems, Inc. .............................. 12 Texas Mutual Insurance Co. ................................. 7 Interested in Residential Construction News? Call the Greater Houston Builders Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012 • 3 Association and ask about Houston Builder Magazine at (281) 970-8970.
  4. 4. LeGaL NeWs IRS Offers Amnesty to Employers WhoMisclassify Employees asIndependent ContractorsT he Internal Revenue Service (IRS) launched a new Voluntary Compliance Settlement Program (VCSP) to enable employers to resolve worker misclassification issues bypaying a small amount of tax in exchange for reclassification ofindependent contractors as employees on a forward-going basis.See IRS Announcement 2011-64. To be eligible for the VCSP, anemployer must: • Consistently have treated the workers in the past as nonemployees; • Have filed all required Forms 1099 for the workers for the previous three years; and • Not currently be under audit by the IRS, the Department of Labor, or a state agency concerning the classification of the workers at issue.Eligible employers may apply by filing Form 8952, Applicationfor Voluntary Classification Settlement Program, at least 60 days “Eligible employers may apply bybefore they want to begin treating the workers as employees. TheIRS will first determine whether the employer is eligible, and, if filing Form 8952, Application forso, contact the employer to complete the process. The IRS retains Voluntary Classification Settlementdiscretion to reject any employer from the VCSP, even if the Program, at least 60 days beforeemployer otherwise meets the basic eligibility criteria. they want to begin treating theThe Benefit workers as employees.”Employers who participate in the VCSP must agree to prospectively • Will not be subject to an employment tax audit withtreat the class or classes of workers as employees for future tax respect to the previous classification of the workers beingperiods. In exchange, the employer: reclassified under the VCSP. • Will pay only 10% of the employment tax liability that would otherwise have been due on compensation paid Participating employers will, for the first three years under the to the workers for the most recent tax year, determined program, also be subject to a special six-year statute of limitations, under the reduced rates of section 3509(a) of the Internal rather than the three-year limitation period that generally applies Revenue Code (IRC); to payroll taxes. In addition, while no payment is due with the • Will not be liable for any interest and penalties on the application, full and complete payment will be due at the time the amount; and VCSP closing agreement is returned to the IRS. 4 • Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012
  5. 5. LeGaL NeWsPotential DrawbacksEmployers currently undergoing any audit regarding questionable workforce development agency into a claim for unemploymentclasses of workers should think carefully about participating in the benefits would constitute an audit for purposes of the VCSP. TheVCSP. By applying for the VCSP, employers forego their rights to IRS will likely provide further clarification of how the VCSP willassert “safe harbor” relief under Section 530 of the Revenue Act work, such as whether unemployment benefits audits constituteof 1978 in the future, and thus potentially maintain independent an audit or whether the three year statute extension applies tocontractor status for the workers. Also, if the IRS does not accept all employment taxes or only the particular classification at issue.the employer’s application to participate in the VCSP, a roadmaphas been provided to the IRS for a future audit. Of further Firmwide:104497828.1 800000.1000concern, however, is that the three-year extension of the statuteof limitations appears to apply to employment taxes generally,and not merely the classification of workers subject to the VCSP, aBOuT ThE auThOR:which may be a deterrent to employers agreeing to apply for the G. Mark Jodon, a shareholder in Littler Mendelson’s Houston office, is board-VCSP. certified in labor and employment law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Mark can be reached at (713) 652-4739 andIn addition, if an employer is not currently under audit but has undergone an audit, the company may still be eligiblefor the VCSP if it has followed the results of the audit. It is unclear, JodoNhowever, whether a cursory investigation such as one by a state TAKE CHARGE WITH THE BEST Whether it’s new construction, a tenant build-out, complete electrical retrofitting or even a single E3 Electric, Ltd. switch, our region’s best general contractors rely on E3 Electric for a full array of proven capabilities. Founded by highly respected industry leaders, E3 is among the most professional, dedicated and responsive electrical contractors in Texas. Simply put, calling E3 could be one of the best connections you’ll ever make. Design build Conceptual and alternate budgets E3 Electric, Ltd. Experienced. Efficient. Effective. Generator installations, stand-by and permanent 4545 South Pinemont Drive 24x7 emergency service Illumination retrofits Houston, Texas 77041 Bus duct reconfigurations Medical (713) 622-1222 Infrared heat tracing Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012 • 5
  6. 6. LeGaL NeWs New Enforcement Procedures For Investigating Workplace ViolenceO n September 8, 2011, the federal Occupational Safety at employees by customers, and Health Administration (OSHA) issued its inaugural clients, patients, etc.); (3) co- written enforcement directive for incidents of workplace worker (violence againstviolence. The directive will be used by OSHA in evaluating whether co-workers by a currentto conduct an investigation into allegations of workplace violence. or former employee);Moreover, the directive lists inspection procedures to be followed and (4) personalby compliance officers while conducting inspections as well as (violence in workplace bypotential methods of abatement available to employers. a non-employee who has a relationship with an“Violence” Defined employee).The directive defines “workplace violence” as “violent acts(including physical assaults and threats of assaults) directed high-Risk Industriestowards persons at work or on duty.” The directive lists four The directive detailscategories of workplace violence based upon the relationship numerous risk factors thatbetween the perpetrator and the target of the workplace indicate the potential forviolence. These include: (1) criminal intent (violent acts by people workplace violence, including:who enter the workplace to commit a robbery or crime or current (1) working alone or in small numbers; (2) working late at nightor former employees who enter the workplace with the intent to or during early morning hours; (3) working in high crime areas;commit a crime); (2) customer/client/patient (violence directed (4) guarding valuable property or possessions; and (5) mobile workplaces. The directive advises that inspections “generally shall not be Founded 1973 considered” based solely upon threats by co-workers, but further states that such incidents may be referred by OSHA to the “BUILT ON A TRADITION OF SERVICE EXCELLENCE” appropriate criminal enforcement agency, the Equal Employment SALES ● RENTALS ● SERVICE ● PARTS Opportunity Commission, or the National Labor Relations Board. Inspections may be initiated following a complaint, referral, fatality or catastrophic event (hospitalization of three or more employees) involving an incident of workplace violence. Inspections are more likely in high-risk industries or workplace settings that include the DEMAG cited “risk factors.” Employers also may face citations for potential AMERICAN ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES workplace violence issues during programmed inspections. Controls The directive lists potential engineering or administrative controls available to employers to minimize or eliminate the risk of workplace violence. A few of the more obvious engineering controls include alarm systems, panic buttons and hand-held alarms. Employers with such devices also need to arrange for a reliable response system. Other engineering controls include metal detectors, closed-circuit recordings on a 24-hour basis, curved mirrors at hallway intersections or concealed areas, and locking of doors (in accordance with fire codes). The directive states that administrative controls include changing management practices and procedures to reduce hazards, establishing liaisons with local police and state prosecutors,6 • Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012
  7. 7. LeGaL NeWs “The directive defines workplaceviolence as violent acts (including physical assaults and threats ofassaults) directed towards persons at work or on duty.”requiring employers to report all assaults or threats, maintaininga log book of all reported assaults or threats, and advising Texas Mutual Insurance Companyemployers of procedures for requesting police assistance or filingcharges.Prevention ProgramsThe directive provides advice on how an employer can develop © 2011a written workplace violence prevention program. These stepsshould include: (1) adopting a policy statement regarding potentialviolence in the workplace that assigns oversight and preventionresponsibilities; (2) performance of a workplace violence hazardassessment and security analysis; (3) development of workplaceviolence controls; (4) implementation of a recordkeeping systemdesigned to report any violent incidents; (5) training employees onthe company’s workplace violence program; (6) annual reviews ofthe program; (7) development of procedures and responsibilities (Continued on Page 8) Reduce Your Costs and Workplace Injuries. We Help You Build a Stronger Business. CompGroup AGC combines your business with other commercial construction businesses to provide workers’ comp premium discounts and job-specific safety resources. As a member of the CompGroup AGC safety group, eligible businesses may also qualify for both group and individual dividends and receive a discount for choosing the healthcare network option. To learn more the CompGroup AGC workers’ comp safety group, ask your agent. Visit, call Julie Schatz at (800) 406-9614 or email Dividends are based on performance and are not Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012 • 7
  8. 8. LeGaL NeWs in the event of a violent incident; and From High-rises to Historic Bridges (8) development of a response team to provide immediate care for victims, re- M establishment of safe work areas, and debriefing sessions with victims and co- workers. It is also important to immediately retain counsel following any act of workplace MOBILSTEEL violence. To prove a violation of the General Duty Clause, OSHA is required to show that workplace violence was a recognized hazard in the industry and that there are feasible means of abatement. The extent and manner in which a workplace violence inspection is managed by the employer will directly impact its ability to defend against OSHA citations and other potential civil or criminal proceedings. Reliable • Flexible • Quality Steel Fabrication When a Texas grocery chain needed steel fabricated for floor-to-ceiling platform racks in their new state- of-the-art refrigerated warehouse, Mobil Steel was up to the tall task. When Galveston‘s railroad needed to remain open to critical rail traffic, Mobil Steel rapidly southerLaNd supplied the fabricated steel foundation structure, aBOuT ThE auThOR: stairs and supports. Mobil Steel is proud to be part J. Alfred Southerland’s practice at Ogletree of an innovative industry to grow the Texas economy, Deakins focuses on labor and employment- related litigation before state and federal rebuild historic Galveston Island, and reconstruct courts and agencies, including claims involving America’s infrastructure and economy through equal employment opportunity laws, unfair labor practices, wage and hour issues, quality steel fabrication capability. unemployment compensation, wrongful discharge, state law tort and contract claims, occupational safety and health matters, and immigration. He also counsels clients regarding developments in the areas of counseling and discharge issues, workers’ U.S. Small Business Administration compensation, family and medical leave, wrongful discharge, restrictive employment covenants, and compliance with the Yo u r S m a l l B u s i n e s s R e s o u r c e immigration laws. To reach Alf Southerland, call 713-655-0855. 13830 South Wayside • Houston, Texas 77048 • (713) 991-04508 • Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012
  9. 9. BIC Alliance: One-stop shop to run a “dual-path” when representing sellers, maximizing value for its clients. helps your company grow BIC Recruiting Since BIC Recruiting’s first placement A family-owned and operated company since 1984, BIC Alliance’s mission is to “connect people in business and industry keting plan, hiring the right people and ac- quiring businesses (or obtaining capital for expansion). BIC Alliance Founder and CEO in 1999, its focus has been on sales and marketing management, general manage- ment with P&L expertise and mid- and with one another for the betterment of all.” Earl Heard and his partner and son-in-law, senior-level sales executives. By working In a business setting, better usually means Thomas Brinsko, have developed a unique with its investment banking affiliate, BIC growth. When a company looks to grow, it business model to help businesses accom- Recruiting has expertise in the placement can do so in three ways: an aggressive mar- plish all of these growth opportunities. of C-level executives for employers in ex- isting as well as new positions where merg- BIC Magazine ers and acquisitions have occurred. BIC BIC Alliance publishes the “BIC Mag- Recruiting has grown tenfold since 2009. azine” (Business & Industry Connection) 10 times a year. BIC reaches 120,000 mid- BIC Media Solutions and upper-level managers and executives BIC Media Solutions is a communi- in the refining/petrochemical, drilling and cation, training and event planning divi- exploration, pipeline, marine, terminal, sion within BIC Alliance. It offers custom pulp and paper, power generation and publishing of books about individuals and heavy construction industries. organizations and sales and marketing training manuals. It also provides turnkey IVS Investment Banking event planning services and training via IVS Investment Banking is the merger seminars and keynote presentations. BIC Alliance Founder and CEO Earl Heard, left, and acquisition matchmaking, investment For more information on BIC and his partner and son-in-law, Thomas Brinsko, banking and recapitalization affiliate of Alliance, contact Earl Heard in Baton have developed a unique business model to help businesses accomplish growth opportunities. BIC BIC Alliance. Through relationships and Rouge, La., at (800) 460-4242 or Alliance, along with its sister companies — IVS In- interest from strategic buyers such as BIC Thomas Brinsko or Jeremy Osterberger vestment Banking and BIC Recruiting — has recently Alliance members and the limited uni- begun to expand its presence in the upstream, mid- in Houston at (281) 538-9996 or visit stream, heavy construction and maritime industries. verse of private equity groups, IVS is able Great things happen when business and industry connect Your Connection for Business Connecting Buyers and Sellers Your Talent Acquisition Connecting Buyers and and Industry News of Energy Related Companies Connection Suppliers through Marketing, Communication and Training With over 120,000 readers, IVS Investment Banking offers BIC Recruiting finds the most BIC (Business & Industry complete investment banking qualified candidates for our BIC Media Solutions offers custom Connection) Magazine is the services to help buy, sell or clients’ open positions including book publishing; training manual Western Hemisphere’s largest grow companies in the upstream, executive management, sales development; management, multi-industry, multi-departmental midstream and downstream and marketing, plus other key sales and marketing training; energy publication. BIC Magazine energy sectors, as well as the positions in the upstream, creative services; event planning; targets key decision makers in power generation and pulp midstream and downstream and keynote presentations on the upstream, midstream and & paper industries. IVS has energy sectors. BIC Recruiting leadership, entrepreneurship, downstream energy sectors, as completed over $180 million has grown tenfold since 2009. thinking outside-the-box, well as the power generation in transactions since 2008. the “people secret”, the art and pulp & paper industries. of listening, and more. For more information, contact Earl Heard in Baton Rouge at 800.460.4242 or Thomas Brinsko or Jeremy Osterberger in Houston at 281.538.9996. Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012 • 9
  10. 10. iNdustry NeWs Houston’s Economy Remains Among theNation’s Best Performers Houston’s Performance Part of a Broader Lone Star StoryT exas’ ability to add jobs more rapidly than the balance of rates below 8 percent. In contrast, communities such as El Paso, the country has attracted national attention for at least Beaumont, Brownsville, and McAllen wrestle with unemployment two reasons. The first is political, since one of the major rates still in double-digits.presidential contenders hails (again) from the Lone Star State.The second is economic, with many people from other parts As one of the first major metropolitan areas to emerge fromof the nation attempting to determine why Texas has been the recession, Houston continues to be one of the nation’sdisproportionately successful and whether this success can be and Texas’ strongest economies. According to the U.S. Laborreplicated. Department Bureau of Labor Statistics, from September 2010 to September 2011, nonfarm employment rose 2.7 percentTo a certain extent, much of Texas’ good fortune cannot be in the region compared to the national increase of 1.1 percentmimicked. Various analysts are now terming the next major and the statewide increase of 2.4 percent. Among the 12 largestgrowth industry in America as Energy Technology or ET, a play metropolitan areas in the country, Houston ranked second bothon the concept of Internet Technology (IT). Texas for reasons of in terms of year-over-year percentage job growth and net jobshistory, corporate presence and geology is able to play a larger added, trailing only Dallas along both dimensions. Houstoniansrole in the ET industry than perhaps any place in the nation, can take heart, however, in the fact that their football team iswith Houston serving as a major center of innovation within this much better. Unemployment in Houston stood at 8.6 percent inindustry category.On a year-over-year basis through September, Texas added248,500 jobs, or 2.4 percent to job totals, ranking the state 5thin the nation in terms of percentage job growth and second inabsolute terms (California; 250,700). Sectors experiencing thelargest year-over-year increases were professional and businessservices (+68,200); mining and logging (+38,800); construction(+35,400); and leisure and hospitality (+21,500). The biggestlosses occurred in government (-33,700) and information (-5,700).The state’s construction industry now supports nearly 6.3 percentmore jobs than it did a year ago, strong indication that the broadereconomic recovery is increasingly translating into constructionopportunities.Unemployment in Texas stood at 8.5 percent in September, or0.5 percentage points below the national rate of 9 percent. Theunemployment rate in Texas would be even lower but for thefact that many jobseekers are relocating to Texas to take partin what is perceived by many to be the deepest labor marketin the country. The communities of Midland, Amarillo, Odessa,Lubbock, San Angelo, College Station, Victoria, Abilene, Longview,Austin, Wichita Falls and San Antonio each boast unemployment (Continued on Page 12) 10 • Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012
  11. 11. PROFESSIONAL SHORING & SUPPLY Your Complete Rental Resource! steel trench shield manhole shield slide rail system quicksheet™ guideframe gas monitors build-a-box™ modular hydraulic vertical shores pipe plugs Other Supplies: your complete rental resource • Aluminum Shields p s p s • Road Plate s s • Porta-Tank™ • Bedding Box • Fall Protection • Electric blower/hose • Gas blower/hose Steve Hanley, General Manager • Manhole guard Houston 2515 Galveston Rd. Official Distributor: Houston, TX 77017 LONE STAR BRANCH Office: 713-671-2551 Fax: 281-715-5860 Mobile: 713-702-9273 Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012 • 11
  12. 12. iNdustry NeWs September 2011, or half a percentage point below the national average. The steadily growing regional economy is increasingly apparent in local real estate data. During the third quarter of 2011, net office space absorption in the Houston area totaled 1,598,223 square feet and the regional office vacancy rate has fallen for a third consecutive quarter to 15.4 percent. Demand in the West Houston submarkets is unrelenting. According to CB Richard Ellis, several large leases were signed in the Energy Corridor and Katy Freeway submarkets during the third quarter, including BP, Nexen and General Electric. Looking ahead For now, the pace of recovery for the nation’s construction industry remains soft. According to McGraw-Hill Construction’s Dodge Report, new construction starts are forecast to be approximately $412 billion in 2012, essentially the same as in 2011. Growing private construction continues to barely offset shrinking public construction. In fact, in September, nonresidential construction in the United States slipped 0.1 percent on a monthly basis. However, certain segments are better poised for stronger growth. Leading the way in recent months has been construction related to the nation’s power industry, which expanded more than 21 percent over a recent twelve-month period. The energy of America appears to be in energy, and the growth of this economic segment has been particularly impactful in a number of states, Commercial Interior Specialists including Texas. Helping General Contractors meet Healthcare represents another likely candidate for economic today’s challenges with a trained and expansion. This is true for a number of reasons, including thawing credit markets, the nation’s demographics and healthcare reform, qualified workforce. which will continue to increase the number of Americans with Setting the standard for insurance and therefore enhance utilization. workforce development in the commercial construction industry: On the Job Standardized Training aBOuT ThE auThOR: NCCER Journeymen Anirban Basu was named Associated Builders Certification and Contractors (ABC) chief economist in February 2008. His primary responsibility is Program to provide ABC with timely, comprehensive Career Pathways analyses of important trends in the U.S. commercial and industrial construction English on the industry. Basu produces ABC’s electronic Jobsite Initiative economic news report, Construction Economic Update, which includes an analysis 2115 Judiway Drive of the following federal government economic Houston, Texas 77018 indicators upon their release: construction 713-681-2626 spending, employment, producer price index Basu and gross domestic product.12 • Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012
  13. 13. Our construction team relationshipsbuilds by providing clients with solutions based on experience. 1000 Main Street, 36th Floor H o u s t o n , Te x a s 7 7 0 0 2 PORTER HEDGES LLP, ATTORNEYS AT LAW Phone: (713) 226-6000 Fax: (713) 228-1331 S p e c i f i c r e s u l t s d e p e n d o n t h e f a c t s o f e a c h m a t t e r. Porter Hedges – Construction Group Ad ABC Build Houston - Dec-2011/Jan-2011 issue 7.5 x Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012 • 13
  14. 14. 14 • Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012
  15. 15. Cover story CEMENt, WAtER, ROCk ANd ROllCON Satterfield & Pontikes Construction Introduces the Perfect Alternative to Traditional PavingP aved today…you can drive on it today. Concrete paving without the concrete price. With roller-compacted concrete, you enjoy these impressive benefits and many more.A subsidiary of Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc. (S&P),Rollcon LLC offers complete planning, design and constructionsolutions for roller-compacted concrete (RCC) paving projects,and Rollcon’s ability to self-perform provides greater projectcontrol and more competitive pricing.“RCC is not a complicated process,” Rollcon’s managing partnerChris Gwyn explains. “We mix aggregate, cement and water in anon-site continuous portable pugmill. The mixture is transportedby dump truck to a high-density paving machine. The mix isplaced with a screed from the back of the machine, then is furthercompacted with a roller to obtain the proper density.” Continuous portable pugmill used to mix aggregate, cement and water. “Any time that we can cut even days or of the recent RCC Symposium. weeks off a project, it makes a huge positive Among the many attendees RCC advantages Over impact on the community.” Traditional Concrete and was Ken Norsworthy, Asst. Chief Construction Manager asphalt Paving – Clinton Bailey, City Engineer • Faster construction for the Port of Houston Authority. “Our first project City of San Angelo • Economical and cost- of RCC started in 2006,” he effective states. “Currently, Rollcon • Less maintenance and S&P are going to placeRoller-compacted concrete is a fast, economical construction the next phase of the project,system that is typically less expensive than conventional concrete • High strength and durability, longer- which is Gate 3.”and more durable than asphalt. RCC requires no forms, finishing,texturing, reinforcing, joint sawing and sealing. RCC is perfectly lasting Clinton Bailey, City Engineersuited for paving large expanses, such as truck yards, military • Minimal manpower for the City of San Angelo,and maintenance facilities, parking lots, container terminals and required also attended Rollcon’saircraft parking areas. It is also becoming more widely used on demonstration. “We’re lookingcity and residential streets. for long-term paving options, something other than asphalt. Lower maintenance, betterRollcon was asked to conduct an RCC demonstration at the Port of longevity, ease of construction, competitive pricing. Any timeHouston Bayport Container Terminal for more than 100 attendees that we can cut even days or weeks off a project, it makes a huge positive impact on the community.” David Pittman of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers adds: “The Corps of Engineers needs it. The public agencies need it.” Rollcon, LLC is on a roll. Its client list continues to steadily grow along with its geographical reach. Though local to Houston, Rollcon’s crews and equipment stand ready to travel to locations anywhere in the U.S. for both public sector and private industry clients. Learn more about Rollcon, scan this code with your smartphone. Paved today – ready to drive today. Involves minimal Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012 • 15
  16. 16. FiNaNCiaL NeWs Soothing the Health Care Cost HeadacheW hatever your view on the recent passage of the Health Care Reform Bill (PPACA), there can be no argument that health care in America is expensive.With the cost of health insurance on the rise, businesses big andsmall are struggling to provide a decent plan for their employees;and a good benefits program is vital for companies who are tryingto recruit skilled talent and retain key employees.The issue of health care has become a real headache. What is abudget strapped employer to do to maintain this benefit? hospital information, doing your research before making decisions can increase your chances of lowering your health care costs. Solutions to reduce the cost of health care should be considered,and there are several ways you can cut your health insurance costs LOwER YOuR LEVEL OF hEaLTh INsuRaNCE COVERagE wIThfor yourself and your employees without giving up your coverage. hIgh DEDuCTIBLE PLaNsHere are a few tips. By increasing your plan’s deductible amount, your monthly premiums will be lower and the savings in monthly premiumsBE aN INFORMED CONsuMER could end up being more than what you spend out of your pocket.Whether choosing an experienced benefits professional, shoppingCBY ABC ad-Oct.Nov.issue:Layout 4 8/31/11 12:47 PM Page 1for the lowest health insurance rates or looking up medical and sET uP a hEaLTh saVINgs aCCOuNT An H.S.A. is tax-free savings accounts for medical expenses. Both employees COKINOS, BOSIEN & YOUNG and employers can contribute to the CONSTRUCTION LAW and REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT account, and it must be coupled with a high-deductible health plan. With Cokinos, Bosien & Young this method, the policy holder gets the once again places at the top of necessary insurance coverage, while Texas construction law firms the H.S.A. provides the means to fund according to Chambers USA– the leading publisher of the additional out-of-pocket costs on a directories and rankings for the pretax basis. The money in H.S.A.’s can legal profession. be carried over from year to year and is In addition to recognition for portable. the firm, select attorneys have also been named in the Chambers 2011 rankings. EXPLORE MINI-MEDICaL PLaNs CONGRATULATIONS TO Gap Plans offer a viable low cost alternative to expensive, comprehensive Gregory Cokinos, Richard Flake, Patrick Wielinski and major medical insurance. Unlike major Stan Curry for being honored medical insurance, many Gap Plan in Chambers USA 2011 CBY designs do not base their benefits on Again. actual charges incurred and actually & pay based on a fixed benefit indemnity amount when various health care COKINOS, BOSIEN & YOUNG Attorneys at Law services are utilized. FOUR HOUSTON CENTER • 1221 LAMAR ST., 16th Floor HOUSTON, TX 77010 sELF FuNDED hEaLTh INsuRaNCE 713-535-5500 • Fax: 713-535-5533 • This is one method to save dollars HOUSTON • DALLAS-FT. WORTH • SAN ANTONIO on insurance premiums if you have a16 • Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012
  17. 17. FiNaNCiaL NeWshealthy group. The self funded program utilizes high deductiblecatastrophic insurance to offset large claims, and the smallerclaims are paid from a fund for claims by an administrator whoreceives fees. It is important to do a present program needanalysis and review your claims history prior to making thedecision to self fund. “The self funded program utilizes high deductible catastrophic insurance to offset large claims, and the smaller claims are paid from a fund for claims by an administrator who receives fees.”LIVE a hEaLThY LIFEsTYLESeek free or low cost advice on maintaining a healthy diet andfollowing an exercise plan. Encourage your employees to attendwellness seminars, take advantage of free health screenings atlocal clinics or health fairs. Wellness programs have been provento effectively reduce healthcare costs, help cut down on employeeturnover and decrease absenteeism.Considering any of these tips just may alleviate your rising healthcare cost headache! Christ tayLor aBOuT ThE auThOR: Christ Taylor Insurance is a 50 year old Houston-based Employee Benefits andIinsurance brokerage firm and member of ABC. We provide solutions to small and medium size companies in the areas of healthcare and other benefit packages, as well as life insurance and retirement plans. Contact the Christ Taylor team at 713-850-7747 or Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012 • 17
  18. 18. FiNaNCiaL NeWsWarranty & ResponsibilityB usinesses with a fleet of vehicles could save thousands of dollars each year in repair expenses just by reading and following the recommendations spelled out in thewarranty booklet that comes with every vehicle. But all too oftenthe warranty booklet stays tucked away unopened in the glovecompartment until the business finds out that the warranty willnot be honored by the manufacturer due to negligence or lackof required preventative maintenance. And, by then it’s too late.Each manufacturer’s warranty is different and even the same components, including air conditioning, but not maintenance andmanufacturer’s warranty can vary year to year, so it’s important wear-and-tear items such as brake pads, alignments and fluidto stay up-to-date especially as new vehicles are added to a replacement services; powertrain covers everything from thecompany’s fleet. What may have been covered previously may engine and transmission-transaxle-transfer case to front-wheeleither no longer be covered or required intervals for preventative and rear-wheel drive assemblies.maintenance may have changed. In addition to other warranties that may cover emissions and “Each manufacturer’s warranty safety components, sheet metal corrosion and rust-through, there may be provisions for roadside assistance, towing for is different and even the same mechanical breakdown, and transportation assistance if a vehicle manufacturer’s warranty is not operable and must be kept overnight for warranty repairs. can vary year to year, so it’s However, coverage can be denied if the manufacturer’s important to stay up-to-date recommended maintenance is not completed or if there are other signs of neglect or abuse. For example, in addition to regular especially as new vehicles are oil changes, it’s just as important to check the oil level in your added to a company’s fleet.” vehicle’s engine on a regular basis. Similarly, it’s important to understand that a vehicle with extended idle times requires oil changes at much shorter intervals than generally recommended.If the vehicle’s warranty booklet is lost or misplaced, it may bepossible to access the information on the manufacturer’s website. The bottom line is that the quickest and easiest way for a businessMost, if not all, manufacturers also have a toll free number that to avoid paying for unnecessary repairs or those that may alreadyyou can call to order an additional booklet. Although there may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty is to be familiar withbe a small charge for the booklet, it is a lot less expensive than not the warranty coverage for every vehicle in its fleet, require driversqualifying for warranty coverage on an expensive repair. to adhere to all recommended maintenance schedules, and document with receipts work done on every vehicle.Working with a professional fleet management company that isfamiliar with every manufacturer’s warranty can help a businessstay up-to-date with required maintenance schedules that aBOuT ThE auThOR:comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations. In addition, Stephen McNair is Vice President for Enterprisebecause each and every receipt for work done on a vehicle may be Fleet Management in Houston and can be reached at 713-465-7800, ext. 131. He is supported bydocumented and recorded by the fleet management company, if an experienced team of veteran mechanics anda dispute arises over warranty coverage, having a comprehensive accredited Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) technicians to serve the fleet maintenance needsdetailed record makes a huge difference. of businesses with mid-size fleets.The most common warranties are bumper-to-bumper andpowertrain. Bumper to bumper covers a majority of the vehicle’s mCNair18 • Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012
  19. 19. Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012 • 19
  20. 20. saFety NeWs Party time!L ast holiday season, the manager of the maintenance department of a major airline received a call from her upper line manager that one of her workers had been found incoma conditions in the tail of the airplane. He had sequesteredhimself off in the tail before takeoff and flown that way for overa thousand miles. The skin of the airplane at normal cruisingaltitude is about -40 Fahrenheit. He had hoped to die. He didn’t.The worker had been quiet but in no way under-performing so themanager never suspected a thing. typically more expensive distilled spirits and off premises drinkingNovember marks the beginning of the holiday season and, no went down in 1970.matter your faith, this is a festive time of year. But even with allthe festivities, holidays are riddled with tensions, too. Sometimes Further, there are other studies, only one of which is quotedthis is a very lonely time of year for those who have suffered losses herein, which suggest that other forms of inexpensive pleasureor setbacks or increased financial stressors. Further, with workers seeking and self-medication rise during times of social stressorsand employers alike struggling with the effects of a seriously including recessions and holidays. These include everythingcrippled economy, everyone is likely facing a leaner holiday table from simple entertainment like going to the movies, to cosmeticthis year. procedures to make one feel better, to workplace affairsii, or the illegal use of other types of substances to self-medicate. These allWhile the authors of two reports I will quote hereini conclude add to the typical holiday stress.that there is no definitive trend proving an increase in alcoholconsumption during recessions, these “conclusions” are in direct Please raise awareness among your workers this holiday seasoncontradiction to the statistics quoted within the authors’ own for the common holiday-related hazards so that the festive spiritarticles. So, I’ll ignore their conclusions and share just the facts need not be marred by tragedy in your workplace:with you from the Gallup poll and the BOE (Bureau of Equalization)studies which they used as their source documents. • Conduct training sessions about the hazards of drinking and driving and encourage your employees to plan NOW “According to these studies, for a designated driver and a safe approach to their holiday beginning in 2010—as arguably parties • Remind those who plan to host parties, whether employers or the worst recession of modern employees, that providing unchecked access to alcohol and times hit our country—alcohol then allowing your attendees to drive away in that condition has often caused the liability to fall back onto the hosting consumption in America hit an all- employer or individual when it came to criminal negligence, time high and has continued.” should it be determined that an accident occurred due in whole or in part to the alcohol consumption. • Be alert to signs that your workers or loved ones may beAccording to these studies, beginning in 2010—as arguably suffering from the holiday blues, especially for those whothe worst recession of modern times hit our country—alcohol have had recent setbacks such as loss of jobs, reduction ofconsumption in America hit an all-time high and has continued. pay due to economic conditions, illness, divorce, or loss ofFurther, students of American history will note that during 1970, loved ones.which contained serious recession conditions in all four quarters,alcohol consumption of wine and beer was up in the public and Finally, let’s remember to circulate this good old YouTube reminderprivate sectors throughout the year. Only consumption of the about the fire hazards of the holiday season whether they are20 • Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012
  21. 21. saFety NeWsoverloaded electrical circuits or dry Christmas trees ( safety first this holiday season to ensure a truly festiveyearend.i aBOuT ThE auThOR: Tara Hart Amavi is the Founder and President of TCA/The Compliance Alliance L.P., which ranked #20 on Houston’s 2007 Top 50 Fastest Growing Woman Owned Businesses. TCA has provided services to almost 1000 companies nationwide and TCA tools, methods and means have been ranked #1 in the world for managing contractor safety. Named one of the Who’s Who in Safety by Compliance Magazine, Ms. Hart is a sought after public speaker and has appeared on local and national radio and television programs. Ms. hart Hart may be contacted at tara@tcamembers. 067603 6/26/06 11:05 AM 713.263.7661. com or Page 1 Even if your business has just a few vehicles, that’s still a fleet. And managing that fleet is taking time away from your business. At Enterprise Fleet Services, we specialize in fleets like yours so you can spend your time doing what you do best. We’ll assign a dedicated account team that will design a program that’s right for you. A program that takes advantage of services like vehicle disposal, loss control coordination and maintenance plans. Put your work week back to work. Call us today for a free detailed analysis of your fleet. (713) 465-7800 ©2006 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company. 067603 6/06 KR Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012 • 21 Size: 7.5 x 5 Non-Bleed 4-Color High Res Images Output at 100%
  22. 22. saFety NeWs do you have Vitamin C Safety deficiency?L ots of people have ailments in life; some because of life style and some because of neglect. Many of life’s problems may be due to vitamin, mineral or nutritional deficiencies.Would you believe that companies can have the same problems?Well almost the same. Let’s discover some of the problems. Ahealthy dose of Vitamin C Safety might be the remedy.Vitamin C Safety DeficiencyNo. 1: Effective communicationsYears ago when teaching a course for ABC, EffectiveCommunications was the topic. For communications betweenthe home office and the various field locations, e-mails, faxes andtelephone messages may not be effective. For employees andstaff in the field, phones and computers may not be the best toolsto get constant and consistent messages. For that reason, a direct concrete pours. It is hazardous work with many known hazardsmessage from one person to another is needed. As we say in the and many more unknown. When the foreman was asked howfield, “straight from the horse’s mouth”. Direct talk usually clears the record was accomplished, he gave some unusual answers.the air and gets issues on a level playing field. The first thing he did when a new crewman was assigned to him was to sit down in a quiet place and in one-on-one discussionFor fun at a meeting, try playing the game of ‘gossip’. It will teach discover all about the new worker. The talk would cover wherethe group about effective communications. Just whisper to one the person was from, about his family, hobbies and interests,person your message and ask them to whisper it the next person; where he had previously worked and other personal questions.then the next and next until the message has gone around the Next the foreman would pull a photo of his family out of his walletroom and is repeated to the original sender. This will show the and show the new crewman his loved ones, explaining that thiswhole group how things become out of context and confusing. is the reason he works: to provide and care for his family. TheNormal communications or lack thereof needs some continuous conversation went on revealing much more about both parties.improvement. Effective communications works when you give a Near the end of the conversation, the foreman explained tomessage to a hearer and then you ask the hearer what was said. the worker that this crew was a “Zero Injury Crew”. Further heWhen giving safety tool box instructions, I used to tell the crew, explained that they did not permit at-risk work or at-risk behavior“Now, tell me what I told you”. Use of this method takes all the and that if the new worker did not believe that he could workguess work out of instruction. safely from the first moment in the crew, the foreman needed to know it before work began. If the worker declared that he couldNo. 2: Caring not work safely, he was not allowed in the crew. Mr. ForemanA wise mechanical engineer friend once told me: “Until employees never accepted a worker that could not, by his own admission,know how much you care, they don’t care how much you know”. work safely. Showing that you care for each person so much thatThat statement has resonated with me for many years in the you will not allow them to work is vitally important at the business. I’ve found it to be truer and more usefulthan many other profound gimmicks and quotations used in the No. 3: Commitmentfield. A true follower of supervision on a jobsite is one who has Who can commit at-risk behavior? Workers? Yes, of course.determined that the boss cares about the workers. In 2010, What about management? Can leaders commit at-risk behavior?during a training session at a large construction work site, it was Yes, again. How is that you might ask? Well, delay in purchasingdiscovered that a civil foreman had worked for over ten years the correct personal protective equipment is one way. Failure towithout any of his crew experiencing an injury of any type. That approve a certain training class is another. Failure to support thephenomenon extended for over 100,000 work hours. The crew field is another. So yes, management can be the ones committingperformed work in trenches and excavations building forms for at-risk behavior. 22 • Build Houston Magazine • December 2011 / January 2012