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  1. 1. EpigeneticsAbby Docherty
  2. 2. Epigenetics Literally means “above genetics” Epigenome decides which genes are expressed more than others. (Some are never even expressed) DNA doesn’t change
  3. 3. Epigenetics Genome v. Epigenome  Genome does the work.  Epigenome bosses the genome around by giving it instructions.
  4. 4. Epigenetics Epigenetics looks at what happens to one’s genes over their lifetime. The question is this: “Can those changes made by one’s decisions in life affect one’s kids or grandkids?”
  5. 5. How does it work? Methyl groups bind to genes and tell them whether or not to express the traits. (made up of carbon and hydrogen) Methyl groups bind differently to different types of cells. (this tells them what type of cell they are) Histones (windy things are DNA)  Tightly wound, gene is expressed more!  Loosly wound, gene is expressed less.
  6. 6. So is this permanent? No, how tightly the histone is wound or what the methyl group says can be changed throughout life or can be hereditary.  These changes happen during times of change. (Pregnancy, Puberty, Becoming elderly)
  7. 7. Why didn’t we know aboutepigenetics for so long?Well, epigenetics was discovered in the 70’s!…but scientists were dumb and thought that the epigenetic tags put on our DNA (smoking, alcoholism, obesity) were removed before we had babies.
  8. 8. Well it does kind of seem likethese tags/traits would beremoved… Some of them are! Some of these genetic tags (dancer, bookworm, exercise maniac) are removed because there are new ones created for the baby. (hopscotch freak, socially inept, renowned artist)
  9. 9. Here’s an example Mom’s Tags Bookworm Exercise Dancer Fashion Guru Maniac Mathematician Smoker Diabetic Dislikes chocolate Daughter’s Tags Bookworm Hopscotch Dancer Enjoys freak excercising Mathematician Frugal Diabetic Dislikes chocolate
  10. 10. Scientists! Help! Help is on the way! Scientists are already creating drugs to help silence the bad genetic tags being passed down to us! (Sigh of relief) ALSOOO, we can try and change our own genetic tags too. (Like if obesity runs in your family and you exercise like there is no tomorrow…which may be true if your family has a history with heart attacks or brain anurisms…because our epigenetic tags can be/ are affecting our health)