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Narrative nurition abby

  1. 1. Republic of the Philippines Depar tment of Education Region IV – A – CALABARZON Division of Laguna District of LUMBAN – KALAYAAN BALUBAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LUMBAN Narrative Report on Nutrition Annually, in the month of July, the whole nation solemnizes the Nutrition Monthpurposely to disseminate message about proper nutrition to all Filipinos. This years’s theme,“Pagkain ng Gulay Ugaliin,Araw-araw itong Ihain”, centers on the promotion of eatingvegetables habitually and endorsement of cooking viands that contains any vegetable varietiesto maintain good health. In cooperation with this nutritional aim of National Nutrition Council (NCC), theDepartment of Education (DepEd) enjoins all schools to participate in the celebration bystipulating significative activities that will emphasize the consequence of veggies inclusion onmeals and its accounts on the health of every individual of all ages. In compliance, Balubad Elementary School which was headed by Dr. Roselie S. Taminaand her ever supportive Nutrition Coordinator together with the other teachers conducted ahalf day program last July 25,2012, Wednesday at 1 o’clock pm to broaden the knowledge ofthe parents about the health benefits of good nutrition through cooking contest and with thehelp of the two among knowlegeable and well- experienced judges when it comes on cuisineas well as facilitating a slogan and poster making contest concerning on the abovementionedtopic which were done simultaneously. The cooking contest was voluntarily participated by the spirited parents who tolerantlybrought all the necessary equipment they must have to win.The Judges found it difficult todecide because according to them all foods were delicious creative and nutritious.They justfluctuated on affordability and equality of taste. While they were busy tabulating the score,presentations of each grade level proceded to entertain all them. After that, Dr. tamina calledup all the participants to taste everybody’s food entry. It was a wise moved because it alliteratethe preconceived notion among others. However, nobody from them went home ill-fatedbecause every one was awarded with an appreciation gift and a certificate. Furthermore, Poster Making ang Slogan Making Contest was held at once at one of theclassrooms. All of them completed their works at prescribed time and posted each one’screation on the board for judging. It was indeed an afternoon of fun! An afternoon of talents show! And most of all, Anafternoon of vegetables-packed belly!Prepared By:CRISTINE ABIGAEL C. ABDIER
  2. 2. Nutrition Coordinator Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region IV – A – CALABARZON Division of Laguna District of LUMBAN – KALAYAAN BALUBAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LUMBAN Narrative Report on Nutrition Prepared By: CRISTINE ABIGAEL C. ABADIER Nutrition Coordinator
  3. 3. Noted:ROSELIE S. TAMINA, Ed. D. Head Teacher