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  1. 1. Background Player: Hong Kong Tang Tang Dessert     Overview 1 year old 3 Stores 1 Official Weibo 0 Official Website è è Background
  2. 2. What are our goals?
  3. 3. soc Overview Goal-driven ApproachGoal-driven Approach
  4. 4. Who are our target customers?
  5. 5. Inactive Customer   Overview Customer segmentation Potential     Customer     Customer segmentation
  6. 6. How we are going to achieve our goals?
  7. 7. Overview Digital relevance map   Awareness Explore Decision Purchase Desired Actions Be interested Arouse brand recognition Know more Strengthen impression Build trust Purchase desire Develop preference Click the Groupon button N/A Goals Kill time Probe deeply into the content Curious about website Cheap/Convenient/ Easy purchase Activities Relevant &interesting Brand story Product&Store information Discount information on the website KPD Easy Links to website Attractive topics Attractive pictures+price +story Store location Groupon Link Clear category "Groupon" Button Assumptions Promotion User-friendly Informative "HK小唐唐" is a good choice Digital relevance map
  8. 8. Overview Digital relevance map Desire Search Explore Comparison Purchase Desired Actions Type relevant keywords into search engine Click through Brand awareness & be interested Strengthen impression Arouse purchase Intention N/A   Goals Delicious & cheap dissert Convenient location Know more about the brand/ product Look for more information Economical purchase Benefit maximization Activities Offline promotion SEO Well designed website Post detail information on the website Groupon information Links KPD High-ranked website index Attractive landing page and frames Attractive pictures information Specific guidance to stores Links to Groupons Clear category information (CTA) Assumptions Official website can be identified easily User friendly & informative & impressed Believe the brand is trustworthy HK 小唐唐 is a best choice
  9. 9. How we are going to measure our results?
  10. 10. •  Website traffic •  Weibo impression/ followers /interaction with followers •  Conversion to Groupon Overview MetricMetric
  11. 11. Social Media! Optimization
  12. 12. Brand   recognition CRM Sina Weibo Goal • Brand recall • Products Information • Website visits • Q&A • Interaction Goal
  13. 13. Brand : Forwarding amount Comment amount New followers amount Visitors amount Sina Weibo KPI Influence : Exposure/ 8 Weibo clicks KPI
  14. 14. Sina Weibo In-Depth Interview Persona Linda 80s Chong Qing Information 12:30 19:30 21:30 Tuesday To Thursday In-Depth Interview
  15. 15. #Travel in hk# 7 Sina Weibo #你所不知道的甜品君們# 9 #賣萌求關注# 16 #水果養生知多少# 5 #重慶吃喝玩樂# 8 Others 9 TryingTrying
  16. 16. No Interaction No New Fans No Like No one KNOWS our WEBSITE!
  17. 17. Links: Coupon&Web Sina Weibo Optimization Interactions Hot topics 1.Found their interests(back-end data) 2.Add relevant contents 3.Stay fresh and active Optimization
  18. 18. Sina Weibo NowNow 0 11 21 3 12 25 0 14 35 0 39 42 1 11 6 0 454 2345.7
  19. 19. Website! Optimization
  20. 20. Goal: Brand awarenessàLong-term: sales Building Website Goal&KPIGoal&KPI KPI: Visits, Unique visitors, Time on site, Page depth
  21. 21. TatgetingTatgetingBuilding Website University Students in Chongqing Promotion Channels: Content on the Website:         Refer to other dessert websites, not so targeting Wifi, Group Purchase, etc.
  22. 22. Start :Nov.13Building Website •  Domain Name & Launch the Website •  Google Analytics Start :Nov.13
  23. 23. SEOBuilding Website SEO •  Technical Strategy URL structure: •  Content Strategy Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Image-based text •  Linking Strategy & Social Strategy Weibo, Dazhong Dianping
  24. 24. Nov. 22: Google Organic Search SEOBuilding Website
  25. 25. Op'miza'on… SEO
  26. 26. Website optimization SEO •  Keywords •  Google+
  27. 27. Customer Survey SEOWebsite optimization
  28. 28. AcquisitionAcquisitionWebsite optimization
  29. 29. AcquisitionWebsite optimization
  30. 30. AcquisitionWebsite optimization
  31. 31. DevicesDevicesWebsite optimization
  32. 32. Behavior FlowBehavior FlowWebsite optimization
  33. 33. Behavior FlowWebsite optimization
  34. 34. PagesPagesWebsite optimization
  35. 35. Nov. 30:Google Organic Search SEOWebsite optimization SEO
  36. 36. Google Analytics Nov.  30 SEOWebsite optimization
  37. 37. Weibo: Campaign[coupon,lucky draw] Wechat: electronic vip card pay on mobile LBS promotion We still need WOM!! (long-term)   Future optimization CRMCRM
  38. 38.   Website: updating content mobile version SEM: Baidu Brand “personality”: 吃不胖的甜品 Future optimization BRANDBRAND