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Questionnaire findings Precious Kings


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Questionnaire findings Precious Kings

  1. 1. I decided to collect primary research through the use of a questionnaire as if done correctly, this method of data collection can help to accurately generalise information and speak on behalf of the target group being researched. I based my questionnaire on 5 relevant questions which were age specific to a target group of 15-19 year olds. The reason I conducted Primary research and chose this target audience is due to Paul Well’s findings of young people in this age group being interested in the horror genre more than any other category as they enjoyed the blood and gore the most. This research should help me gain a better insight on the expectations that my target group have, enabling me to make my horror trailer most appealing to them seeing as they are the main audience.
  2. 2. In order to save valuable time, I decided to only hand my questionnaires out to people who enjoy and watch horror as the answers and opinions provided by people who do not would have been irrelevant for this particular study. Here are the questions that I asked: What interests you about the horror genre? When answering this question, most of the participants stated that they like the build up of tension, uncertainty and how they are always on the edge of their seats scared as to what might happen next. This shows that horror films have a good reputation of keeping the audience engaged and concentrating through out as they do not want to miss anything important as they are drawn into the narrative. Some also mentioned how they like the thrill of being scared and jumping out of their seat when watching a horror. I decided to ask this question as I felt it useful to know what it is that the audience look for in a horror enabling me to know what aspects I should include in my own. Because of these findings, I will now attempt to include some of these points such as building tension and trying to keep the audience engaged with an interesting narrative for the final horror trailer.
  3. 3. What type of horror movies are more appealing to you and why? Psychological, Paranormal, Slasher, Fictional, Non Fictional or Other. From my findings, I discovered that the majority of participants that preferred to watch psychological horrors were female. Most of the reasons given as to why they preferred this was because they enjoy the way the hybrid genre is successful in playing on their worst fears causing it to feel more realistic. I also discovered that the vast majority of participants that preferred slasher horrors were male. The majority also stated that they prefer this because they enjoy the action, blood and gore that can all be found in this hybrid genre e.g. Saw (2010). This also supports Laura Mulvey’s male gaze theory which is the claim that men like to view more sexualized versions of women in films which are found especially in slasher horror films. I decided to ask this question in order to find out what subgenre of horror would be most appealing to my target audience enabling me to choose the most appropriate for my own horror trailer. Through these findings, I have decided to incorporate some elements of the psychological and slahser horror hybrids genres into my trailer.
  4. 4. In your favourite horror film what elements did it have that made the experience more appealing? The majority of people stated that that the storylines were believable which they enjoyed as it made the experience more realistic. Some also stated that the narratives were creative and interesting and they couldn’t guess what was going to happen next like many other horrors our there which can be very predictable. Others also stated that the acting was great and the actors/actresses fit the characters very well – again making the horror film more realistic as they felt like they could relate to the characters. In your least favourite horror film, what elements did it have that made the experience less enjoyable? The majority of people stated that the narrative was boring and very predictable causing them too feel unengaged and disconnected with the characters involved – having a negative effect of the film as a whole. Others also stated that some of the acting in certain scenes was over done and unrealistic. I decided to ask these questions so that I could incorporate some of the positive elements mentioned into my own trailer in the hopes of making the final product more appealing to my target group and ensure that I avoid all the negative points. I will now ensure that I include some of these points into my final product.
  5. 5. What typical features do expectations to find in a horror? Most of the people who answered this question said the typical icons of horror that you’d expect to find, e.g. gory scenes, blood, knives/weapons, hidden identity/masks, murders, chase scene/running, fear, screams etc. I decided to ask this question in order to gain a clearer insight as to what people in this age group expect to see in a horror, enabling me to create a horror trailer which will have appealing elements that meet the expectations that my target audience have which should help make my trailer be a success. From the questions asked, I have found that people of my chosen age group expect a film of the horror genre to have the typical icons of horror that they are familiar with and because of this; I will try and incorporate some of these icons into my trailer.
  6. 6. To conclude, I have now come to the realisation that I must incorporate elements that will appeal to both the males and females of my target audience as my findings showed that females prefer psychological horrors and male’s slasher. I also believe that I have chosen an appropriate target group of teenagers between the ages of 15-19 as some of the content included in horrors would be unsuitable for any persons younger due to factors such as the graphical nature and sexual references. This age group will also enable me to reach a wider range of people/audiences. If I were to carry out this research again, I would ensure to provide more open ended and detailed questions to get more in depth answers. I would also try to get a larger number of people to participate as most of my findings had to be generalised and were not specific to an individual as there were not enough participants.