Vision                                                   Transfer is a goal that every learning plan  Graduates of K to 12...
or challenging for students to learn by             and the interconnectedness of the variousthemselves.                  ...
stations around the world, some of which he          Prepare and submit its national communicationfelt were more sophistic...
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Report handouts educ 11


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Report handouts educ 11

  1. 1. Vision Transfer is a goal that every learning plan Graduates of K to 12 Basic Education Program should end with. This is what makes learningare envisaged to be better prepared for life as authentic.they are expected topossess sufficient mastery of 21st century core Digital Age Literacyskills; Basic scientific, mathematical, and technologicalbe emotionally developed and competent to literacieslive a meaningful life; Visual and information literaciesbe socially aware, pro-active and involved in Cultural literacy and global awarenesspublic and civic affairs; Inventive ThinkingVision Adaptability/ability to manage complexitybe adequately prepared for the world of work Curiosity, creativity, and risk takingor entrepreneurship or higher education; Higher-order thinking and sound reasoningbe legally employable; and Effective Communicationbe globally competitive. Teaming, collaboration, and interpersonal skillsGrades 7-10 Personal and social responsibilityJunior High School Interactive communication skillsIn general terms, students are expected at the High Productivityend of Grade 10 to be able to Ability to prioritize, plan, and manage for resultscommunicate competently and effectively; Effective use of real-world toolsthink intelligently, critically and creatively in life Ability to create relevant, high-qualitysituations; productsmake informed and values-based decisions;perform their civic duties; Design of the Curriculumuse resources sustainably; and The overall design of the Junior High Schoolparticipate actively in artistic and cultural curriculum follows the spiral progressionactivities and in the promotion of wellness and approach across subjects by building on thelifelong fitness. same concepts developed from grade school inGoal-Setting increasing complexity and sophistication.Students should be able to set their learninggoals, track their progress, and be accountablefor their learning outcomes.Content Staandards Learning ResourcesThe content standards answer the question: Modules“What do we want students to know, be able to Web-based resources and video materialsdo, and understand?” Textbooks may be used as referencesThese expectations are unpacked in theCurriculum Guide in terms of learning Period for Independent/Cooperative Learningcompetencies which can be adopted in the isprovided to give students the option to learnteaching-learning plan as instructional on their own and/or with others those topics,objectives. content, or processes that they can handle byPerformance Standards themselves.The performance standards answer the Subject Area Teachers shall be around forquestions: consultation and for ensuring that students are “What do we want students to do with their on-task.learning or understanding?” and The time for classroom interaction for specific “How do we want them to use their learning subject areas shall be devoted to topics,or understanding?” content or processes that may be too complex
  2. 2. or challenging for students to learn by and the interconnectedness of the variousthemselves. dimensions of development.Holistic Assessment Evolution of the Concept: SustainableDiagnostic (assessment for learning) DevelopmentFormative/Developmental (assessment for and Coined by Thomas Kuhn (philosopher andassessment as learning) science historian): as a paradigm or worldviewSummative/Evaluative (assessment of Used as byword: World Commission onlearning/assessment as learning) Environment and Development (WCED) or theFeedback Brundtland Commission (after GRO Brundtland)Results of the assessment across levels should in 1987 Report: “Our Common Future”be fed back immediately to the students, so “Sustainable Development is a new form ofthat they know what to improve further, and development which integrates the productionthen they can plan strategically how they can process with resource conservation andaddress any learning deficiency. environment enhancement. It should meet the needs of the present without compromising our ability to meet those of the future” (Brundtland)Reorienting Philippine Education to Address Four Key Values for Sustainable DevelopmentClimate Change Principles of Ecology(Education for Sustainable Development) Three Major Messages of SustainableProf. Rene C. Romero DevelopmentPhilippine Normal University Everything is connected to everything else Human quality of life is just an important asEcho-presented by: economic developmentAvila, Ernie C. There can be no long-term economicBSE 3b development without attention to human development and the quality of the environmentTen Global Realities: Multiple, Interconnected Climate Change ReaffirmedCrises Richard Muller, a prominent American National Security Straightjacket physicist, was so skeptical about data showing ae.g. militaristic states gradual warming of the Earth’s surface that he Arab World: Mubarak(Egypt) decided to investigate for himself. The results Khadafi (Libya) of his two-year injury – partially bankrolled by Immigration the Charles Koch Foundation, whose founder isThird World to First World a prominent global-warming denier – are nowConflict in Africa, Arab World-migration to in. And, viola, the Earth is indeed warming justEurope as most scientists have been saying for years.What is Sustainable Development? The main finding by Mr. Muller and his team atSustainable development means having a the University of California at Berkeley is thatdifferent vision of the world. It is a constantly land temperatures have risen about 1 degreesevolving concept, including the will to improve Fahrenheit) since 1950. This matches findingsthe quality of life at present and in the future, by the National Academy of Sciences, federalby reconciling economic growth, social and agencies and independent American and Britishcultural development and environmental researchers whose work has been repeatedlyprotection. Improving the quality of life attacked by climate deniers and opponents ofinvolves a shift from our traditional ways of efforts to limit emissions of greenhouses gases.learning to more holistic and integrated Mr. Muller undertook the study partly becauseapproaches that recognize te interrelationships he distrusted the readings at temperature
  3. 3. stations around the world, some of which he Prepare and submit its national communicationfelt were more sophisticated than others, and on climate change highlighting the country’spartly because he feared that higher national inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG)temperatures in the cities skewed the overall emissions to the UNFCCC Secretariat on anresult. After taking 1.6 billion readings at agreed period of time.39,000 sites, he has toted up the results and Promote and cooperate with other countries indeclared: “Global warming is real.” scientific, technological, technical, socio-This may not be exactly the result the Koch economic and other researches includingfoundation had in mind when it passed out one- systematic observations related to the climatequarter of the $600,000 it took to do the study. system and to climate change and in turnChares Koch and his brother, David, are oil and develop these researches into a database ofgas billionaires who argue that warming is a information which could be shared andhoax. They spent heavily to defeat California’s exchanged with other countriesglobal warming initiative in a 2010 state COMMITMENTSreferendum. Still, we should thank them for Promote and cooperate with other countries inhelping to change the mind of an influential undertaking education, information andscientist. training activities to raise awareness on climateMr. Muller says he doesn’t know how much of change and its impacts and encourage publicthe arming is caused by humans, what its participation in addressing them.effects will be or what should be done about it. What kind of education is critical to redefiningHe shows little interest in entering the political sustainability that prioritizes people’s needsfight. Still, his acceptance of the reality of and their environments, as well as the welfarewarming may help move the conversation – of future generations?... One that is:once and for all – away from questions about Inclusivewhether it exists to smart strategies for Owned by the peopleaddressing it. Rights-basedPhilippine Commitments to the United Nations Rooted in the people’s knowledge, practicesFramework Convention on Climate Change and community scienceThe Philippines, being largely archipelagic in Threads in the perspective of gendernature and frequently beset with typhoons and Mass-basedthunderstorms, renders itself as highly Best Practices on ESDvulnerable to the impacts of climate change ASPnet – it is a network of pioneering schoolssuch as extreme weather events and sea level e.g. Asian-ASPnet on ESDrise. The country’s once vast biological diversity Philippine Council for Peace and Globalhas significantly declined thereby making the Education (PCPGE)Philippines as one of the top hot spots in global UNESCO-APNIEVE – latest sourcebook Learningdiversity. The increasing recurrence of the El to Know for a Peaceful and Sustainable FutureNiño phenomenon has likewise resulted toseasonal aridity or seasonal dryness in someparts of the country immediately addressed.Moreover, the country’s status as have furtheraggravated the population living under povertyline due to the country’s limited economicresources to adapt to these natural disastersand to strengthen programs to preserve thecountry’s remaining biodiversity and naturalresources.COMMITMENTS