SharePoint Saturday - Belgium 2012 - Joris Bollen on "How Governance can help your SharePoint project"


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Implementing SharePoint is more than a good project plan. You need governance to maintain the system, but you have to make sure that all rules and guidelines don’t kill the spontaneity of the users and that they actually still want to use the system.
This session at SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2012 is about considerations and pitfalls on a good governance plan.

Joris, a founding partner at Beyond-it, has been a SharePoint consultant for more than 10 years. With a background of several Line of Business applications like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, he likes digging into processes. He likes helping the customer to find the best solution.
Today he works as a functional consultant advising and helping large customers how to implement SharePoint; analyzing, architecture, governance, change management, …)

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SharePoint Saturday - Belgium 2012 - Joris Bollen on "How Governance can help your SharePoint project"

  1. 1. #SPSBEHow Governance can help your SharePoint project #SPSBE03 Joris Bollen - Beyond-it
  2. 2. About me: Meet Joris Bollen
  3. 3. In this session, we will:•••
  4. 4. When implementing SharePoint…•• • • • ••
  5. 5. But… it’s still a project! Project Business Analysis Planning InformationObjectives Case Architecture (SharePoint) project Layout Communi- Strategic User ROI Design cation Plan Plan Training for Mngmt.
  6. 6. For SharePoint: extra attention goes to: User Policies Adoption (SharePoint) project Procedures GOVERNANCE
  7. 7. 10 steps to ensure SP project success1)2)3)4)5)6)7)8)9)10)
  8. 8. What is governance ? responsibilities roles Technology Business Goals policies processes
  9. 9. Bottom up approach…••••
  10. 10. Translate to Business Language• • • • • • • • • •
  11. 11. Eg. Vision• Make it easier for people to work • Make it easier for people to work together together by providing a centralized location for people to find what they need• Enable collaboration • Enable collaboration by having open communities and information/knowledge sharing through wikis, blogs, forums• Document management • Document Management by allowing for security controlled locations that can be• Portal used for versioning • Portal by combining the disparate X number of home-grown intranet solutions• Eliminate (reduce) email • Eliminae (reduce) email by … • Increase ROI by• Increase ROI
  12. 12. So, what’s a Governance Plan?••••••
  13. 13. Balance Technology with Policy Technology Policy
  14. 14. Why do you need a Goverance Plan?•••••
  15. 15. Business Drivers Efficiency Risk Gains Mitigation $ $
  16. 16. Types of Governance Model• •• •• •
  17. 17. The Balancing act Establish some guidelines to keep users on track but keep the rules short and simple to avoid stifling creativity
  18. 18. Make it digestible…
  19. 19. What should be in there ?•• •• • • • • •
  20. 20. Scope & Expectations••• • • •
  21. 21. Believe Statements (Management)• We believe governing board members add value to our organization• We believe that our board must initially be involved in shared management, but• We are committed to a board that does not micromanage the portals day- today operations• We believe our board functions best when all members engage in productive• dialogue• We believe that the priorities for the business must be our• We believe a 21st-century portal must focus on accountability• Our board should always know: • 1) where are we now in meeting our goals, • 2) where we need to be to meet our goals • 3) the best strategy to meet our goals• We believe that board, administrators, and users should have a shared understanding of goals, options, risks, and threats, and that all energy should be focused on our productivity and success• We believe our success, in part, depends on building a trusting and supportive organizational culture, which is focused on results.
  22. 22. Believe Statements (Users)•
  23. 23. Roles & Responsibilities•••••
  24. 24. And don’t forget…
  25. 25. Architectural Model•••••••
  26. 26. Information Architecture••••••••
  27. 27. Support Model•••
  28. 28. Balance Functionallity with Support FunctionalitySustainability (everything has a cost) whopays for what.. also needs to go throughapproval process Support
  29. 29. Communication Plan•••
  30. 30. Training••••
  31. 31. Other possible items•••••••
  32. 32. Governance Guidelines
  33. 33. Tips: Where to go to ?
  34. 34. Tips: The SharePoint Information Center• • • • • • ••
  35. 35. Tips: the Governance Police••••
  36. 36. Tips: the Governance Police
  37. 37. Tips: the Governance Workgroup•••
  38. 38. Information / sources••••
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