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The Rogerthat multiple choice messaging platform


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waarop we telkens een boeiende gastspreker uitnodigen over een actueel onderwerp.

Op 17 januari kwam Car D'Halluin van Mobicage spreken over 'The Rogerthat multiple choice messaging platform'.

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The Rogerthat multiple choice messaging platform

  1. 1. Rogerthat PlatformEasy to use structured interactive communication between organizations and persons
  2. 2. Overview Rogerthat Platform Markets Message Flows QR Codes API Roadmap & competitive comparison Partner ecosystem Contact
  3. 3. Rogerthat Platform Rich Messaging Platform for smartphones Send easy-to-use interactive forms to your audience Automate your user interaction Internal: organization members External: partners, customers, consumers, citizens, patients
  4. 4. Markets Field force automation  Balloting Recalling coworkers or  Clinical study interims  Patient treatment fidelity Emergency alerting  Government Scheduling, reminders, quizzes, questionnaires  Classifieds Customer Intimacy  Ads Customer Service  Warranty certs & rebates Customer Support
  5. 5. Automating your communication Server API for individual messages  Message tracking  Alarms  Remote message control Server API + UI for message flows  Design message flows without programming  Gather results Initiated by user (poke, QR code, web link)
  6. 6. Message flow Designer
  7. 7. Message flow Designer
  8. 8. Message flow Designer
  9. 9. QR Codes Communication initiated by user Option #1: In-app poke button Option #2: QR Codes
  10. 10. Deployment XMPP also possible for a firewall friendly setup
  11. 11. JSON-RPC API Example
  12. 12. Using the Rogerthat API Protocol  JSON-RPC  HTTP(S) or XMPP Open source libraries  Java library  .NET library Extensive example code (Python, PHP, Java, .NET)
  13. 13. Product suite Rogerthat Platform QR Codes Message Flow Designer You can be a service inside the Rogerthat app:  Android (1.5 & higher)  iPhone (iOS 4 & 5)  In-browser messaging White label  App  In-browser messaging  Private community  Self-hosted (*)
  14. 14. Roadmap Extend cross-platform support  Win desktop  Win mobile  Blackberry Payment button Track & Trace Private server Picture upload
  15. 15. Partner Ecosystem OEM partners and Integrators Partner / Integrator / Mobicage Reseller Customer A Customer B Customer C White White labeled Service inside labeled App Rogerthat app App
  16. 16. Get a free trial account now! Mobicage NV Antwerpsesteenweg 19 9080 Lochristi Belgium +32 9 324 25 64