Foundations of mapeh(2)


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Foundations of mapeh(2)

  1. 1. The CourtThe playing court is a rectangularsurface that is free from obstructions. Thecourt for college & adult groups measure 94x 50 ft. For those in high school, it measures84 x 50 ft.
  2. 2. 1. The ball is spherical, the molded type, 29½ to 30 inches in circumference, & weighs20 to 22 ounces.2. The backboard is four feet from the endlines.3. The basket is a 5/8 inch thick metalring, which is attached to the backboard.4. The ring net is made of string woven likea fish net that is approximately 3/16 of aninch thick. The net holds the ballmomentarily as it passes through.
  3. 3. 1. Point Guard- The point guard is the fastest player on the team.He/She organizes the team’s offense by controlling the ball &making sure that it gets to the right player at the right time.2. Shooting Guard- The shooting guard creates a high volume of shotson offense & guards the opponent’s best perimeter player ondefense.3. Small Forward- The small forward is often primarily responsible forscoring points via cuts to the baskets & dribble penetration. Ondefense, he/she seeks rebounds & steals, but sometimes plays moreactively.4. Power Forward- The power forward plays offensively, often withhis/her back to the basket. On defense, he/she plays under thebasket (in a zone defense) or against the opposing power forward(in man-to-man defense).5. Center- When the center is on defense, he/she uses his/her size toscore & protects the basket closely or rebounds.
  4. 4. The officials should always be fair & just intheir decisions.1. Referee- The referee checks & approves allequipment. The timer’s & scorer signals, &the scores at the end of each period. Healso starts the game with a jump ball, callsviolations committed by the players, &facilitates the conduct of the game.2. Scorer- The scorer keeps the list of players& records the score, fouls, time-outs, &substitutions in the game.3. Timer- The timer sets the clock everyquarter of the game & observes accuratetime.
  5. 5. A. Dribbling. This is the act of bouncing the ballon the court with either the left or righthand, but never both at the same.B. Passing. This is the act of throwing the ball toa team member. There are three types ofpassing:1. The chest pass is done by throwing the ballwith two hands from a position in front ofthe chest.2. The overhead pass is done by throwingthe ball with both hands from a positionabove the head.3. The baseball pass is done by throwing theball with one hand from the back.
  6. 6. C. Shooting. This is the act of throwing the ballstraight to the hoop to score points.1. Lay-up shot. This is used when a player isrunning to the basket. It is executed from a loopwhere the shooter is positioned beneath yhebackboard. He/She can shoot from side or front.2. Set shot. In this type of shot, the knees & legsare slightly bent. The shooter holds the ball withtwo hands. The shooting hand releases the ballwith wrist action.3. Jump shot. Jump shot & set-shot are almost thesame. The only difference is that the jump shot istaken during a jump.D. Pivoting. The offensive player moves to differentdirections without leaving his/her place. Onefoot pivot s in place, while the other foot moves.