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Muzungita & Muzungdish


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a story Syd made for me :)

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Muzungita & Muzungdish

  1. 1. Muzungdish & Muzungita
  2. 2. Muzungita and Muzungdish went on a trip.
  3. 3. Muzungita bought a Shatangi and wanted to show Muzungdish the Shatangi dance but she could not find her. ?
  4. 4. Muzungdish got lost in the crowd because her tan was so nice and dark she almost looked malawian. I am soo dark
  5. 5. Oh, you friends with Muzungita? I give you good price Eventually Muzungdish found Muzungita because everyone at the market was friends with Muzungita . But they could not do their Shatangi dance at the market,
  6. 6. So, they got in the van and Muzunguge drove.
  7. 7. As they drove through the villages the children threw mangoes at them.
  8. 8. The roads got really bumpy and there was turbulence. Muzungita held Muzungdish’s hand so that she would not be scared. They saw something on the side of the road so they pulled over.
  9. 9. But Muzunguge told them that it was only Muzungfrees licking Muzungfri’s Mcchicken sauce package. Muzungdish could not see because she had sunscreen in her eyes.
  10. 10. So, they continued their journey. There were really fat and cute hippo’s along the road.
  11. 11. They reached their destination. They had to dig a trench before they could dance.
  12. 12. They ate some flying ants for energy.
  13. 13. Muzungdish threw up. It was hard work. Muzungeno threw up because he only drank coke and no water.
  14. 14. The mud in the trench was slippery and Muzungita tripped many times, even more than Muzungdish. Ha ha ha
  15. 15. They finally finished the trench and Muzungta readily pulled out her Shatangi and they danced!
  16. 16. Prue Dat! The End!