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Saddle ranch preso


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Saddle ranch preso

  1. 1. CONTENTDynamic Digital Signage Trends and Best Practices March 20, 2012
  3. 3. digital dreamscontent realities trends and best practices
  4. 4. envision. plan. execute. “ it ”
  5. 5. purpose mattersstart with the present or start with the future
  6. 6. trends from who’s POV?from the back-end: technology solution providers POVfrom the middle: digital screen media deployers POVfrom the front-end: customers POV
  7. 7. technology trendsfdsfdas• large format video walls• all-in-one displays• clear LCD displays• digital menu boards (service environments)• cloud technology• interactive displays• LED solutions• mobile convergence• outdoor LCD displays• small screens/higher functionality
  8. 8. business trendsfdsfdasTHIS WILL VARY BY BUSINESS MODEL, BUT MAY INCLUDE…• innovation• integration• leveraging business intelligence• digital media• enhanced supply chain management• focusing on Brand• reduced store footprint (in retail)• talent and training
  9. 9. consumer trendsfdsfdas• increased control• increased mobile usage• increased tablet usage• reduced brand loyalty (GenY)• price and inventory shopping• looking to social media for buying opportunities
  10. 10. “ it ”has powerto solve problems and address needs knowwhat your problems/challenges and needs are
  11. 11. defining“it”…your content best practices
  12. 12. effectiveneeds analysis forcontent strategy • Identifying and Understanding Objectives, Challenges, and Opportunities • Venue Profiling • Audience Profiling • Dwell Time
  13. 13. establishing your DSM brandstandards • messaging • relevance • brand clarity – look, tone, feel, voice • visual interest
  15. 15. flexibility, customization, orintegration a necessity?
  16. 16. if you don’t know why you are doing it “ ” how will you know if it’s working?
  17. 17. FAILURE SUCCESSCHOICES. paths and partners
  18. 18. Considering your content options… think scalable, flexible, repeatable.
  19. 19. trust matters
  20. 20. team matters
  21. 21. results matter
  22. 22. measurement matters “The good news is, profits are up 76%, the bad news is, we don’t know why.”
  23. 23. SADDLE RANCH DIGITALSaddle Ranch Digital creates dynamic content solutions that engage audiences viadigital signage and across other technology driven platforms. Our creative servicesinclude the design and production of still graphic templates/menu-board stylecontent, animated graphics and fully customized content programming that canincorporate b-roll / secondary footage, on-screen talent, customized graphics,animation and dynamic visual/audio effects. Our solutions deliver content thatdirectly affects the business challenges of your organization.Award winning content strategy and production. With roots in Hollywood filmproduction and digital place-based media, we bring over 25 years of content creationexperience to our work delivering high-impact digital media for all size screens. Welead with performance focused content as the most critical business factor. A simplefocus that’s proven successful for our 23
  24. 24. LINDA HOFFLANDERChief Strategy OfficerSaddle Ranch Digitallhofflander@saddleranchdigital.com952.201.3248Linda adds more than twenty years’ experience in the consulting, businessdevelopment, technology, and communication industries. She specializes incorporate strategic planning as it relates to the business case, design,deployment, and maintenance of digital screen media networks.Past experience includes senior-level and executive positions with severalinternational and national firms including The Handa Group, a digital screenmedia consulting group based in Minneapolis, Wireless Ronin Technologies,Inc., where she served as vice president and chief marketing officer, John RyanPerformance and others.A noted public speaker, Linda is a recognized expert in digital screen media:digital signage, digital menu boards, and interactive touch screens. Shelectures and provides coaching and strategic planning support to executives,corporations, and organizational leaders and employees in harnessing thepower of technology based solutions. 24